- 8 -

I greeted the porters at the door with a nod as I started climbing the staircase. I took each step slowly as I got to my room. I pushed the door open. The girls were all crowded on Lizzy's bed. I slowly peeped and saw them watching a movie on a laptop.

A quiet place. That was the title of the movie they we're watching. They didn't take notice of me as I crawled into my bed. I plugged my charger into the socket as my phone beeped to show it was charging.

I started eating slowly as I watched the girls talk while watching the movie. This kind of people, I could never watch movies with them. Talking while watching a movie? Nah.

You keep your hell ass mouth shut while watching a movie with me. Understand the plot, try to imagine what's gonna next and you are never gonna figure that out while running your mouth.

I took a chunk of the chicken as I licked my hands.

Paul horned on the gate twice before Felix and Mayorkun opened the gate.

"Don’t injure my eardrums awey" Felix shouted as Paul drove inside.

Mayorkun laughed slightly as they closed the gate.

"You never see Florence?" Felix asked as soon as Paul got down.

"She asked me to come and when I got there, she was with her boyfriend" Paul replied an edge in his voice.

"Ohh" Felix replied.

"You've dropped Jola off?" David asked as he brought out a chair and sat in the open courtyard.

"Yeah, I did" Paul replied as he and others grabbed chairs too.

"Where's Kola?" Paul asked.

"He's inside" David replied.

"Kolaaa" Paul called.

"You'll just be shouting ehn" Kola said as he walked out of the house carrying a chair too.

"Wetin you dey do inside? You never feel heat?"

Paul asked. (trans- What are you doing inside? Are you not feeling heat?)

"I was about coming outside nah" Kola replied sitting down and ruffling his hair.

"Aunty Joy was the one on duty abi?" Stephen asked.

"Stop eating your nails" Kola said with irritation.

The boys burst into laughter immediately as Stephen wore a frown.

"Sometimes ehn, I wonder if am your friend" Stephen said with a scowl on his face.

"You are my friend that's why am telling you" Kola replied.

"Friends don't embarrass each other" Stephen defended.

"At least I didn't say it in front of Sandra" Kola retorted.

The boys coursed into laughter again.

"Now that's embarrassment" Paul said laughing as he fell off his seat.

Stephen shook his head as he kicked Paul "Stop being over dramatic, you aren't a girl" Stephen said glaring at Paul.

"Madd o!" Mayorkun exclaimed as the boys burst into laughter.

Paul stood up with a sad look on his face "Stephen why nah? Why you come savage me like that? Shebi nah Kola savage you? Why nah?"

Paul said with a cute pout. (trans- Why did you savage me like that? It was Kola who clearly insulted you earlier)

Stephen eyed him and yawned.

"Abeg, make una on this generator jare" Felix said standing up.   (trans- someone should put on the generator).

"Ehn? You, when last did you drop money for generator? If I slap you ehn?" David said standing up also.

Paul burst into laughter as he fell on the floor again, laughing.

"Abeg na, no dey embarrass me like that" Felix replied trying not to laugh. He reached into his pockets before slamming some naira notes on David's forehead. (trans- don’t embarrass me like that).

"Tell me if you need more" Felix said with a proud look on his face.

The boys burst into laughter as David looked dazed.

"Bossman!" Paul hailed as he picked the money and started spraying it on David "Tell me if you need more" Paul said mimicking Felix.

"You people ehn" David said standing up and walking towards the generator house.

"E pain am!" Felix said with laughter. (trans- It pained him!")

Anjola's POV.

I wrapped the nylon and threw it inside the dustbin only for my phone to start singing. The girls turned to me as I hurriedly reached for my phone and a smile crossed my lips as I saw the caller ID. I walked out of the room as I picked the call.

"Hello" I said in a sweet voice.

"Heyyy, how are you? How's your new school? Are your roommates cool? Have you seen Paul?" Sarah asked in a rush.

"Pleaseee, ask one by one nah" I replied laughing.

"Okay sorry, how are you?" Sarah asked slowly. I knew she was very excited and curious.

"I’m fine" I replied quietly.

"How's FUTA? Is it cool?" Sarah asked again.

"I remember all your questions, so I’ll just answer one by one” I replied with a smile.

"Okay" Sarah said.

"FUTA’s cool, a very nice place. It's huge too and the landscape is rather intriguing" I replied staring at the already almost set sun.

"Whoa!" Sarah said.

"My roommates are weird and I think we might not get along that much" I added.

"What do you mean? You've barely spent 24 hours together!” Sarah exclaimed.

"Just call it my eighth sense okay?" I said.

"Roger that, but none of them are cool?" Sarah asked again.

"Fisayo is cool, she's my roommate too" I replied

"Whoa! That's fate" Sarah replied sighing.

"Yeah. And I saw Paul already" I said.

"You saw him already?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, ...... He's hotter than before" I said in a low breadth.

"Huh?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, I saw him" I replied in my normal voice.

"Dad finished your reg for you right?” Sarah said and it came out more like a statement than a question.

"Yeah and how did you know that?' I asked smiling.

"Well, I trust your Red Ranger" Sarah replied before laughing slightly.

"Alright. Yeah, he did" I said with a wide smile.

"Okay then, I'll call often okay?" Sarah said.

"Okay" I replied missing her already.

"And send me pictures" Sarah said and I laughed.

"Okay Sarah, goodnight" I said.

"Goodnight little sis" Sarah said and hung up.

I dropped my phone from my ear and sighed slowly. I was about to start admiring the sky when I saw girls rushing in and out of their rooms carrying buckets.

I walked briskly towards one of them "Sorry what's going on?" I asked confused.

The girl I asked looked at me like I just fell from the sky.

"You are a fresher right?" she asked.

I nodded slowly as the girl chuckled "They on the water at six, you need to fetch water before they put it off" she replied.

"Ohh" I said smiling slightly.

She chuckled again before walking past me shaking her head.

I quickly walked to my room and found it empty.


I quickly reached under my bunk and grabbed my buckets. I walked down the hallway and found girls in the bathrooms and toilets fetching water.

I tried to fetch in any of the bathrooms but it seemed like the line was too long and there was someone next to someone, someone next to that someone, someone next to that someone, another person next to that someone.

My social skills weren't helping matters either.

I looked around like a lost sheep while everyone was busy fetching water or carrying their buckets of water to their rooms.

"Aren't you fetching?" a girl asked.

I turned to the girl standing in front of me. She was dark skinned but yet she shone. Her hair was plaited in long all back showing off her long natural hair. Her skirt was practically covering her feet and her blouse was long sleeve, telling everyone she attended Deeper Life church but looking more at her, she didn't seem to care about the looks every one threw her way.

"Are you done accessing me?" She asked with a smile before snatching my buckets and walking towards a bathroom.

She came out barely ten minutes later carrying my two buckets which was filled with water.

"Thank you so much" I muttered.

"You are welcome" she replied.

She smiled at me again "Do you want me to help you carry the second bucket?” she asked.

"Yes, thank you" I said as I bent to carry the bucket with the handle.

We both carried the buckets of water and as I got to the door, I met Folusho, Mary and Lizzy talking and blocking the way.

"Please excuse me" I said to them.

"Ohh, sorry" Mary said leaving the way. I moved to pass but my bucket hooked on Lizzy's jeans.

Lizzy pulled her jeans and because I wasn't exerting force on the bucket I was carrying, the bucket came flying as Lizzy pulled on her jeans with force.

The water poured away and spilled on Lizzy before the bucket landed on the floor.

"Jesus! Water has gone!" Someone exclaimed.

"Just where did you put your eyes!" Lizzy screeched throwing up her hands in the air.

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