Chapter 4

Josh POV

He was thinking the girl he just drop by to her home, she's beautiful and different to the other girls that he always meet. She seems not interested in him damn even in her bare face she is still attractive, simple but elegant. Something inside him says he want to know her more. But he felt erratic having this feeling he doesn't know why and what it is. The only one he know now that he did not feel this feeling before.

He was lying in his bed feeling a little dizzy from the drink they take earlier. Its 2am in the morning and finally he drifted off to slumber unfortunately even in his deep sleep that face he encounter in the bar followed him in his dream.

Its 10am in the morning Josh is still sleeping when his doorbel rang. He was annoyed by the non stop sound of the bell and force himself to get out of his bed, making his way to see who's disturbing his morning sleep. His mind went blank when he finally see who's in his door step while wondering why is his mother is so early to come here but somehow his mind snap back and see his mothers questioning look for his reaction. " Are you not letting me in first? Because you look like feeling its still that early for me to barge in your door", his mother said with slightly raised brows then continued " and for the record my son its already 10am in the morning. "

I am thinking that today is sunday and I don't have to go to the company and why is this mother of mine is here and I know she want me to accompany here in her appointment today wherever it is just so I can meet the daughter of her friends.

" Mom where are we going? I just hope I can just sleep a little longer " I said with annoyed face and crocked brows, But my mom is so determined wherever she want to tag me today. Left with no choice but to follow her. When I park my car I'm so reluctant to go out in my car because I just can't pull myself in my mothers thing. She always find a way for me to meet those spoiled daughters of these rich community that we are in, in fact I really don't like them. 

Walking inside the hotel we enter the Function room which was having kind of birthday celebration. Upon entering the door we are greeted with the beautiful well dressed lady that has seems to be in the same age of my mom. " Oh here you are Stella will I guess this is your son? Hmm handsome huh.." said the lady with a a satisfying smile in her face. " Thank you Jane.. your very much correct, he is my son Josh Stanley...Josh this is my friend Jane smith." Stella said to his son. " Pleasure to meet you mrs. Smith " answered Josh without emotion in his face. After saying that he began to walk towards the waiter who is carrying a wine  for the visitors. Then get A glass of wine then sip a little before finding a corner to sit on. I was avoiding the crowd in order not to catch the attension of anyone for I plan to leave my mom without her knowing that I was already gone. I don't want to meet the pretensious daughter of her friend. They are pain in my ass If there's an award for those kind of girls in the rich circle for sure they can have the award of best in pretending all the time. I put the glass in the serving plate of the waiter who just pass by in the corner I was in. Slowly walking towards the exit of the hall carefull not to be seen my mother who is now talking while laughing with her other friends who also attended the banquet. When I am sure that I cant be caught I stride towards the parking lot where I park my car earlier. Finally got in my car and drove away from that hotel. I want to go home and continue my rest for this day. while Driving I pass the apartment of the girl that I meet yesterdays night and I can't suppress my smile thinking about her face. Her calm innocent face, simple beauty with white and clean demeanor I can't get enough staring at her. I am surprise what am I thinking? why I felt and think of her like that. I shrugge my shoulder and said to my mind that maybe she is just attractive like that don't think too much about it. Having arrived in my house I toke a shower and because I did'nt able to eat in the banquet so I order a food for myself after eating I enter my bedroom and lay down my body. I sigh when my back landed in my soft matress for some reason I felt like there's something missing in my life but I can't point out what is it. I fumble at my bedside to reach my phone and type a text to my mom, I just wan't to inform her that I was already home so she could call someone to pick her up after the banquet. Putting my phne back on my bedside then drifted to sleep.

At the hotel where Mrs. Stanley was attending a banquet, her phone suddenly buzz in here pouch, checking who is sending her a message got her phone then open it. She just sigh in defeat for her son who is really stubborn to meet some of her friends daughter. Putting her phone back to her purse then she also tell her friend that she will be leaving because she has important matter to attend to in her home. She got in the car and drove towards their mantion feeling rather conflicted by her son's attitude. In her mind she wish he can find someone that he really like so that she won't be worried anymore about his future. They really wan't him to get married so that she can relax. But now she's really stressed how she can convince her stubborn son for this matter. She's not the only one who wants this for her son his father is much distress for this now that her plan was failed again. What could be her next alibi? She's also tired for this and she wan't to leave it to her son freely so that he could not experience like what she'd been through before her father arrange her to marry the man that she did'nt like. Fortunately in her case it works so there's no miserable married life for her and her husband.                                             

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