Chapter 5

Time pass by rapidly, and Cass graduation has already done. Now she has to start applying for a job that suits her studied knowledge. She never knows what is coming for her in the future, so she was thinking of applying to the most prominent establishment in these places hoping for a vacant position. For her except for the experience, all other qualifications are fit for any position. The reason why she has some sort of reluctance because she has no experience but she has to take the beat no matter what, trying is not a harmful thing to do especially in applying for a job. 

It's been a week after sending applications to different companies in city A including Stanley Manufacturing hoping for a vacant position that would fit her right in. Thinking about that, Cass Lim just hopes to be hired in any of them. Today's weather is good, so after pondering what to do she decided to buy some of her needs.

At Stanley Manufacturing CEO office, Josh is looking through the piled documents on his table. From time to time he would look up outside the wall to ceiling window of his office. He has a huge office with simple and elegant features, some of the decoration was ordered from another country. While picking the folder document he frowns when he had seen the content, because before reading the content of that specific document he saw the photo attach to it. In his mind, he seems to recognize the face in the photo. He read what was written in the document only then he remembered that he needed an executive assistant and is currently hiring for this now. Somehow he felt unusually excited then subconsciously press the intercom in his secretary which office is next to his. The only thing that separated their office is the soundproof wall so he needs to use the intercom. Seconds later, he heard a slight knock on the door, "Come in Morris", he said without looking in the direction of the sound.

" Sir what can I do for you sir? " said his secretary when he reaches in front of his boss. He picks up the folder then stretches his hand with the folder, giving it to the person opposite him. Morris just reaches it without saying a word then he flips the folder to see what's inside. When he read the word application and seen the photo he glances at his boss then said," Mr. Stanley I just want to clarify if you are going to hire this Miss Lim as your executive assistant, If I remember correctly you said you don't want to hire a woman in this position". Josh looked up to see his secretary looking at him with some doubt so he answered with an expressionless face," Yes, let's just hire her I can see that she has an excellent record in her study so Let's try hiring her first, if she is not good in her duty then let's find a replacement for her." Morris just nods his head while saying," okay I will call her right away sir." He then turns his back then walks to the door but before he can open the door he heard his boss saying, " Tell her to start tomorrow." Morris who heard his boss talking immediately turn back to face his boss he just remains where he is standing and look in the direction of his boss. After hearing the instruction he just nods then left. In his mind, his boss is maybe interested in this person that makes him change his mind to hire a female executive assistant because he clearly remembers that he despises hiring the opposite gender as it always turns to have an ulterior motive to him. 

In the market, Cass is walking while pushing a cart in front of her then occasionally stop to get her needs and put them in the cart. After putting all the things she needed in the cart, she went to the teller to pay when she was about to reach the teller her phone suddenly rang. She stops then pick up her phone in her pocket then answered, "Hello?"

"Good Morning I presume this is Miss Lim, I am from Stanley Manufacturing this is to inform Miss Lim that you are hired, and Mr. Stanley wants you to start tomorrow." Cass was stunned upon hearing what the other side is talking, stunned to the point that she didn't react in several minutes. When she came back from her senses, all she could utter is just a simple "Ok Sir." before she could say another word the person in the other line said " Miss Lim please be on time, that's all." then he hangs up. She really not expected this outcome. After paying for her groceries she immediately makes her way home, she can't deny in her heart that she is very much excited, she not only come for an interview tomorrow but she is already hired! She is hired! She suppresses her excitement so she could prepare herself for tomorrow.

After getting home she began to prepare for tomorrow like choosing her outfit because she doesn't have many clothes especially for work, she plans to buy them after she can receive her first salary. This job is her dream after finishing her study so she has to be presentable and well prepared to face her journey with this job. Unable to keep her astonishment she called her best friend Liz and told her the significance of this day. Liz is so happy upon knowing that her friend has found a job that she dreamed of. So she just wishes her good luck and didn't forget to remind her like a mother whose daughter is going to be married tomorrow. The night has come and Cass eats her dinner absentmindedly until she finishes her food she takes a quick shower then lays on her bed comfortably. Her mind is wandering again until she drowns into the deep of her sweet dreams. She dreams of a man who is standing few meters away from where she was standing, he is so handsome even if it is only his back facing her she knows he is so handsome and. His temperament is very calm but there has to be a domineering aura that she felt even if not looking for his fave directly.

She was awakened by a loud ringing that she felt annoyed bit when she realizes that it is her alarm clock who awaken her, she immediately sat up and realize that she's only dreaming but it feels like true. 

She immediately prepare for herself to go to work, today is her first day of work she can't afford to be late. 

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