Chapter 9

I felt tired while walking towards the parking area of the famous cuisine in city A. This day I only stayed three hours in my office after that three hours, I was out for a client after a client meeting. Even for lunch I still had to talk to a business partner. I don't even have time to break at least an hour of not facing those opportunists individual. I inwardly sigh at that thought, I can't do anything about it that's how business works. I sat down inside my car, my driver who is sitting in the driver's seat to look at me through the rearview mirror of my car, and I don't need to question him what was that look for. I told him to send me home. He nodded politely before starting the car and drove away through the crowded road. It is a wee hour so naturally, there's a traffic jam along the way but fortunately, it is not that bad this time, we still arrive early as we expected.

As I reached the door of my house, I took out my keys I open the door and went inside. I place the key at the table and plopped down on my couch. I was exhausted. I want to give myself some slack or might I start pursuing Cass this time at least in times like this, I have someone to talk to other than my parents. I mean someone that can sweet talk? ugh... What thought is this, never mind. For a long time, I never thought of the need to have like that. But ever since I meet Cass my thought for that matter started to weaver. I remember her face this morning feigning like nothing happens then I also pretended not to know that she is late for thirty minutes. Though I thought to tease her if I am not busy this time, sure I would but I decided to let it go today. 

I didn't plan to take a nap on my couch but I did not realize that while I was thinking about my assistant my tiredness drags me into sleep. Later I was awakened by my stomach, I am hungry and I can hear my stomach growling. I unconsciously look at my wristwatch to see how much time did I sleep. It is more or less an hour, well that's good at least I have relaxed for an hour. I abruptly stand up to go to the kitchen, I open the fridge took out the food that was cooked in advance by my nanny, and stored it in the refrigerator. I only need to heat it in the microwave. Yes, nanny because I didn't hire a new helper for myself. I just took my nanny with me after I stayed on my own. She is my nanny ever since I was a child so I am so familiar with her, she's like my second mother nanny betty. Just a few minutes later the heating is done so I  started devouring my food, I wash the dishes before taking a shower. I was about to go to my study room to deal with some documents when I started yawning again so I decided to skip it for now and go to sleep early. I don't know what happens to me that I really felt drained this time. I am now lying in my soft big bed. While waiting to be totally knocked out by sleepiness, the face of Cass pop-up in my mind, her bare yet beautiful face. Her naturally curvy body and her innocent face it all gorgeous to look at. I imagined how it was good sleeping with her in my arms. Ugh, I sigh for thinking like that. I seem like an idiot teenager who has a secret crush on someone. So much for that Josh, it seems not like your personality anymore. I didn't know when was the sleepiness took me down. But I sleep soundly until dawn, It was like my hobbit to wake up early and go to the study to finish my undone work from yesterday. So dragging myself to my study I sat down with heaviness on my body to my chair. Because I still felt grogginess I decided to drink coffee for me to awaken totally. Holding my cup of coffee I sat down back in front of my table in my study room. I also put my coffee on the side of my table then started working while occasionally reach the coffee and sip it. I keep on flipping the folder documents that I bring with me yesterday when I got home. 

I lost track of the time only to realize that it is already five in the morning. I finish my work then go back to my bedroom to change my pajamas into my exercise outfit. I have to jog for thirty minutes just to make my body sweat sometimes. Done exercising, I make a toasted bread coupled with ham and beacon then another cup of coffee for my breakfast. After enjoying my breakfast I take a shower and dress up for work. It is still early so I'm not in a rush I just take my time by doing it at a normal pace. I sit down in my living room to watch a TV for a while before going to the company. I turn on my tv and choose to watch the morning news. While watching I remember something so I reach my phone I the table and call Uncle Ben. I instructed him not to pick up Cass this morning he just agrees without questioning my instruction so I hung up the call. I decided to catch Cass today in front of her apartment and I will give her a ride to the company. Alright sounds great, at least my intention is not yet obvious. When the timing is right to go I turned off the tv and get out of my house. I slowly rode my car to the office along the way I have to give Cass a lift in this way we can be close to each other after doing this a few times. I felt a little embarrassed at my thoughts but I ignore them because I can't help to let this fate go wasted. It's only this time that I was able to notice a girl that even in my exhaustion I still can think of her. Seeing that it's almost time I speed up and I am about to pass by Cass's apartment and I can already see from afar that she is on the roadside waiting for uncle ben or a taxi only I realize that I forgot to tell uncle ben not to inform her. Damn my plan is about to be escrowed with my own carelessness.  

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