Chapter 10

It is my second week of the second month of working with Stanley Corporation. Today is Tuesday, I have been waiting for a taxi for more than thirty minutes but there is not even one. When I was about to lose my patience Mr. Satnley's car stop right in front of me. He said with a smiling face," Good Morning Miss Lim, If your okay I can give you a ride." I who is looking at his smiling face was intimidated by his smile again. But I immediately mask it. I nodded my head then said, "Thank you, Mr. Stanley," while getting in the car and putting on my seatbelt as well. We arrived at the building in less than twenty minutes. I am the one who got out of the car first. I thank him again then go in first because he will park his car in the parking area reserved for his car. when I'm thanking him he just nodded his head without uttering a word. I rashly go up to my office. I don't need to Go to Mr. Stanley's office this instant because I already put the things as well as his schedule for today on his table before I go home yesterday.

As I walk to my office I saw Mr. Morris sitting in front of his table scribbling something in his notebook. "Goodmorning Mr. Morris." I greeted him. " Goodmorning Miss Lim." he greeted me back. " Mr. Stanley is yet to come in any minute. However, there are some documents you need to fax," he said with a serious tone of voice. " Thank you," then I started walking to my office. Obviously, Mr. Morris does not know that Mr. Stanley and I came together in the building and he will be here soon. I read the documents that I was about to fax and I can see that's everything is alright so I fax it off. After I'm done, I go to the pantry to get Mr.Stanley's coffee. As I was about to pass by at my table, the phone connected to Mr. Stanley suddenly rang. I immediately pick it up, "Mr. Stanley, do you have something for me to do?" I said. " Miss Lim, get me a coffee with milk and two cubes of sugar," he said. " Right away sir," I replied. I took his coffee then knock on his door and heard his masculine voice saying, ' Come in'. I open the door and went inside. There he was sitting in his chair signing some documents. I went to his desk. I place the coffee on his desk. That's when he looked up at me " Thank you, did you fax the documents that I left to Morris?" he asks. "I already did sir," I said. " That's good, just wait a minute to finish signing these documents so that you can bring this back with you," he said while continue scribbling his pen on the documents. I just nod my head as a response. While standing in front of him I can't help admiring his facial features. He is so handsome and it can make me breathless. Just looking at him like that made my stomach squirm. When he was done he looked up and that's when our eyes meet. I was stunned but mask my emotion immediately. He reaches out the document to me which I accepted then left immediately. upon reaching my office I calm myself down. I started upon my work. I am scared that he would misunderstand me because of that look. While I was busy and focus on my work so much. The door of my office opened and, " Miss Lim, it's already lunchtime. Would you mind if I invite you for lunch?" he said with slightly curved lips and raised eyebrows. Damn that handsome face. But he could I refuse when my boss offered me lunch? "o, okay S, Sir," I stuttered. "Let's go," he ordered. I frantically fix the work that I have done and left undone as is. Then I followed him to the lift. As we arrived at the restaurant not too far from the building of Stanley Corporation we were welcomed by the manager. We get inside and are ushered by someone towards the VIP room. After we sat down the waiter handed us the menu then we ordered. About twenty minutes our order arrive then we eat silently. When we are about to finish eating, Mr. Stanley clears his throat to get my attention. I look up to see him staring at me. I blush at being stared at by him but he ignores my reaction " Actually, I want to inform you about this Miss Lim," then he passed me what seems like an invitation. I put down my spoon and fork and took that from him. I was just about to open it when he continues to speak," It's a ball. All business associates are required to attend. since you are my assistant, you are required to come with me." he stated.

When I looked at him I thought I saw a smirk, but not. "It's next week. Be prepared." he continued. I nodded my head. "Sure. Thank you, Mr. Stanley." I said as I finish the last bite of my food. After having our lunch we go back to the office. After arriving at my office, I went back to my desk. I read the invitation. It looks classy. I don't want to attend classy events. I was never that kind of person. But I have no choice, do I? It's part of my job. I sighed as I kept it in my bag, and I continued my work.

A few hours later I was done my work. I packed my things and made sure to take all the things I need for the weekend. When I exit my office I saw Mr. Stanley was leaving too. "Goodbye Mr. Stanley," I said while smiling and waving at him.  He nodded his head. I took the lift intended for all the employees and he took the lift that was only intended for him. When I arrived on the first floor, I immediately walk out of the lift. I was about to leave the building and hail a taxi since uncle ben was on leave. Well, that's what Mr. Stanley told me this morning. Mr. Stanley stopped me," Miss Lim if you don't mind I can drop you off in your apartment." he suggested. When I heard that I was taken aback. "It's okay Mr. Stanley. I'm fine." I declined politely. " I insist," he said kindly. Sure enough, I have no way to refuse. "Okay. Thank you, Mr. Stanley." I said as we walk to his car. He opens the door for me, while I get inside as he got on the driver's seat. I don't need to give him my apartment address because he already knows. the ride was quiet. I want to on the radio. " Is It okay Mr. Stanley, Can I turn the radio on?" I ask shyly. He turns to look at me briefly before looking back to the road and muttered," Sure. And it's Josh when we are outside of work." he said. I nodded my head," Thank you Mr. S-I mean Josh." I said slowly. When I said it he just nods as confirmation with satisfaction written on his face.

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