Chapter 3

At 7 o'clock in the evening, Cass and Liz were about to enter the shades bar. They're here to celebrate Cass's birthday and it's only the two of them because they're not the ones who make many friends. They don't like hanging around except if there's a special occasion that they felt like celebrating to some other place like this. After entering inside they choose the corner that has less crowded and ordered a drink for two. They just watch the people from afar while drinking silently. So they did not notice the unfamiliar figure sitting in the opposite corner where they were in.


Josh has always been punctual, so he came earlier than Robert agreed time. Sipping his wine he looks around but someone catches interest in his sight. The two quite beautiful ladies in the opposite corner where he sat. He silently scrutinized them from head to foot, he felt something that he couldn't explains it was. Without him knowing Robert has already found him and was also looking in the direction of his sight because he was curious about something that makes his friend seriously looked at that he didn't notice his arrival. Standing in front of his friend " Hmm, Which one do you like? left or right?" said Robert with a playful smile on his face. Josh just shook his head with furrowed eyes then move the bartender to serve them wine. "It's been some time that we gather here, and it's been a busy day in my company so it's good that you suggest hanging this know just to freshen up ourselves" Robert continued when he notices that josh was not planning to say a word. "Yeah, that's what I also think, I just felt bored by just going to the office and going back home when it's time to go home, I don't feel like they interesting things that can lift my day." Answered josh while occationally stealing a glance at the opposite table. "Why don't you try to make friends with that girl..who knows maybe you can find it interesting". Said Robert while playing his wine with slightly raise brows. The two continue drinking while chatting about any random things that can come to their mind.


While they are engrossed in their conversation they lost track of time and they didn't even notice that they also drank several amounts of wine. Without their knowledge, there are keen eyes who didn't left in their direction. Because they are not used to drink numerous amounts of wine they now felt light-headed. " So where do you plan to apply for your first job after our graduation?" Squinting a little Liz suddenly asks. "Me...I was dreaming of becoming a part of Stanley Manufacturing..but I am not sure if I can or was it only a dream. But I will try to apply hoping I would be chosen, just hoping." She answered with a shrug. "Oh! C'mon there's no harm in trying right? So just try it." Liz countered. Just as cass were about to say something.."hey! Ladies, do you mind if we will join you for a drink?" Said Robert while looking at the two girls who look at each other upon hearing his words. Not knowing what to say they just hesitantly nod their head towards the figure who suddenly appear in front of them. Seeing their response Robert look at his companion meaningfully then wink his eyes towards cass which josh didn't leave his eyes. The two girls give a space between the two of them so that they can sit on the other side. Looking at the quiet girls Josh sits down beside cass then face her " Just call me Josh." Introducing himself to cass at the same time extending his hand to shake. Cass accepted his hand then " Cass " her lips curve with a smile. Josh just look at Liz and say hi but he didn't bother to introduce himself, Liz also didn't mind his action because it's already crystal clear that he is interested in her friend not in her. "So..what's your thing, are you working in any company?" said Josh to Cass while sipping his wine. Cass gives him a side glance then sip her wine "unfortunately..I'm still in the last semester of my business degree" said Cass without looking at him. "'s okay. It's only a short span of time, you'd be done by it and I know you can do it" answered Josh with quiet smile. Cass was an entrance with that smile its charming and any woman could see it will be captured. But she doesn't want to expose her thoughts so she just gives him a smile with shrug. The two companions was also enjoyed chatting while occationally looking at the two opposite to them who's having a serious topics and seems that they were so coped up with each other.

The four people seem to become close to each other from the time they recognize the time, it's already late. And the two girls are getting more light-headed than the past hours they have spent in the bar. But Cass even if you can consider her as drunk in her state she is still in her right mind so she said to her friend "Liz, we must go's late." Robert and Josh also nodded upon hearing them." We can drive you home" said Robert. " No, we can drive ourselves..we are not that drunk already," said Liz squinting a little trying to look less drunk. "It's just awkward if we let you drive us home when we just had know.." continued Liz while twitching her lips upward. "Were not what you think..believe me..were not that bad" answered Robert at the same time looking at the two beautiful girls that they had just meet. " Are you living in the same place " ask Robert looking in the eyes of Cass "No, definitely not," said Cass emotionlessly. "Then let me drive you home and Robert will be the one sending your friend too". Cass was too slow to comprehend the situation because before she can react Josh has already grabbed her wrist and drag her towards the parking lot where he parks his car. When they arrive Josh opens the door in the front passenger seat. Cass was confused with the situation that she still can't process what was happening.

After entering the car Josh immediately drove towards the direction of Cass's apartment. Cass who doesn't know how to react to the situation she was in, choose to pretend she was sleeping. Josh is a smart person he knows that she is just pretending but he did not expose her. But he suddenly remembers that he didn't know where she lives so he ask " So where am I going to send you..?Am sorry I forgot to ask". Caught by his question she opens her eyes and looks at him expressionlessly, " Just drive along the way I'll just tell you where to stop when we are near", she answered with a smile.

And without her knowing that smile was captivating for someone who sees her.

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