Chapter 17

I help her carry her stuff into my car because she doesn't have a car. I think I would give her a car and I would put it like a bunos for her good performance at work. Hmm, that sounds like a great idea. I will do that later. We got in my car together with her friend which didn't say a word but just nodded at me when she saw me following Cass earlier. I drove them to the seafood restaurant and lead them inside. I chose the corner which is not too noisy crowded. As we sat down, the waiter came in and give us their menu. I let them chose their food and I also chose mine. While waiting for our order we talk about random things. Ten minutes later our order was being served. We eat while talking and occasionally laugh at some things that we talk about. I felt a warmth inside how good it would be if we will officially become a couple. I really like looking at her without her knowing. She doesn't have to put make-up on but still, she looked beautiful and innocent. Actually, I followed them

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