Chapter 19

Josh POV

Meanwhile, in the CEO's office of Stanley Manufacturing Corp., Josh looks so focused on his work but he seems bothered. He absentmindedly lookup and occasionally looks down at his wristwatch, like waiting for someone.  


I was working but my mind is wandering somewhere and someone. Today is Monday but she hasn't arrived yet. Was she absent? but she did not tell me yesterday or before she was out the day before her day off. And she did not file for leave, is she suddenly sick. I sigh to myself maybe I was just overreacting. I try to put that thought in the back of my mind and focused on my work then suddenly I heard a knock on my door. " Come in", I said without looking in the direction. I heard the door open from the outside and then close but still, I didn't lookup. " Mr. Stanley, Miss Lim just called and she said she'll be absent this morning, she won't be able to catch the in time of work even if she wan

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