Chapter 20

Cass POV

When Mr.Staley's car is already out of sight, I started walking to my apartment and opened the door I entered. I change my shoes into slippers the I go to the living room and plopped down on my couch. I'm a little tired, but it's okay at least I was not scolded by my boss for not coming this morning because of being late. I can't help but admire Mr. Stanley's kind behavior plus the breathtaking handsomeness very much perfect. I felt my stomach swirl with that thought, I must be captivated by his way of how he talks to me. Ugh, I hope he would be rude to me like what my colleague describes him. I know I was starting to be softened by his kindness to me, but I know I am no match for him. In terms of status, we really don't match each other, so I am destined to just admire him secretly. 

I was sitting on my couch for almost an hour thinking of Mr. Stanley's handsome face, his smile when he looks at me, ugh. I sigh and stood up the

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