First Meeting

Justin handed him the revised schedule for the whole week.

"I was able to convince our clients to reschedule the meetings. They agreed and told me to phone them whenever you're free. Your schedule for today is already cleared Sir."Justin formally said.

Mr. Grey nodded his head in approval. "Good. Thank you." 

Justin just smiled before standing. "If you no longer need me here sir, I shall take my leave."

He bowed before turning his back. He was halted by Mr. Grey before he can even reach the door.

"Wait Justin! I forgot something. I have another task for you." Mr. Grey smiled apologetically.

"Yes Sir, what is it?"Justin politely responded.

Mr. Grey reached for his phone to check on something. "Come here." He gestured Justin to look at his phone, which the younger abide.

"Copy this number." Mr. Grey commanded.Justin did what he's told. He copied the number to his phone. He double checked if the number is correct before nodding his head to Mr. Grey.

"Done? Okay good. That's the number of my son Ray." He said plainly.

Justin  was confused for a while. "Why are you giving this to me sir?"

The older laughed at his troubled face. "Ray will be arriving today from Switzerland. He's been there for a few weeks for business purposes.Justin, I want you to pick him up at the airport and bring him here."

"Why do I need to pick him up? Doesn't he know how to go here?"Justin rolled his eyes in annoyance. 

It was too late for him to realize that he should not have said those words. He quickly covered his mouth when he realized how nasty he acted toward his boss.

"I'm sorry Sir!"Justin blurted out.

Mr. Grey just laughed at his reaction. "That child is a bit hard-headed. If no one will pick him up at the airport, I'm sure as hell that he won't go here."

Justin nods. So, they are not in good terms?

Mr. Grey seemed to read his mind. "Yes, what you're thinking is right. My son and I don't really get along too well......"

The older forced a smile before patting his shoulder.

"Go now child. He'll be arriving there soon. Contact him through his number, so you can find him."

Mr. Grey practically pushed Justin out of his office. The latter hurriedly took his purse and keys before heading to the parking lot where his gorgeous car awaits.


It wasn't a long drive to the airport, so Justin was able to arrive on time. He quickly rushed at the arrival area to wait for the CEO's son by the name of Ray.

Justin checked his watch to confirm the time.

He'll be here any moment.

He looked around when he realized something....


Justin curses himself over and over again. 

How am I gonna look for him. God, Justin! You're such an idiot!

He tried dialling the number that Mr. Grey gave him. After a few attempts, someone finally answered.

"Hello?" A soothing voice came from the other line that made Justin's insides tingle a bit.

"Is this Mr. Ray?"Justin asked, trying to hide his flush.

"Yes, speaking. Who's this?" Ray sounds a bit annoyed.

"This is, your father's secretary. I'm waiting for you here at the airport under the instruction of Mr. Grey." He stated firmly.

There's a silence for a while before Ray replied.

"Okay. I'm near the exit." 

Justin searched around to look for a man holding a phone, who's coming out of the door. A lot of people had already passed by when he noticed a man walking confidently, one hand on his bag and the other holding a phone near his ear.

The two made eye contact and believe it or not, Justin felt like everything is in slow motion. It's like they are the only persons in the airport.

He was captivated by the man's deep dark eyes that show no emotion at all. He has a prominent nose and pink kissable lips that can make anyone yearn for his kiss. His hair is as dark as the night, highlighting his small but manly face. 

He's simply breathtakingly handsome.

Justin  didn't realize that he's gaping, almost a drool escaped his mouth. He didn't even notice that the man is already standing in front of him, with his knotted forehead. Worst, he didn't even hear what the handsome man is saying.

"Excuse me? Are you even listening?"

That snapped him out of his fantasies.

"Uh yes? You were saying?"Justin dumbly responded.

Ray rolled his eyes in annoyance. "I asked you if you are Mr. Justin." 

Justinbro nodded mindlessly. God! His name sounds so good coming from his lips.

"Okay, so can we go now?" Ray boredly asked.

Justin nodded his head another time, but he did not move from where he was standing.

Ray hissed. "Are you seriously the secretary of my father?! Why are you acting so dumb?!"

Justin flinched at the sudden outrage. He was snapped out of his imaginations. "I-Im sorry. Let's go this way." He cleared his throat before leading the way to his car.

What the hell Justin! You're really an idiot for acting weird! Cut it out! Stop acting like an eighteen year old bitch who saw his crush for the first time!

Justin almost bit his tongue.

So he's your crush now huh? Bitch! Calm your cunt....

Damn! I don't even have a cunt!

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I couldn't stop smiling.... :D
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🤣Justin is funny

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