drive going back to the company seems longer than what it ought to be. Justin feels so stuffy from the tension that he can feel from the person sitting in the back seat.

The CEO's son is so quiet, making Justin uncomfortable. He thought about turning on the radio for awhile now, but every time he tries to reach for it, he's instantly halted by doubts.

What if he doesn't like music? I don't want to be snarled at again.

Justin brushed off the idea and just focused on the road. Five more minutes and they'll arrive soon. 

From time to time, Justin glances at the rear view mirror to check on Ray. He's been stealing glances of the handsome man, who's busy reading articles from his tablet.

Justin smiled at the way Ray's brows knot in his forehead, and his eyes squint in annoyance every time he reads something unpleasant.

Justin was too fascinated looking at Ray that he almost bumped the car in front of them, had he not pushed on the brakes.

Ray cursed at the sudden brake. His tablet dropped from his hand. 

"What the fuck!"

He shouted, making Justin flinch.

"I-I'm sorry Sir..." Justin apologized before driving again. He focused on the road, but he could still feel the seething anger coming from Ray.

"Idiot." Ray half-whispered to make sure Justin hears it.

The poor boy bit his lips in embarrassment. He doesn't know why but his sassiness seems to be hiding somewhere now. He feels so small, like a stupid sheep who encountered a lion.

After another awkward silence, they finally arrived at the company. Justin quickly got out of the car, as well as Ray.

Once outside, Ray turned his attention to Justin, who's now bowing his head. He's afraid to look at him in the eye.

Justin stiffened, as his back was pressed on the car. Ray is now leaning on to him. His breath hot near his ear.

The little lamb gulped and his eyes opened wide as a saucer when he felt Ray's lips touch his right ear. Shiver runs through his spine at the soft touch. 

"Do your job right next time... that is... if there will be a next time."

Ray turned around and walked away, leaving a shocked Justin.

That is clearly a threat.

Justin sighed. First meeting and he already got the hate from Ray. What more if he starts hearing rumors about him?

I may be dead by then.

Justin dragged his feet back inside the office. He still has a lot of things to do, and fantasizing over the CEO's son is obviously not one of them.

He rushed inside the elevator and almost went out again, seeing Ray inside. He cleared his throat before pressing the floor to the CEO's office.

And they were silent again.

I shouldn't have taken the elevator. Taking the stairs is better than this suffocating silence.

Justin prayed for the elevator to reach the top floor, and once it did, he rushed out without saying a word.

He half-run half-walk to his cubicle. He opened his computer and pretended to be busy when Ray walked past him and entered the CEO's office.

He doesn't even know that he's holding his breath when he heaved a deep sigh of relief. He looked at the closed door, curious as to why the young Grey makes him act like a total idiot.


"Mr. Grey." Ray greeted before sitting down at the couch, far away from the CEO's table.

"That's father to you Ray." Mr. Grey said to his son, who just gave him a look.... a look of disgust.

"I'll be calling you that in your deathbed." Ray retorted, anger visible in his eyes as he looked at his father.

The older Grey sighed in disappointment. "You used to call me Dad when your mom was still alive."

Ray abruptly stood on his seat, at the mere mention of her name. "Don't fucking talk about her ! You don't have the right to speak of her!" He shouted in anger. His veins popping from his closed hands. It took him a lot of patience not to land his fist on his father's face.

Mr. Grey sighed, he suddenly feels out of breath. He can feel his chest tightening.

"R-Ray I--"

"Will you just stop?! I don't know why you want me here. I will never step a foot into this company ever again unless you're dead!"

He rushed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Justin, who's busy arranging the schedule of Mr. Grey, flinched at the loud noise that the door made. He saw Ray walking away, fuming in absolute anger. He looks deadly.

Suddenly, the intercom connecting to the CEO's office beeps.

"Yes, Mr. Grey?" Justin waited for a response. He can hear soft gasps from the other line.


Justin's eyes widened in horror. Mr. Grey sounds in pain and almost breathless.

Without another word, Justin rushed inside the office.

His palms started to sweat upon seeing the CEO slumping on his desk, barely breathing.

"Oh my God! Mr. Grey!" He rushed to his side, and saw the older clutching his chest. His face wincing in pain.

Oh no! Oh no! Ambulance! Ambulance!

Justin shakily lifted the phone to call for help.

"Mr. xaver! Call an ambulance now! Mr. Grey is... he's... Fuck! Just call an ambulance!"

Justin is panicking. He doesn't know what to do. He searched for a medicine inside the bag of the CEO but he found nothing. He checked the drawers but they are locked.


Justin dialed again. " Mr. xaver! Where the fuck is the ambulance?! We need it now! Damn it!"

"Calm down. We are on our way up. We'll handle everything. Just stay with him and check his pulse and breathing." Mr. Xaver instructed, his voice calm but strained.

Justin did exactly what he's told. He checked the older's breathing and pulse.

He's still alive.

Justin thanked the heavens when Mr. xaver and his men came rushing. They have a stretcher with them.

"We'll take it from here. Cancel all his meetings but don't tell them exactly what happened. Just tell them that Mr. Grey has an emergency meeting with a client abroad." Mr. xaver stated. They carefully placed the unconscious man on the stretcher before rushing on the elevator.

Justin was left inside, shock is an understatement. He's dumbfounded. Everything is not sinking properly in his mind.

What happened? Oh God! What happened?

His knees turned into jelly as he slumped on the floor, his hand still holding the phone. Everything seemed fine before Ray came out of his office. What did the young Grey do to his father for him to end up like this?

Justin shivered in fear. His mind is running wild, thinking about the possible things Ray might have done or said. He stayed there, sitting on the floor, unable to move a muscle from shock.


Ray went out of the building. He looked for his car. He doesn't want to be in this God forsaken place anymore. He wants to stay away from his father as far as possible.

He stepped inside his car and was about to start the engine when he heard a siren coming from an incoming ambulance. The paramedics put down a stretcher. They were met by men in black, one of them is Mr. xaver, whom Ray instantly recognized.

What's happening there?

Ray did not start the car. He started to feel a bit nervous at the sight. After awhile, Mr. Xaver came rushing out of the building, with a man sprawled on the stretcher.

The paramedics carefully lifted the stretcher inside the ambulance. Mr. xaver stepped inside as well before the vehicle went away.

Ray was horrified. He was sure as hell that the man on the stretcher is the same man he was arguing with awhile ago.


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