Justin slowly placed the fruits on top of the table near the hospital bed. He took the tissues and wrappers on the table, wiping the surface clean.

He sighed, slowly making his way to the bin when the door suddenly opened, revealing Mr. Xaver.

The man glanced over Justin, smiling a little before heading near the hospital bed. He saw Mr. Xaver sit on the chair at the right side of the bed, arranging the clothes and other things he brought from the CEO's house.

It has been three days since Mr. Grey was admitted in the hospital. According to the doctor, the older Grey had experienced heart attack that almost killed him if he was taken to the hospital just a minute late.

Justin sighed, walking near to the unconscious man lying on the bed with lots of tubes attached to him. His heart is aching to see the man in this state. He thought of the first day when he met Mr grey in office .


Justin excitedly hopped in his new  Porsche Parameter parked in front of his house. Its slick black color looks so intimidating, giving off an aura like that of a wild animal.

He squealed happily when his bum touched the car seat. Inhaling the scent, he stomped his feet a couple of times and shouted his lungs out.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Justin could not contain his happiness.

At last! His dream car is already in his hands.

Good things keep on happening to him. First, he finally got his dream job as the secretary of a huge company. Second, the boss favors him a lot, giving him his dream car as a bonus. Third, he starts working today.9

Calming his raging emotions down, Justin rested his head on the steering wheel as he savors the feeling.

This is what a queen deserves.

He smirked at his playful thoughts. After everything that he has gone through, he's now experiencing the treatment he deserves.

Justin started the engine creating a roaring sound that is music to his ears.

Beautiful like me.

He stepped on the gas as he hummed along to the music resonating in his luxurious car.

"I'm gonna make a grand entrance." He beamed to himself.


People's head snapped to the direction of the incoming car. They stopped in their tracks to look at the expensive car as the driver parks in front of the building.

The employees waited for the driver to come out. They are not familiar with the owner of the eye-catching luxurious car.

As soon as Justin stepped out, people gasped at his beauty parallel to his car. They gawked at him with envy in their eyes.

Justin, on the other hand, is mesmerized by the company's elegance and extravagance.

When he was seven, his father used to tag him along in his work because his mother is a crack-up whore who doesn't care about him. Whenever he steps foot in the building, little Justin will immediately feel like a princess in a castle.

He smiled at the thought. Now, he'll be the queen of this castle.

Justin did not mind the stares that he gets from other employees as he walked inside. He's so used to the fact that people find him so beautiful they can't keep their eyes on him.

Call him vain but that's the truth.

He managed to find his way to the office of the secretary, whom he'll replace today.

"Excuse me, I'm Justin. Is the CEO inside?" He asked without batting an eye.

The woman turned around to face him. Her face literally became plastic as she forced herself to smile after hearing his name.

Justin did not mind. He doesn't expect to receive a warm welcome from someone he's going to take away the job. If truth be told, he felt a little guilty towards her, but he pushed away the thought.

"Mr. Grey will not be around today. He's scheduled to have his monthly check up." The secretary by the name Cally uttered emotionless.

Justin just nods while waiting for her to continue.

"He instructed me to show you around and introduce you to other employees." She said rolling her eyes deliberately so Justin could see her distaste.


Justin chanted his mantra over and over again. He has to be composed no matter how eager he is to pull the frizzy hair of the woman.

He smiled oh so sweetly it can kill.

"That sounds great."

Cally raised her brows and returned a fake smile.

"Oh trust me. You'll love them." She smirked.

Justin heard the sarcasm in her voice.

This bitch is up to no good.

Staying alert while maintaining his patient facade, Justin followed Cally as she introduced him to other employees.

Justin felt the raking stares coming from the employees as they eye him from his head down to his toe.

If looks could kill, Justin will be long dead. He's been receiving intense glances from the accounting department and even from the sanitation department.

What's their problem?

Justin's brow became one line as they approached the last department whom he'll meet.

"Guys, this is Justin. He's the one who'll take away my place as the secretary." Cally announces with bitterness.

The employees stood and eyed him. Some of them started whispering.

"So he's the one who used his beauty to get the job." One of the employees whispered loud enough to reach Justin's ears.

He smirked. So rumors have been circulating around with him as the subject.

Justin ignored it and just bowed his head to cover his irritation. He keeps on reminding himself to keep calm, so he can refrain from saying mean things.

"I wonder if he offered himself to Mr. Grey, so he can have that brand new Porsche." Another voice from the crowd registered in his ears. 

Still, Justin did not flinch and just kept bowing his head. Thanks to his bangs covering his eyes, Justin was able to hide his deadly stares.

I love peace. Peace is what I love. Peace... Peace..

Justin keeps on repeating this in his head. So far, it's effective.

"Nice to meet you all." Justin forced a smile. He wants to end this suffering now. He just have to endure for a short while and everything will be done.

That's what he thought. Justin really tried his best to stay calm but another comment triggered his already ignited fuse.

"Maybe he lets Mr. Grey shove his dick in his ass. What do you expect from a whore's son?" A woman said, making the other employees look at him with disgust.

PEACE.... PEACE.... PEACE...... PEA----PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!

That's it. Justin had enough. He can take all the negative comments about him but the last remark hit him below the belt.

He slowly lifted his head and shake the bangs that cover his eyes, revealing his beautiful face that men desire and women envy.

Justin smiled before spitting fire.

"Take this opportunity to stare at my face cause you don't get to see this kind of beauty everyday. It's not my fault if I was born beautiful and you're not. Oh and about the rumour that I'm using my face to get what I want? Well that's true. Honey that's the advantage of being beautiful. I doubt you will ever going to understand with that ugly face of yours. And you! Yes you, the one who said I offer my ass to have that Porsche. Well honey you're right. The CEO prefers my tight ass rather than your loose vagina."

Justin took a step towards the woman who said that his mother is a whore. He leaned to her ear to give his warning.

"And you bitch. Try saying that again about my mother and I'm gonna make sure you won't be able to use that filthy tongue of yours ever again." 

Justin slowly move away to see the woman's terrified reaction. Her skin became pale as if she has seen a ghost. 

With a huge sigh and a clap, Justin broke the silence.

"Okay! Show time's over. I had a good time knowing you all. Let's try to work together okay?" He smirked.

Justin confidently turned around with a victorious smile and left the crowd gaping at his fierceness.

Serves you right bitches.

You can do this Justin.

Justin smiled before entering the office. He prepared himself to take on the stares and negative feedback from his co-workers after causing a ruckus yesterday.

With much confidence, Justin walked past a group of people who eyed him from his head to his toe. He's thankful that he looks stunning in his white long sleeves polo, the first two buttons were left unbuttoned, showing his well defined collar bones. The material perfectly hugging his sexy slim waist, partnered with tight jeans that show his plump ass. He curled his hair that matches his innocent handsome face.

"I hate his face. Such a bitch." One of the girls stated loudly for him to hear.

Justin stopped on his track. After showing his bitchy side yesterday, he decided to stop pretending. He turned around to look at the woman, with his brows raised on the roof.

"Girl, you should look at yourself in the mirror. I'll guarantee you'll see the real bitch." Justin smirked before flicking his hair.

"What?! Get back here you slut!" The woman grabbed Justin's hair, making him flinch at the sudden attack. Justin feels like he's going to be bald at the woman's tight grip.

"You're just new here and you're starting to be a bitch! Let me teach you how to properly behave!" The woman pushed Justin on the floor and slapped his face hard enough to leave a mark. She grabbed a fistful of his hair and pinned Justin down.

Justin was so shocked to fight back. He tried to remove the hands of the woman who's desperately trying to pin him down.

This bitch!

Before Justin can even kick the woman in the stomach, so he can finally release himself, a loud voice interrupted their cat fight.

"What's happening here?!"

Everyone stopped their movements. The woman on top of Justin loosened her grip after seeing the man who just arrived. Justin takes this opportunity to push the woman and stand. His hair is sticking out all over the place. His shirt is dishevelled and his face still red from the woman's slap. A blood can also be seen near his lips.

Justin is a mess.

"Justin?" The man rushed to his side after seeing his state.

Justin looked at the man and his eyes widened. 

"M-Mr. Grey." He stuttered in shock. He did not expect to see the CEO in this kind of state. He feels so embarrassed and ashamed of himself.

Great! First day of work and I'm already going to be fired.

Justin bit his lips, not minding the tangy taste of his own blood. He can't look at the man's face, for he's really embarrassed.

Justin flinched when he felt strong arms embracing him.

"My poor child. What happened to you?" Mr. Grey hugged him, while tapping his head like a baby. Justin broke out into tears at the sudden affection. He did not expect this kind of reaction from the older man.24

The people were silent for a moment, afraid to interfere. The woman who tackled Justin shook in fear when Mr. Grey turned to her with blazing eyes.

"You! Why did you do this to Justin?!" Mr. Grey's voice boomed, making everyone in the lobby shiver in utter fear.

"H-he started it Sir!" The woman faked her innocence. She started crying, hoping that the CEO will take her side. "Everyone here witnessed it Sir! He's the first one to attack me!" She continued her facade, knowing that everyone will agree to her even though she's clearly telling a lie.

Justin smirked bitterly at the woman's perfect acting. If Justin is a director of a drama, he will surely hire the woman to be an actress.

Mr. Grey released Justin from his embrace. Justin felt a bit disappointed thinking that the older was fooled by the woman's excellent acting skills.

"Is that true?" Mr. Grey looked at the people around. Everyone started nodding their heads in agreement.

"Y-yes Sir!" They said in unison. Justin can only roll his eyes. These people really don't like him. They want him out of this company.

Mr. Grey turned to look at him. "What can you say about this Justin? Is it true?"

Justin just sighed. There's no use in defending himself when there's no one else to prove it.

"I won't make any excuses Sir. It's up to you if you're going to believe them or me."

Mr. Grey was silent for a while before smiling at him. His eyes shone in adoration for Justin. He turned to his right hand man and whispered something. The man nodded before heading to the elevator.

"I instructed Mr. So to check on the CCTV to confirm what really happened here." Mr. Grey stated. Everyone gasped in fear, for they know that they fucked up.

Mr. Grey continued. "If I learned that all of you are lying, don't ever appear in front of me again. All of you who said that Justin is to be blamed, make sure you're ready to leave this company."

Everyone gasped. Their faces became pale, as if their blood left their body.

"M-Mr. Grey...." Some of them tried to appeal, but the older did not pay them a glance. Instead, he faced Justin.

"Let's go child and treat your wounds."

Mr. Grey grabbed Justin's arm as they head to the elevator. Justin throws his last glance at the woman and the people behind her. He smirked at them before stepping inside the elevator. 

Inside the spacious and elegant room, Justin sat awkwardly in front of the CEO's desk. Mr. Grey called for his right hand man, Mr. So, to get the medicine kit so he can treat his wounds.

Justin fidgeted on his seat, feeling the awkward silence in the room.

"You really resemble your father." Mr. Grey broke the silence.

Justin could only nod in response. It's not new to him that the CEO and his father used to be great friends... when he was still alive.

This is the reason why Mr. Grey hired him as an assistant and even gave him a new car. The older said that he has a huge debt to his father that no amount of money can suffice. Since he's already dead, the CEO decided to pay off his debt by helping Justin.

"How's your..... mother?" The older asked a bit hesitant.

Justin almost smirked. Everyone knows that his mother is a crack up whore who takes on any man in exchange of money and other material things. Because of this, people started to think that Justin is the same as his mother.

Way back in college, Justin experienced bullying and even sexual harassment when the students learned about his mother. They picked on him, saying that he's a son of a whore whom everyone in the village already tasted.

It became tough for Justin to push through his studies because of this. However, his urge not to end up like his mother gave him a reason to continue studying amides his struggles.

He knew that the students will not stop on bullying him, so he learned how to fight back. Gone were the days when he would just cry in the  corner and accept all the hate.

Justin became a real bitch. If everyone thinks that he's a bitch who loves to spread his legs to anyone, then let them think that way.

"Has she returned?"

Justin's reminiscing was interrupted by Mr. Grey. He looked down to his hands before answering.

"No sir. She's...... I don't know." Justin sighed. His mother has never contacted him for  years now. She left him all alone after his father died. She didn't even grieve over his father.

"Don't worry child. I'm here to help you in any way I can." The older smiled at him. Mr. Grey has always been true to his words.

For the past three years, he's been helping Justin by providing financial assistance until he was able to graduate.

"Thank you sir." Justin is really grateful to him. Sometimes he wonders how huge the debt of this man could be toward his father, for him to give so much.

Mr. So entered the room with the medicine kit in hand. He treated Justin's wounds before leaving the two quietly.

Justin started to fix himself before leaving.

"I'll go to my place now sir." He said before heading to the door.

Mr. Grey called him out.

"Wait Justin. I forgot to tell you something." The older stated.

Justin stopped on his tracks before looking back.

"I'll be retiring soon, and my son would be in charge of the company. Don't worry, I'll tell him that he can't replace you as the secretary. Please be good to him and help him." Mr. Grey uttered, smiling fondly at him.

Justin nods his head. "I will sir. Thank you."

With that, Justin left the room and headed to his place. He arranged the things on his desk before checking the CEO's schedule.

Thank goodness Mr. Grey doesn't have any meeting today. Justin is not in his best condition to attend meetings with him. His body still aches from the previous cat fight he had.

If I happen to see that bitch again, even not in this company, I'll make sure to beat the shit out of her.

Justin decided to go down the cafeteria. He made sure to prepare himself for a bunch of rumors that have already circulated in the company.

After what happened, people will surely think that he's the CEO's lover.

Flashback ends 

He pities Mr grey, because up to now, Ray hasn't come to visit him.

He doesn't even visit his father in the hospital. How heartless.

Justin might be really mad about his mother but there was never a time that he neglected her. Even though she pushes him away like a piece of trash, Justin still showed her that he loves her no matter what.

He endured all the pain and heartaches his mother had caused him until his father's death.

The brunet's thoughts were interrupted by the sudden voice coming from Mr. Xaver.

"Mr. Justin, I think it would be best for you to go to work tomorrow. I heard Mr. Grey Ray will be taking charge of the company for a while." Mr. Xaver stated, eyes fixated on the unconscious CEO.

Justin knotted his forehead at this. "He's taking charge of the company, but he can't even visit his father?!" He mumbles in disbelief as his fist curled up into a ball.

Such a bad man!

"He needs to take charge while Mr. Grey hasn't recovered yet. You see, Mr. Justin, there are a lot of people in the company who are just waiting for a perfect opportunity to take on the CEO's position." Mr. xaver explained, now looking at the brunette who looks so lost.

"Business is a dirty game, Mr. Justin. Just in a snap of a finger, everything can be taken away from Mr. Grey. He doesn't want to entrust his company just to anyone. He wants his son to take his place and no one else." the older continued, tucking the bed sheet on the side.

Justin nodded his head, finally understanding the situation.

However, he still can't believe that Ray is able to live a normal life without thinking about his father on the hospital.

The brunet sighed once more before turning around to leave. He took his bag and phone on the couch, finally bowing in respect to Mr. Xaver before going out of the room.

He slowly walked in the hallway leading to the exit of the hospital with his mind clouded with lots of things.

Justin was about to turn in the corner when his eyes saw a glimpse of a man's back near the exit. He wasn't so sure but the man seems to be...

Justin shivered at the thought. He's being silly. That heartless man won't be here.

Even though they just met, Justin can already feel the hatred of the young Grey to his father.

There's this unexplainable hatred in those charcoal eyes when he went out of the CEO's office three days ago.2

What could have happened for him to be so angry with his own father?

The brunet shuddered as he tried to push away those unnecessary thoughts in his mind. He should not mingle on other people's business. He already has a lot of things to worry about and thinking of other people's welfare is not one of them.

He was nearing the exit when a nurse in the reception area called him out.

"Sir, excuse me sir!" the nurse called out, making Justin stop on his tracks.

"Yes?" Justin steps towards the reception area with a questioning look.

"Sorry to interrupt you sir, but I have here a package for the patient in the VIP room." The nurse smiled apologetically.

Justin saw the nurse pull out a huge paper bag with lots of things and food inside.

"This is addressed to Mr. Grey, sir." the nurse handed the paper bag to Justin who accepted it with a smile.

"Thank you." the brunet muttered before heading back to the elevator. He checked on the inside of the paper bag, looking for the name of the sender but there's none.

Justin shrugged his shoulders, pressing on the floor where the VIP room is. 


Justin woke up early to get ready. Today, he's going back to work and he needs to be on time because there's a new terrifying boss waiting for him.

He checked on his appearance once more before rushing out to his car and quickly driving out to his house.

It took him only 15 minutes to get inside the company, heart pulsating as he takes on the elevator. He was about to close the door when a hand suddenly came in, halting his movement.

Justin almost freezes when he saw the owner of the hand gripping the elevator door.


The brunet takes in a deep breath when Ray threw a quick gaze in his direction before climbing on the lift.

Justin was stoned in his place when the young Grey came closer to him. He can feel the man's presence on his left side as he moves closer.

What is he doing?!

Justin gripped on the hem of his coat when Ray leaned forward, his face only a few inches away from Justin's side, making him gasp with an audible sound.

He saw Ray smirked before pressing the door close.

The brunet felt his cheeks burn in embarrassment. He felt so ashamed for assuming that Ray is going to kiss him.

Oh God, please let the floor eat me now.

He looked down on the ground, praying to get out of the elevator as soon as possible.

"You must be really confident, huh? You don't even greet your superior." Ray suddenly speaks up in a mocking tone.

Justin turned his gaze on the young Grey, face showing shock at his words.

He slowly bowed his head in an attempt to apologize. "S-sorry Sir. I-I was just so out of it." Justin mumbles, almost wanting to throw himself out of the lift for stuttering.

He heard Ray huff for air in disbelief. "Yeah, right. Whatever."

The elevator finally stopped, and Ray quickly walked out, leaving a dumbfounded Justin behind.

Damn. He's really a devil.

Justin rolled his eyes in annoyance as he stomps his feet on his way to his working area. He heard the loud banging of the door, as Ray went inside his father's office which will be his temporary office from now on.

The brunet made himself busy the whole day. He made sure to answer all the emails and requests for meetings and other business matters without missing one thing out. It was already lunch time when Justin decided to go down the cafeteria to eat.

Before stepping on the elevator, his eyes landed on the still closed door to the CEO's office.

It's already past 1:00 pm but the young Grey hasn't gone out as well.

Should I ask him if he wants something to eat?

Justin sighed, slowly walking to the closed door. As a secretary, it's just right to always check on his boss and his wellbeing.

Okay. Here goes nothing.

Justin knocked on the door as softly as he can. He waited for a few seconds before hearing a voice inside

"Come in."

Justin felt his body turn cold just from hearing Ray's stern voice. Now he's debating whether to get in or not.

The brunet sighed, finally opening the door. He slowly went inside, eyes on the floor.

"Sir, sorry for the interruption. I just want to ask if you want me to get you anything for lunch? I-I'm going to the cafeteria, so I can get you what you want as well." He said, finally lifting his gaze to the ravenette who has his eyes on the files he's holding.

"I don't need anything. Just go and stop interrupting me." Ray brushed him off as he continues to study the files.

Justin rolled his eyes at this.

Fine! Starve to death you good for nothing son of a---

The brunet sighed, as he turns his back away. He was about to open the door when his eyes caught the mess on the table near the couch.

Justin carefully made his way to the table to clean the mess up. There are bottle of juices, cup of noodles and other to go foods which seem to be from yesterday because he hasn't seen him bring food or order anything today.

He's here yesterday?

The brunet took the trash, wiping the table clean with the tissue before heading to the bin. He quietly put the trash on the bin when in the corner, almost near the couch, he saw a crumpled paper.

Curious, he took the paper and opened it up.

Justin almost gasped upon reading the content.

"Recover fast. I hate taking your place so use these."

The brunet felt butterflies on his stomach as realization hits him.

Though the message is far from being sweet or loving, it just proves something.

That Ray still cares for his father.

And that yesterday, the man he saw exiting the hospital is him. And he's also the one who gave that huge paper bag for Mr. Grey.

Justin quickly puts the paper inside his pocket before slowly turning his gaze on the ravenette.

Ray must have felt his intense gaze because he suddenly lifted his head, meeting his gaze.

"What?" Ray asked, annoyed.

Justin shrugs his shoulders, a small smile escaping his lips.

"Nothing sir." He responded before bowing down and taking his leave.

At least now, Justin knows he's not as bad as he thinks.

Or is he?

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