Second day of having Ray as his boss, and Justin already wants to give up.

He feels so tired, physically and emotionally with the CEO's constant nagging.

The man is a total perfectionist. He sees even the smallest details, brows already arching up as he nags like an old man.

Justin felt like deep shit under the sole of Ray's shoes. He keeps on going here and there, working almost nonstop and attending to Ray's every need.

Well, he wouldn't really mind working hard, because he loves his job. What's making him feel tired is the fact that Ray keeps on glaring at his every move, always angry and saying mean things instead of praises.

The brunet feels annoyed at the way Ray bosses around, his choice of words and the way he says it.

Just like now, when he's asking for a coffee. Instead of asking nicely, Justin heard these words.

"Secretary Justin, bring me coffee this instant. No sugar. Don't even try to spit on it."

Like what?

Justin felt like a dog being ordered around. His sassy self starts to come out again as he puts warm water on the mug, mixing the coffee with a lot of creamer as per instruction of the boss.

"What if I really spit on this." He murmurs, peeking his head a little on the open door of the small built-in kitchen inside the CEO's office.

He saw Ray with his head on the files again, studying every detail intricately.

Justin finds himself staring at his seriousness. From the distance, the brunet studies his side profile.

From his raven black hair that looks so fluffy, a bit long and dishevelled. His skin as clear as the day, eyes sharp as he stares at the files with his brows almost in one line. His nose looks so cute, pointy but not overpowering.

And his lips.

God, those lips.

Justin flinched, feeling the hot liquid glide down his hand. He's been stirring the coffee with too much intensity, the water already cascaded down on the table.

"Oh shit!"

The brunet quickly took a tissue and wiped down the coffee stains. He almost smacked his face to wake himself from his fantasies.

"What the hell, Justin. Don't you dare ogle on that man. He's a beast! He's a jerk!" He mumbles to himself, carefully putting the mug on a coaster before heading out.

Justin slowly approached the CEO's table, placing the coffee away from the files Ray is looking over.

"Here's your coffee, Sir." Justin managed to say with a forced smile.

Ray did not respond, which makes Justin roll his eyes. He slowly moved away from the man, heading quickly for the door.

"Secretary Justin."

The brunet halted, immediately turning around.

What is it this time?

"Yes, Sir?" He replied, trying his best to sound polite.

"Ask for assistance from the other employees. Bring your things here inside the office." He ordered, eyes still boring on the papers he's reading.

Justin raised his brows at this.

Okay? What the hell does he want with my things?

"Why?" He blurted out without even thinking.

His response made Ray raise his head, brows already up the roof as he glared at him.

"What's that?" He asked, voice deep and dangerous.

Justin gulped down his saliva, feeling a sudden tightening around his throat.

"I-I mean.. Why, Sir?" He corrected himself, feeling a blush on his cheeks at the sudden staring competition they are having.

"Because I said so. Have any problem with that?" Ray responded cockily, finally dropping down the files on the table, leaning his back on the chair as he continues to scrutinize Justin.

"N-no, Sir. Just curious why you want my things here inside your office." Justin said, eyes finally dropping down on the floor. His heart can't take the intensity of those charcoal eyes.

He looks anywhere but the dangerous boss in front of him.

The way Ray stares at him brings shivers down his spine, his heart beating in erratic movement, his palms sweating like a built-in waterfall.

Ray suddenly pointed on the empty area on his right side, which made Justin look on that space as well.

"You'll be occupying that area from now on."

The brunet must have heard things wrong. He looked dumbfounded, eyes popping out of its sockets.

"Pardon?" He dumbly said, mind not wanting to process things.

Ray rolled his eyes. "Are you deaf or just plain stupid?" He muttered, broadly tapping his pen on the table.

"Fine. Let me clear it for your brain to understand." Ray slowly stood, walking towards Justin who seems to be frozen near the door.

"I said," Ray stopped only a few inches away from the stunned man. "starting today, you'll be having your cubicle here inside my office, so when I need you, I can easily boss you around, yeah?"

The brunet feels like his knees will turn to jelly at the closeness of his boss to him. He felt almost out of breath as Ray's words finally sink in.

Before he can even stop himself, he blurted out the words that first come to his mind, unfiltered.


He'll be breathing the same air with this human being everyday in a confided room?!

"No fucking way!!"

The brunet was so against the idea that he doesn't know he's thinking out loud.

Ray looked surprised at his sudden outburst. His shock slowly turned into a smirk, fascinated by this side of the brunet he doesn't know he has.

Justin felt chills in his skin when Ray leans closer, lips turned into a smirk. This had Justin realized what he just said.

His eyes popped out even more at his stupidity.

His mouth really fucks up sometimes.

"Such a bad mouth you have there." Ray whispered, lifting his pen near the brunet's lips and tapping it a little.

"Very bad mouth."

Justin inhaled a sharp breath when Ray traced the pen's end on his lips, dipping it a little between his now parted mouth.

Instinctively, Justin sucked on the pen, his tongue swirling around feeling all too hot so suddenly.

He doesn't know why but his body is just responding on the intense look Ray is giving him, his eyes settling on his mouth sexily sucking down the pen.

Justin felt like he's in a trance, trapped in the spell of those charcoal eyes.

He was so lost in the moment, when he heard knocks on the door that made him quickly move away and retract his lips from the pen.

The brunet felt his cheeks turn hotter from embarrassment. With his mind still hazy, he quickly opened the door, revealing a tall man who's smiling too wide with a dimple on his cheek.

"Hey, Ray!"

The man rushed inside, hugging Ray so tight.

"Bro, I miss you!" the man ruffled Ray's hair, which he did easily because he's taller than him.

"Cut it out, Christian." Ray grunted, removing the hand on his head.

"Dude! You could just say you miss me too." Christian rolled his eyes, finally noticing Justin's presence.

"Oh. Who's this?" He asked, smiling brightly at him.

Ray walked back to his chair, slumping down with a bored look on his face.

"My father's secretary.. Secretary Justin." He answered.

"Oh. I'm  Christian." Christian held his hand to Justin.

"Justin." He took the hand, smiling slightly.

"I hope Ray is not a bad boss." Christian said, winking cutely at him.

Justin just laughed a little in response.

Yeah. Not bad, just very bad.

He wants to say but decided not to. He bowed, finally aiming for the door to leave the two behind.

He opened the door, turning his head back to look again, only to gasp at the sight.

Ray is sitting there also looking at him with the tip of the pen inside of his mouth.96

Justin might have fainted at the sight if he didn't drag his feet out of the room, closing the door behind.

He felt his heart beating out of his chest, his cheeks full red at the thought that lingers in his mind.

Shit! That's like an indirect kiss right? 

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