Justin moaned, feeling Ray's hot breath fanning his delicate skin as he peppers kisses all over his neck.

He could feel his boss's hand travelling down his waist, aiming for that part of his body that's dying to be touched.

"Hmmm." Justin bit his lower lip as he felt Ray's hand gripping his crotch, massaging his manhood on top of the thin fabric covering his hard shaft.

The brunet couldn't remember how they end up on top of the desk with just his brief on, papers scattered all over the floor as Ray pushed him to lie down.

Justin whimpered, feeling all too hot when Ray parted his legs to settle himself in between him. He stares at him with his lust filled eyes, burning every bone in his body and melting all his resolve.

He doesn't care anymore, whether they're in their workplace and his first time would be on a hard desk. Not really the romantic idea he has in mind of losing his virginity, but who cares? He wants Ray.

 End of story.

"Oh my!" Justin flinched at the sudden yanking of his brief, his cock now springing free.

He blushed, feeling the intensity of Ray's stare as he licks his lips suggestively, eyes not leaving his own. This is the first time someone has seen him naked aside from himself and of course his parents.

"Someone is excited."

Justin heard his boss say. He felt a warm feeling enveloping his hard cock with Ray's hand now working its magic up and down his length.

"Oh fuck!" Justin buckled his hips up, his legs trembling from the intense hand job Ray is giving him. His palms feel so soft and warm against his cock as he rapidly pumps him up and down.

He could feel the tension growing in his lower abdomen, his precum oozing out of his manhood which Ray used to lubricate and pump him even faster.

Justin could see stars when Ray went down on him, licking and sucking him, tracing down the cum that glides down with his sinful tongue.

"Oh god!" Justin rolled his hips, thrusting his cock inside Ray's hot mouth, letting his tongue swirl around the veins and suck his cum out.

The brunet was so lost in the sensation that he came, his hot liquid spurting out of his cock and into his boss's mouth.

Justin panted, feeling the sweat forming on his forehead as he tries to go down from his high.

"You taste good." Ray mumbles, licking down the remains of the cum in his hand while his hawk eyes did not leave Justin's anticipating ones.

He licked down his fingers, his pointing finger and the middle one, making sure they're well coated with his saliva.

"Time for the main part, baby."

Justin shivered at the name. He knows what's about to come when Ray spreads his legs, his wet fingers circling around his puckered hole, teasing and dipping down in a provocative way that had him lifting his hips up.

"P-please!" Justin begged, feeling another tension growing as Ray keeps on teasing his rim, dipping his finger a little but removing it quickly even before it could dip in deeper.

"Patience, my dear. Good things come to those who wait." Ray grinned, loving the wretched state of the man before him.

His middle finger slowly made his way inside Justin's eager hole, sliding it inside knuckle deep, fighting over the resistance and tightness that enveloped his finger.

Justin moaned, feeling all too weird, being stuffed for the first time in his ass. It's somewhat painful but with a kind of pleasure he hasn't experienced before, incomprehensible yet satisfying.

Ray moved his finger inside of him, gliding it in and out of his walls, letting him be accustomed by the alien feeling his finger brings.

"Mmmm-ahh fuck!" Justin did not see it coming when Ray suddenly added another finger, opening and scissoring his hole up.

He clutched his hand desperately on Ray's broad shoulders when the latter increased the speed, digging his fingers deeper inside him.

"You're so fucking tight. This will definitely hurt when I fuck you." Ray murmurs, slipping his fingers in and out of his now beaten hole, ready for a bigger visitor to come in.

And it's really a big visitor.

Justin gasped when Ray suddenly removes his fingers, quickly fumbling on his jeans, pulling it down with his brief in one go, revealing his cock, fully erected and ready for him.

The brunet gulped, gawking at the sight. He feels like fainting, seeing how huge Ray is.

He could feel a lump on his throat when Ray starts aligning his monstrous cock on his entrance, his eyes staring deeply in his scared eyes.

"This might hurt, baby. Breathe for me." Ray said, the tip of his cock now poking Justin's entrance.

"W-wait. Please be gentle. It's my first time." Justin begged, his hand clutching on Ray's broad shoulders as if his life depended on it.

"I will, darling. I will." Ray whispered, planting a soft kiss on his temple.

Justin waited in anticipation. He felt Ray move his hips, aiming to enter him.

The brunet closed his eyes, his heart pounding on his chest when he heard loud ringing.

He tried focusing on feeling the pain but nothing came. Only loud ringing sound of his phone clouded his mind.

What the hell?

Justin suddenly opened his eyes, his sweat forming around his forehead. He jumped out of bed, feeling all too hot and confused seeing that he's alone in his room, on his bed, with his phone ringing on his bedside table.

What the fuck?

Justin felt out of breath as he tried to grasp what's going on. His shirt is full of sweat as if he has run a marathon.

It's just a dream?

The brunet groaned, realization dawning on him. He just had a very indecent dream with his boss.

"God! I'm going crazy!" Justin felt so embarrassed. He just had a wet dream like a teenager.

He groaned once more as his phone keeps on buzzing. He leaned forward, grabbing the phone with anger. He's so mad at the moment, reading the name of the caller on screen.

Why would this fucker have to call and interrupt him during the best part of his dream?

Damn you, Bob.

Justin answered the call. "What?!" He said, voice laced with annoyance.

"Woah! Chill babe. Where are you?" Bob asked in a terrified voice.

"I'm in my house. What's the problem?" Justin sounds so bitchy. Well, he's always bitchy, nothing new.

"What?! Don't you have a clock? It's already fucking 10 in the morning  Justin! The boss is already fuming in anger!" Bob blurted out.

Justin felt his feet turn cold, realizing what his friend just said.

"Oh fuck! I'm so dead!" Justin jumped out of the bed, removing the duvet off his body.

He groaned, seeing his lower body and his erection visible in his boxers.

"I'm really fucked up." He mumbles to himself, thinking of ways to relieve his raging boner fast. 


Justin uttered all the prayers he knows before deciding to turn the knob around. He didn't dare knock, wanting to get in as quiet as possible and hopefully, his boss won't notice.

It's dumb, Justin knows. But he still hopes his boss would cut him some slack this time.

Impossible as it may seem, knowing fully well how hot tempered his boss is.

The brunet carefully opened the door, peeking his head a little, checking the boss's desk instantly.

He felt relieved, seeing that the room is empty

"Oh. Thank god he's not inside." Justin sighed, his chest rising and falling in relief.

"Of course I'm not."

The brunet almost jumped out, hearing a firm voice from his back. He turned around, his heart falling off his chest seeing Ray's grim face.

"S-sir!" Justin squeaked, his hands gripping around the door knob so tight his knuckles turn white.

Ray has his brow arching up, his lips in thin line as he stares at him with fire in his eyes.

"Such an early time to go to work, don't you think, secretary ?" Ray said in a poisonous tone that could make any man's knees buckle and tremble.

"S-sorry sir. I- My- uh the a-larm..." Justin could not grasp the right words. He felt so embarrassed, having to face the person whom he had dreamed about with too much indecency.

"Don't try to reason out. I won't hear you out anyways. Just fucking do your job right, will you?" Ray muttered, pushing him off the way as he entered and closed the door with a loud bang that made Justin flinch.

The brunet slowly let go of the breath he's holding. He could feel his heart thumping so loud in his chest.

"I'm so fucked up." Justin is so undecided whether to enter the room or just take the leave.

After a while, he decided on the first one. He slowly opened the door, entering with his head hanging low, steps fast as he went to his table.

He didn't dare look at his boss's direction as he sat down and started turning on his computer.

He did the first thing he's supposed to do, check on the boss's schedule for the day and the mails that were sent to them.

Justin focused his attention in doing his job right, as what Ray said to him. He tried his best not to look his way, just pretending that he's alone inside the room.

It was silent, but Justin would prefer silence now, rather than getting snarled out again.

He worked in silence, the only thing you'll hear is the tapping of the keyboard. He was too engrossed with his typing job, when the phone suddenly rings.

The brunet quickly lifted it up.

"Hello,  Justin speaking, secretary of Grey Enterprises. Who am I speaking with?" Justin said in a formal voice.

There was a giggle from the other line, a voice of a girl no doubt.

"Is Ray there? If he is, could you transfer the call to him?"

Justin raised his brow at this. "Sorry Ma'am but I have to confirm first your identity to know whether your call should be directed to the CEO or not." Justin managed to sound polite even though deep inside he's getting really irritated.

"Oh whatever. Tell him this is his girlfriend." the woman said on the other line.

Justin stopped at this. Girlfriend?

He turned his gaze towards Ray's way, seeing him busy with the files he's been studying.

"One moment, Ma'am." Justin murmured, covering the phone to prevent the woman from the other line from hearing him.

"Sir, excuse me." Justin called out in the softest voice.

Ray signed the papers before lifting his gaze. "What?" He said, voice stern and firm.

Justin pulled on his courage and looked at his boss directly in his eyes.

"There's a call for you, sir. She won't tell her name and just claims to be your girlfriend." Justin tried his best not to sound bitter saying the last word. "Should I direct the call to you, sir?"

Justin waited for Ray to say no, however, his response is the total opposite.

"Okay. Direct the call to me."

The brunet hides his shock and just proceeded in directing the call. In no time, Ray is already on the call, his hand stopping all the work he's been doing since morning.

Justin shrugged, not wanting to listen to the conversation. He focused on the work in hand, however his mind keeps on going in a different direction.

So he has a girlfriend?

Justin bit on his lower lip, suddenly feeling sour.

That must really be his girlfriend for him to stop whatever he's doing just to answer the call. When Christian came to visit him, he didn't even put down his work.

The brunet shakes his head, trying to wash away the thought in his mind.

Who cares if he has a girlfriend. I don't like him anyway.

Justin nodded his head as he began to talk to himself.

Yeah. I don't like him. I just want him in bed.

Justin banged the desk, so loud and out of control. He gasped, realizing what he just did. He quickly looked at Ray's direction, only to see him looking at him with an incredulous look, hand still holding the phone near his ear.

"S-sorry sir. My hand slipped." Justin mumbles, suddenly standing up. "I-I'll take a short break, sir." He quickly moved out of the room, filling his lungs with air as soon as he's out.

He rushed to the coffee machine just around the common room. He badly needs coffee to awaken himself from the thoughts he shouldn't be having in the first place.

There were a lot of employees in the common room, not really surprising since it's break time.

Justin ignored them. He knows these people don't like him anyways so why bother himself to greet them.

He pressed on the coffee machine, his eyes not leaving the water that starts to fill his cup. He was quietly standing and waiting when he heard someone speak.

"I heard someone got scolded so bad by the CEO." a woman said, and Justin knows she's referring to him.

"Yeah. Serves him right. I'm liking this young Grey. He doesn't seem to get swayed by dirty sluts, not like his father who can be easily swoon." another woman muttered, before laughing like a mad woman.

Justin breathed in and out, holding on to the last piece of patience he has. He quickly took his cup, wanting to leave the place as soon as he could.

"He wouldn't get swayed by the likes of him. I heard he has a girlfriend, a socialite and elite just like him."

"Oh really? Poor slut. No matter how he tries to seduce him, I doubt the CEO will catch the bait."

Justin gripped on his cup. He's had enough for a day, and his patience isn't just as long as he thought it to be. He stopped on his tracks, quickly turning around and walking towards the women who seem to don't have anything good to do nor say.

"What's that bitch?" Justin said in a deadly tone.

The women laughed. "Why? Guilty?" they taunted, igniting fire to his burning rage.

"Don't you fucking have good thing to do than talk bad about other people?" He said, maintaining his professional but deadly stares.

The women laughed even more. "Why? There's nothing good about you to talk about."

The brunet rolled his eyes. He was holding himself back not to splash the hot coffee to her face.

He's raging that he didn't notice how the women's face turned shock seeing a man standing behind him.

"What's going on here?"

Justin turned around in a snap hearing the familiar voice of his boss.

"S-sir!" Justin blurted out as Ray walks towards them.

He smiled at the women, which Justin didn't expect.

"Break time is almost over." Ray muttered in a calm voice which had the women smiling.

"Yes sir, we're about to go back to our station." the woman, by the name Sarah sweetly responded.

Justin rolled his eyes at the way she turned so sweet all of a sudden, far from the bitch she was just moments ago.

"Good." Ray stated, smiling before looking at Justin. "Did you get this coffee for me?"

Even before Justin could answer, Ray already took the cup and sip from it.

"This is a bit bitter for my taste." Ray mumbles.

Justin gulped, expecting to be scolded in front of the people again.

"I guess I'll just give it away." Ray then turned around facing the women before oh so slowly, as if everything happened in a slow motion, Ray splashed the coffee in their faces.

"OH MY GOD!" the women screeched, jumping on their feet as they tried to wipe the hot liquid from their face.

It burns and it stings, that's for sure. Justin doesn't know what to react as he was frozen in his place.

What the hell?!

"Oh. Sorry, I thought you'd like some?" Ray said, grinning evilly at the mess he has caused.

"I hope that wakes you up." He continued before turning away. "Oh, by the way, Secretary justin, note the names of those employees. I want them out of my company this instant." Ray instructed before heading back to his office.

"Y-yes sir." Justin was able to mumble amid the shock. He quickly turned to look at the women who are now a crying mess.

Justin should be glad, but his toes are trembling, remembering the murderous look in Ray's face before he went away. 


"Sir." Justin entered the CEO's office, his voice low and as soft as it could be.

Ray is busy with the papers again, not even lifting his gaze towards him.

The brunet put on all the courage he had, walking and standing in front of the CEO's desk.

"Thank you sir, for..earlier.." Justin doesn't know the right words to say. He's just thankful for him.

Ray lifted his gaze, his eyes now staring at Justin's brown ones.

"No need to thank me. I didn't do that because of you." Ray responded plainly.

Justin nodded his head. "I know sir. Still, thank you."

"Whatever." Ray just broadly responded.

"How long were you standing there sir?" Justin asked, not sure why he's suddenly having a casual conversation with his hot tempered boss.

"Long enough for me to hear how they belittle my father, the audacity." Ray rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Justin smiled, finding this side of his boss a bit cute and warm. He acts tough over his father but he also has a soft heart for him even if he doesn't say it.

"You should visit your father, sir." Justin suddenly blurted out, not really thinking.

Ray raised his brow. "Now you're ordering me around?" He said, voice a bit playful now.

Justin bit his lower lip, suppressing the laugh from coming out. "No, sir. I'm just suggesting."

"Well I don't need your suggestion. Go now, Mr.secretary . Go back to your work and stop pestering me." Ray went back to his files, starting to be his usual self.

Justin smiled like a fool. He turned around and head back to his table still with the silly grin across his face.

He sat on his chair, his heart thumping out of his chest.

He knows he shouldn't feel happy nor tingling inside, however his heart seems to say otherwise.

Heart. Please be still. You can't fall in love. He's off limits.

Justin tapped his chest where his beating heart lies. He needs to control himself and prevent this silly feeling from spreading across his heart.

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