It felt so good to shower the next day and it was just because of the call Beck and I had, I suddenly felt like Cinderella and I was singing all about love on repeat in the shower, my shampoo bottle was my microphone and I had such a lovely and attentive audience, my conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush pay so much attention. OMG, I was losing my mind but I was not complaining. I might like someone. Like I have a freaking crush, now I knew and understood how the girls in the movies felt. Like my speaker knew the mood I was in right at that moment, it started blasting Sweet addiction by the queen, Billie Elish. This was the best bath I had ever had, I’m talking since the day I was born, I mean it didn’t feel half this good to have all the blood and mucus from the womb be washed off my skin this good and boy was I being serious. I grabbed my towel and wrapped my hair in a cocoon and then slid my thick self into my bathrobe I bought last week on Amazon and I left the bathroom to my wardrobe, I was going for a nice Jigga this morning and I was loving it. The biggest pair of sweatpants I have ant the biggest pair of tees I have thrown it all on and yes I was ready for today. The end of my morning routines. I poured a can of cat food into River’s plate so she could finally leave me alone and she did. I walked out of the room and walked to the dining room for breakfast.

“Morning, Ma”, I said.

“Morning, you sound happy today”.

“I am”, I replied grabbing a cucumber from the fridge. Yes, I hate fruits, now leave me alone.

“I don’t facetime and tell”, I said looking directly at TB, no I know I was being petty but it was so fun to say that I was just so happy.

“He facetimed you?”, Mom asked and she was excited for me. I nodded and then she smiled.

“Mom we should go grocery shopping”, I said and she agreed and we were off to Dollarama.

Dollarama is the cheapest store to buy stuff and I just love it here, unpopular opinion. I just planned to buy groceries but I ended up buying so much other stuff, sorry mom. We were walking out of the grocery store when I think I saw Sierra staring at me, I wiped my eyes and looked in the same direction and she was standing there staring hard at me.

“Mom, we are leaving”, I said in the calmest voice I could manage at the moment.  She looked at me and I smiled at her.

“What happened?”, she asked watching me get all the bags from her hand and walked quickly to the car.

“OB, what the heck is wrong?”, I smiled at her and walked faster hoping that she would get the hint and walk at the same speed as I am. I had the car keys in my hand so it was easy for me to get into the car and once mom was in the car, I saw a guy walked briskly to the car, at the speed of light I swerved out of the parking lot.

“OB, who was those people did you get yourself in trouble?”, I ignored her and proceeded to call Beck.

“Hey”, he said and I immediately started telling him the fix I and my Mom were in the right now.

“Where are you guys?”, he asked.

“Dollarama, well, we just left Dollarama and I heading to your house?”, I asked.

“No, head to highway stay on the busy road, they won't try anything when there are so many witnesses. I’m heading out now to the first route”, he said and hung up.

“OB are you going to tell me what’s happening?”. I looked at her and yes I stated ranting all the filtered details of the true story. Skip the sneaking out part and any other thing a black parent is not going to be accepting. I turned onto the express and we started flying down as she started the talk with me.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me all this? I didn’t know how to answer that question.

“I didn’t want to get you worried Mom and besides Beck and his brothers are settling in.”, I replied.

“You mean, his gangsters, we should find a way to get the police involved in this”. I pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose since it was sliding down due to the sweat on my nose, my nose was now slippery. Suddenly my mom’s voice started to fade and I saw a block of cars in front of me on the first route, so I moved out of this route and moved out of the first route to the second route.

I checked my phone and open the back, it had a bug when would they have bugged my phone, I threw my phone out the window. I asked Mom for her phone I dialed Beck’s number.

“My phone was bugged, I had to dispose of it, they know I’m going to be on the first route so I’m making it back to Dollarama, they won’t think I would go back there”.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for you there”, I cut the call and made to swivel into the next curve but I ran into another car and the driver was staring at me. Sierra.    

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