I tried to reverse the car but there was another car there. Mom looked terrified. I immediately locked all the doors and waited for my brain to tell me the next thing to do because I sure was running out of ideas.

“I know you love this car Mom but we need to make it out alive so we can drive it tomorrow”, I move at full speed and I hit the car behind and then the one in front and then the one behind, this car was going to the repairs for months and then I hit the car in front and the one behind till there was enough space for me to turn the wheels and drive the hell out of there at full speed to Dollarama. I burst into laughter.

“That was so fun!”, I said in the most excited tone ever. I looked over at my mom and she had the most constipated look ever! I bent over in hysterics and then composed so I could drive like a normal person.

“I’m glad that is over”, Mom said and patted her perm, something she did out of habit than necessity. I was still so excited to see Beck. Wait! Did I just say that lemme do a little rephrase, I was excited to get out of my death race with a psycho gangster girl. The moment the car swiveled into Dollarama, that Why don’t we song; Chills started playing in my head the moment I caught sight of Beck. He was standing in one corner of the parking lot in a grey hoodie and a pair of white puma sweatpants. I was going to lose it with the way I was beginning to talk about him.

I parked the car and handed the keys to Mom because she insisted that she was driving the car to the repairs now and that I should get a cab home safely.

I got down of the car and walked up to Beck and that’s when I recognized Nehemiah standing next to him.

“She’s really pretty”, He said and smiled at me.

“Dude shut up”, Beck said to him.

“Hi, I’m Nehemiah but call me Neh”. I took his proffered hand in a handshake.

“I’m…”, he cut me short.

“OB, I know I mean the whole gang knows”, I looked at Beck who was trying to not make eye contact with me.

“Should I be worried?”.

“Umm… you facetimed and called with him till around 3 am, Big guy over here was so excited.” I looked at Beck who had his hand in his curls. He was sipping on a smoothie and was acting like he wasn’t here.

“Do you want to get me a smoothie?”, I asked going to stand in front of Beck now.

He was lifted his head and nodded.

“I wanted to say that I enjoyed our call last night”, I murmured and he nodded. “Are you mad at me?”. he didn’t reply.


“Why didn’t you call me before leaving your house, do I need to put like a GPS chip in your brain?”.

“Wait you can do that?”. He cracked a smile and then tried to go back to being mad at me.

“But seriously though, you have to be safe dude, I am serious”. Did he just call me dude?

“Did you just call me dude?”

“Well, I am loving the fit”, he said and I smiled at him and tap the tip of his nose.

“thank you, I would dress like this more often then”, I replied.

We got to the smoothie fridge and I got my fave smoothie. Cucumber and cherries. Unpopular opinion but dang was I in love with this smoothie.

“I think it is quite disgusting how you like that”. He said and stretch his plum lips in a goof smile.

“Hmm…I think your face is disgusting”.


We walked to the counter to pay for the smoothie and Beck got himself a pack of mentos which I I was going to steal from him in the car.

“Do you think your brothers will be cool with that?”, I asked him as we stepped out of Dollarama.

“Haha, you are really funny, Beck Jameson”.

He smiled and made to open the car door for me. “I try”.

I looked at the open door and drawled at him. “Awww... what a gentleman. I believe this is a very gentlemanly behavior”.

“Just get into the car OB”. I climbed into the car and he got into the driver’s seat while Nehemiah sat at the backseat.

The car drove into the Demonions mansion and it was beyond me to how this house kept taking my breath away every single time. I am here. Which is only once but you know what I mean. I got down out the car, Nehemiah did too and so did Beck. It was complete

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