I felt my heart launch out of my chest faster than TB's stink face after tasting Mom's broccoli joy lunch she forced us to eat as kids. I knew I could hear gunshot sounds all around me but I didn't know by who or why they were. Ajani had scramped faster than a kitten would when he sees yarn and Beck had pulled out a gun. Seeing a gun was becoming basic shit these days. 

"Keep your head down and if you don't they'll blow your brains out", Beck said and I obeyed. we were literally crutched to our knees and started going up the staircase. He was behind me and that alone was enough to make me feel like I was on a hammock on a cozy beach in Africa.

We crawled till we got to the first door in the hallway and we got in. when we were inside he locked the door. The room we entered was massive but from inside it I could hardly hear the sounds of the bullets outside.

"What do you think is going on?", I asked roaming randomly in the mansion-sized room. It was beyond anything I had ever seen. The room was so beautiful and just behind where Beck was standing was a big picture of Beck's family? But there was little girl who looked so much like Beck she was so beautiful, they all were even their Dad looked so happy in it, his hands wrapped around his little girl. Beck was pacing up and down the room as he made calls to Nehemiah. 

"How did he let that happen?", he said. "I can't believe that guy after everything Dad did for the fucker!", he exclaimed and I cringed at the vulgar. I wasn't one to swear though. 

He ended the call and I just stood their like an idiot waiting for an explanation. I didnt want to ask I wanted him to tell me.

"We aren't dying okay?", he said and I breathed a sigh of relief. "It was just some wannabes who stole a few guns okay? Nehemiah and Noah want us to stay low till they come get us basically he said he wanted to end some shit with an old friend of my dad", It was obvious he was only scratching the surface of the whole thing but I just nodded and avoided the temptation of ransacking his mind till i find exactly what I wanted. 

"Okay?". Awkward silence. "So who's the girl?", I pointed out the girl in the photo frozen in time with a smile fixed on her face.  He turned to the picture and smiled at it.

He murmured "Her name is Lluvia , she was really close to my family, we were like second cousins and she moved in with us after her dad died blah blah blah but she's gone now". 

I looked up at him and whispered. "Gone as in gone?". 

"Whatelse do you think gone means, genius", he said with a small smile on his face and I bit my lower lip to supress the smile that was about to burst all over my face. Suddenly and not to be cliche or anything but suddenly he spinned me to face him squarely and then his hand rested so casually on my waist and the other on my chin. Beck was so good looking it was making my braincells explode, I was an animation there would be smoke fumes coming out my ears. If only Beck could see what was going on in my head I was sure he would never take me serious again. 

"I was going to say something before we got interrupted", he said and I was about TO PEE IN MY PANTIES.  Trust me to be such an idiot in lovey-dovey situations, I just let him talk.

"I was saying you look really cute with your fat ass crybags", his voice was like silk and I smiled. 

"I guess I got to cry some more, anything to look cute for Beck Jameson". Note: I said the second part in my head ofcourse. What did you think that I was going to say that to his face ?! I wasn't that bold nah uh.

H gaveme a small smile and in that very moment I knew that I liked Beck Jameson like more than friendship kinda like like as a BILK: Boy I Like to Kiss.  God! I sound like I am five in middle school.

"Umm you know I went down to Mac's breakfast this morning and Patricia asked of my girlfriend", he said with such a huge smile. He walked to the bed behind us and plopped on it. 

"Come on Belle, come lay down", he said and I turned around.

"Are you mad Ajani called me that? I didn't know you guys hated each other i hardly even now the guy and he was just so nice to me-".

"OB you're ranting and I don't care what Blade calls you it's you're problem with him but right now I need you to come close to me". WHAT DID HE JUST SAY ?!

"Beck are you feeling okay?". I whispered as my feet carried me to the bed on their own accord because I had no hand in this madness. The next thing I knew i was laying next to him and he whispered something about missing how it felt to just relax and be at peace not have to be jumpy or scared of dying . "I feel so safe when I'm with you OB and I know it sounds like so much BS but it's the truth". 

"How do you feel safe around me when I feel safe around you, like I can literally just stay here forever like Sierra's gang is not after my life just because you are here". I said this out loud don't worry you're girl is getting bold bold. 

He moved closer to me creating no space between us and his eyes didn't leave mine. If he was going to kiss me would he just skip he whole Wattpad steps and kiss me already because I was beginning to melt away and I didn't want  to melt away before he got the chance to kiss me. I was still having this train of thoughts when he lifted my chin up a bit, in his eyes I could see that he was afraid and somehow I could see he was searching for my approval and I gave it to him. we were both tensed, as his lips touched mine, yes, it was not my first kiss but my first kiss was in middle school and that was not really kissing but yanno. Beck's kiss was like reading my favourite book or listening to my favourite sound. It was simply lind blowing, I moved in a way that I was now straddling him and his hands casually rested on my waist and my hand found their way to his curls, he was taking the leading for a long time till he stopped and just let me take the lead. I moved my hand from his hair to his shoulder blade and down to his chest. I suddenly moved back. 

"What's wrong?", he asked looking at me.

"What's going on Beck, tell me", I said and he just looked at me dumbfounded. 

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