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I moved away from him, even more, and he just stared at me like I was losing it. I knew I had to explain what I meant to him. His eyes were so fixed on me, they felt like he could see into my very soul. I turned to face him and he looked away for only a split second before turning to me again. 

"What's going on?", I asked and bravely held his face in my hand. He looked everywhere except in my eyes. "Beck.....You know you can trust me right? Because I see that there's something wrong but I don't know what it is and when....when we just kissed", I whispered the word kiss and continued. "I feel it. What is wrong?". It felt like I was going to cry and I didn't even know why. He finally looked up at me and he was going to tell me what was wrong when there was some noise outside the door. Cliche shit, I know. 

He shot up from the bed noiselessly and pressed his index to his lips, he pulled me close to him that my side was connected to his side. Awkward. What exactly do you do with your hands when you are connected to the side of a boy. I didn't know where to place my hand so I just let them dangle awkwardly as we walked to the door. Another knock, this one was impatient. Beck twisted the lock and immediately open the door with his gun ready to shoot but we saw Nehemiah. 

"Chill Beckham", Nehemiah said. Wait his name was Beckham? How did I not know this?! 

"I see from her face that you guys are sucking faces already, Nehemiah said so causally but I was losing my mind. would Mom know when I go home too or TB?!

"It's okay to go outside now", Nehemiah said sweetly to me and I appreciated with a smile. I didn't realise Beck's hand was still pulling me so close to him until Nehemiah's stare fell on our point of intersection. I'm a math dweeb. I shifted and balanced on my feet, Nehemiah chuckled and started talking to Beck in Spanish. I could pick up some words like dead and quick but I was totally lost in the conversation. I just stood there and then got out my phone to scroll down Instagram while the two brothers talked to each other. I was shocked when I had a new follower, I mean I did have a decent following on Instagram by descent I am talking twenty thousand because I post quotes from all my books that I read but it was the follower that shook me. Sierra. Her username was thatgungirl and she had about half a million followers but why would she follow me. I tucked that info somewhere in my head to ponder about later and continued with scrolling down my feed. Random pictures of different people and then there was a certain picture that caught my interest it was a picture of Ajani and Anderson they were both shirtless and had a glower, my phone screen would break from all this heat!  There was someone behind them standing by the door, I know I had seen that shirt before, I zoomed in to the picture and oh my God!.

"OB, I'm taking you home", Beck's voice bounced me back to life and I faked a smile. As we walked out of the room into the hallway that didn't seem like anything just happened I kept thinking about why MY BROTHER was in a picture with criminals! People who killed other people. I was going to find out today

"OB are you okay?", Beck asked when I had stumbled on the stairs for the second time. I lifted my head and nodded with a smile. "I am just tired, not use to seeing so many guns and I....". Okay, what was going on why was I floating? calm your horses people I wasn't actually floating me;m a seer, not a superhero but it sure as hell felt like I was floating, my heart was doing backflips, his lips were on mine. I would never get over this, I just knew it and just when I thought my heart was going to give out he stopped kissing me. Alright, Mr Jameson; perfect timing. I smiled at him like the complete idiot that I was.

"At this rate, I might not want to go home", I murmured and he chuckled. 

"You are not even ready for that yet", he whispered in my ears. I could faint. This isn't great for my system. I bravely put my hand around his neck and he smiled at me.

"You're getting comfortable and bold", he said.

"It's your saliva doing things to my body", I said. Where was this boldness coming from?! I didn't know who this was but I was loving this new me.

He held my waist and pinned me in a way that my hands left his neck and soon we were hand in hand. "I am taking you home before, TB kills me". we walked out through the front door and Beck's last words roamed in my head, what if TB could actually kill someone.

The ride back home was quiet, not your usual awkward silence. It was the comfortable kind that you just listened to BTS or Why don't we play on the radio. I was busy drowning into the lyrics of the song playing on the stereo, it was Hooked by Why don't we. the perfect song for how I was feeling at this very moment. The car strolled down the coal tarred road till it got to my street and it stopped abruptly in front of my house. 

"I'll see you tonight?", he asked. I didn't know what that meant but I nodded in agreement, why wouldn't I want to see him I mean look at him. He smiled narcissistic as though he could read my mind. He leaned close to me and I thought he was going to kiss me but he just kissed the tip of my nose. "I'll come over tonight". he said with finality. I waved him goodbye as the car sped away.  Just as Beck's car vanished at a curve, I heard the sound of glass shatter from within the house and then a scream. 

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