I entered the house and quickly grabbed one of my plaques from writing camp and I cautiously walked with the metal plague in hand ready to defend myself when I followed the noise from the pots and pans to the kitchen it was Mom and she sure as hell was wondering why I had a plague in my hand like I was about to kill someone. We stared at the plague for a while and then I explained to her that I heard a scream.

"It was my scream, I broke the vase", she pointed at the heap of glass on the chinaware and I sighed its relief. "Now go and dropped that, you look ridiculous already. I laughed awkwardly and then I walked out of the kitchen. 

"Mom? Did you have something delivered", I called from the living room when I noticed a shoebox at the corner of Mom's cactus pot behind the front door. 

"No, honey I thought that was yours", She said casually. "TB said it had to be yours cause he hasn't been on ...", as her voice trailed on I walked to the box and lifted the lid. I immediately shot back and fell on my bottom.

"Is everything okay in there?", Mom asked after hearing the thud from my fall. I quickly picked myself up and then the box and then murmured that I was fine and made a beeline to my bedroom and locked the door.  The person who left this little present left a note for me as well, I held the small cardboard card in my hand and read the note. 

Roses might be red, Violets are blue; till you're dead I'll hunt you.

Okay, I was beyond losing my mind, I walked away from the shoebox with tears filled in my eyes, I walked to my bay window and I locked it. I locked my room door again. Pick my phone and crawled into my closet. I was straight up in tears now. 

"Hello?", my voice was cracking from the tears.

"What's going on, OB?", Beck's voice was dripping with worry. 

"Can you come here please?", I wiped my eyes with the baggy sleeve of my hoodie but the tears were not stopping. I heard a screech from the other side of the phone and then I hung up. It's okay OB you're prince charming is on his way. 

It took Beck ten minutes to arrive and the second he texted me I stood to my feet and walked to the window to let him in. He hurried in looking right into my now puffy eyes and I just ran and hugged him. He was shocked for a while and then he wrapped his hand around my frail body. I burst into tears and just cried on him for a while and we just stood there close to my window hands wrapped around each other. 

"Babe you have to tell me what's wrong?". I just moved an inch away from his body and pointed at the shoebox.  He moved me gently away and walked to the shoebox and opened it staring at him like he stared at me was a bloody mess of a pig's heart. I showed him the note and then I burst into tears again. He held me so softly, it felt like his rock hard physique was a bed of clouds. We laid in my bed and my head rested on his chest, I was still sobbing and he just whispered comforting words in my ear.

"I'm so sorry for this", He said when I had finally stopped sobbing. 

"It's okay", I said "But what does that pig heart mean?".

He groaned and he was tensed to tell me all about what it meant but I had this gut feeling that he was going to tell me anyway.

"It's nothing I can't take care of okay", He said and smiled down at me tucking a loose lock of hair behind my ear. "I'll talk to Noah and we'll get you some security and TB will have to be on standby too". On hearing that I immediately moved and turned to face him squarely. 

"What does TB have to do with this?", I asked and he looked at me confused.

"He's your twin brother I just thought you were gonna tell him", he lied through his teeth.

But I decided to ignore it and pretend like he hadn't just lied to my face. I nodded in that your right way.

"It's Sierra, right? Aren't you going to tell me why she is so pained with both of us hanging around each other?", I asked and he sucked air through gritted teeth.

"Sierra's just a basic bitch that I grew up with okay and she's emotional okay? She's probably just jealous", he said standing to his feet. I nodded and we just stared at each other for like five more seconds and then he reached for my hands and pulled me close. please don't kiss me, Beck, I screamed inside my head but not out loud.

He just kissed the tip of my nose and climbed off the bed, he walked to the shoebox and picked it up, and walked to the window. 

"I want to take you with me you know but I just can't I'll be back, I guess we're having a sleepover", He said climbing out of the window.

short chapter I know but it's almost midnight and I have school tomorrow. I will be bringing out a new book soon. please show all the love and support you got. DROP ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE FOR BECK CAUSE I WOULD BE INTERVIEWING HIM VERY SOON WITH YOUR QUESTIONS, LETS SEE WHAT HE IS GOING TO SAY. REMEMBER TO VOTE AND COMMENT. LOVE YOU ALL LOADS.

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