I grabbed a ceramic bowl and nodded at a glass mug for Mom to grab as well. We were gonna kill someone if we had to. I walked up to the doorway leading to the living room when I caught the  thief walking into the room, I grabbed the bowl and swung it across the head of the thief and in a swift moment he fell to the ground or should I say she.

"It's a girl?", I say and mom just looks down at the now unconscious girl in a hoodie. I tie her up to a chair and sip juice out of the orange juice carton while I wait for her to recover. I had pulled down the hoodie she was wearing and she was really pretty, brown skinned with straight brown hair obviously flat ironed. I had started gulping down a bowl of salad when she woke up. 

"I was beginning to think you died", I said so casually she looked at me insane.

"Did you tie me up?", she asked. 

"Nope, you're in outer space, genius". I walked up to her and smiled. She rolled her eyes and smiled sarcastically at me. "Why did you break into my house?".

"I was hoping to sneak into your room and stab you to death, what did you think?". I didn't like her one bit. 

"Who are you?". I asked and she laughed. 

"That's irrelevant it's more of what do I want than who I am?". I walked back to the couch and grabbed my salad again. 

"Okay BandE, what do you want?". 

"It's simple, I wanted to come and warn you,it's pretty obvious that the warning from my friends didn't work so I decided to take pity on you and really walk into your house to give you a woman-to-woman warning, I get it honey",she paused and looked sternly into my eyes, a look which I reciprocated. "You're falling in love with him and he is a catch, I mean he is handsome, rich and a great kisser, we've all been there at some point we all kinda got mixed up in some emotional rollercoaster with Beck but you need to open your eyes and see that with Beck Jameson there is no sunshine and rainbows or crystal skies, there are guns,murder and blood loads of it and how exactly do you plan to be with him and escape his very shadow?", she said. 

"So why does everyone keep telling me to stay away from Beck?", I said. "you don't see me climbing up his wall and sneaking into his room, you don't see me picking him up everyday from school or asking him out for breakfast. If you guys don't want to see me and Beck hanging out, y'all are meeting the wrong person, take your stupid ass complaints are walk your way to the Demoions mansion and go tell him". When I finished my rabble my chest was rising and falling unevenly. I was surprised I had spoken to someone I didn't know so angrily. 

"so are you going to ignore my warnings?".

I nodded. "No, I'm going to untie you and then you can get the hell out of my house". I walked out of the living room to grab a knife to cut her up and then I walked back into the room but she was gone. I didn't even know her name. 

I locked the front door and walked into my room where I was going to lay in my bed with River and just bingwatch Trinkets. 

I was watching Netflix and stroking my cat when my door swung up and standing there was TB, he had obvious eyebags and he was in nothing but a bare of Jordan shorts.

"What do you want?". I asked him and he yawned,

"I just wanted to say hi", came his miserable reply. Why would he just come to say hi to me for no reason. I remembered seeing him in Anderson's post. 

I let my eyes linger on his face as my thought went back to the instagram picture, I was dying to ask him but why risk him lying to me when I can just find out the truth myself. 

"I miss Dad, he hasn't called in ten years",I finally said to break the silence. 

"Dad left us , OB, he isn't in the army or on a business trip he just doesn't call, he prolly has a whole new life with a new family and a new car and house maybe ID", he replied.

" you ever wonder what he's doing?", I asked and he looked puzzled. He was thinking why I had suddenly talked about Dad. He left when we were six. 

"I thought you had some psychic powers, why can you se where he is", he said coming into the room and sitting at my desk. 

"I tried but I don't see much just images of him when he was with us and flashes from the day he left", I can't see what he is doing right now".

"Maybe he's dead, would be literally better than for him to be alive", TB said coldly. I felt something run down my spine I had never thought of Dad dying. 

"Why would you say that?",  I asked him and he shrugged casually like he had not just said he wanted his FATHER dead.  

"I would prolly kill him myself if I get to him, I would prolly kill him for leaving Mom all alone, she is stressed out and lacking all the love she deserves because of the bastard". I was angry at Dad but I was really quick to forgive people, I forgive Dad for leaving and I forgive Mom for sending me to a "help centre" three summers ago because she thought I needed help because of my visions. I was going to forgive TB for whatever it is he is into but I had to find out what it is exactly. 

"I have all the love I need right here", Mom materialised in front of the door and we all smiled. "Your father must have left for one reason or another but honey, I need to be here more than anywhere because you guys are my twins, my babies".

I stood up and River jumped out of the bed, I walked up to my mom and hugged her, we were about to break the hug when TB joined it aswell and we just stayed there for a while,then a quick noise broke our hug. It was Beck, he was at my window holding boxes of pizza. I stared blankly at him and then at my AFRICAN MOTHER!!! 

"I didn't know you were having a sleepover", She said in the most calm angry voice anyone could have ever pulled off. I was going to be grounded till I am 64, Mom could handle kissing but sneaking into my bedroom was not...


Who do you think the intruder really was?

what do you think is Beck's Secret?

What do you think happened with their Dad?

What is TB keeping secret?

What does Ajani really want?



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