I was so in trouble forever, how was I gonna... okay my Mama was walking towards the window and she opened it. 

"Good evening, Mrs.Ogali", Beck said obviously nervous. 

"Why are you at my daughter's window at umm 10 pm in the evening?". 

"I just got pizza for her and a drink, she asked me to get her a drink", he stammered as Mom eyed him skeptically. 

"Don't stay up too late", She said to me and then she walked out of the room as Beck climbed in through the window. TB and Beck exchange this knowing look and then  walked out lazily and then I shut the door. 

"I thought you were gonna get in trouble", he said leaning over to drop the pizza boxes on the bed and then he leaned in and kissed my nose playfully. It sent jolts all through me making me forget all about the warnings and all the activity of today. I play with the strings of his hoodie and he chuckles.

"I just kissed the tip of your nose and you're acting all sugary". I laugh and throw my head back and he held me around my waist.

"I am not sugary",I say in my defense and just then River meows from across the room.

"See even River knows you lying", he said and we burst into laughter. 

"So what are we watching,tonight?", he asked getting his shoes off and falling on the bed. I jump on the bed with him and in that moment I realised that the only reasons I had not been taking all these warnings seriously was because I can't let go of him, I might just have feelings for him.  I move my body closer to him and then he smiled and wrapped his hands around me.  "We're watching drum rolls.....",he mimicked drumming the air. "The Notebook".

"I can't...", he grumbled.

"It's a good movie",I retort. 

I pull at his hair and then screams; like a masculine screech or something. I laughed and covered his mouth. "Why did you scream like that?. I asked looking into his face. 

He mumbled something and I let go of his mouth. "You pulled on my scalp,Woman", he said.  I murmured an apology and then proceeded to start our movie. We had totally forgotten about the pizza so I climbed over his body and grabbed the box of pizza, when I opened it it was peperoni . Our favorite. I took a slice and handed one slice to him. The movie was two hour long and at the end I cried so hard and Beck was so neutral. 

"Why are you crying so much?".

"It was so sad but it was good at the same time", I said pushing the empty pizza box to the floor.

"I guess we can definitely do that then, we should get married and have kids probably die in the same bed",I wipe my eyes and look away from him.

"What?", he said. I chewed the sleeve of my cardigan. 

"What exactly are we?", I asked playing with the strings of his hoodie again. 

"What do you want us to be", he redirected the question back to me as fast as anything.

"I don't know its up to you, really?", 

"We're....", he moved in to kiss me and it was a short kiss "more than friends only if friends keep thinking about each other every single time or enjoy the taste of each others lips".

I kissed him and he reciprocated it, his hand were all over me and soon it was getting out of hand when I saw myself in a different room. A different house actually. Although I could feel Beck's kissing, I knew I wasn't in my room with him any longer. 

I was in an office and there were two men talking, There was a gun hanging on the wall and then the man said something in spanish. 

"Jericho, she is just a little girl", the first man said and then the well dressed man in a suit retorted in an angry voice.

"She is a threat to my empire and will kill her, I am sending you to kill her", the man behind the desk started to stand to his feet whilst the other man walked to the bay window. I struggled to see their faces but there were shadows lingering over their faces. 

"You can't make me do such a terrible thing, Jericho", the man said.

Jericho laughed heartily like his companion had said a joke. The sombre mood hung off the roof like stalactites and after his short laugh they thickened. 

"Remember you swore to do whatever the gang asked when you tattoo that quote on your chest,remember! And you killed every form of sentiment for anything even little girls", he said and pat the man on the shoulder. The man lifted his eyes and said "Yes,Boss". in a monotone before walking out.

 I was suddenly in my room again, Beck and I were still in our kiss that tasted of sweet chocolate and had the feel of listening to your favorite music. I was beyond embarrassed when I let out a moan and he chuckled.  I pulled away from him and smacked his chest lightly. 

"Ass!", I cussed under my breath. 

"I didn't do anything, you did", he defended and I laughed placing my hand on his cheeks and just like that I was staring into his beautiful grey eyes. He stared intently at me too and I just wanted to let myself into his head but instead my mouth spoke on his own accord. 

"What are we?", I asked briefly looking away from his eyes. His hand lingered loosely o my waist but he harden the grip on it.

"I don't know what to say to you, OB but I know I love staying with you, I enjoy how you laugh and how your lips taste, how I find myself sneaking in through your window every single day,it's something I look forward too and I might be tripping but I think I might have fallen for you OB, harder than I thought was possible". he said with a stoic expression. "it clouds my judgement and I want it to cloud my judgement, OB because I love how it feels to do everything to fight but still end up at your window". I smiled and brought his face down to mine and his our lips brush together lightly. 

"I feel the same way too", I whispered to him and River jumped on the bed and purred. River felt the same way too. As we laughed about River joining us on the bed, my thoughts wandered back to the vision I had and why Beck didn't notice I had left him alone in the room for a while. Who was this girl, they wanted to murder and even worse who were they and why would they want to murder her?


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