The moment I came into the parking lot, TB came out of the car, he came towards me.

When he was close his eyes were on my eyes which must be red because of the tears.

‘Did he hit you’.

‘No’, I replied and kept walking. TB was hot on my trail, he was wondering why I was crying and he wanted answers which I was going to give him, I mean I trust him more than anything in my life.

‘He wanted me to look into his future’, I said and for an unknown reason TB started laughing annoyingly. Why was he laughing? He doesn’t believe me?!

‘Why are you laughing?’, I asked.

‘Beck called you to ask for your psychic help’, he said in a tone like he was bored.

I nodded and he chuckled.

‘I need to go home’, I said and started walking away.

‘OB what is your problem?’.

‘My problem is you don’t believe me at all in almost every single thing I tell you’, I said angrily. I pushed TB on the chest and he moved an inch, which was not what I expected because I had put all my energy in that push.

‘Oh, because you are an oracle?’, he said and I snapped.

‘Oh TB be happy with your life, you have a normal life, you don’t have to be the one that knows what mom is thinking at on the dinning table or know that she wants to accept the advances of our new neighbor or you can predict when someone’s going to die just by looking at them, you’re not the one the whole school calls freak or or black witch or oracle or Cassandra or African witch, you have a normal life so deal with it’, I was at the verge of crying now. ‘you know what I am sorry I had to be your sister maybe that’s the only reason you hate me because you are still the twin brother of the weird magic girl’, I ran past him into my car and drove off.

I entered the house took my food and ran into my room and shut the door immediately. I fell on my bed and slept off. When my eyes opened it was dark and

Mom was obviously not home yet so I sat on my bed looking at the wall for about an hour.

I was on my bed writing in my journal when some one knocked on my window and I flinched. I turned and staring at me were the hazel eyes of Beck Jameson. I closed my book and kept the book on my bedside table before going to meet him.

‘What do you want?’, I said opening the window up a bit. He moved a bit then cleared his throat, he was sweating and he had blood on his white tee shirt.

‘Can I come in?’, he said.

‘What?!’, I echoed. Then he carefully put his index on my lips and hummed a shh. I looked down at his finger on my lips then I moved away an inch so his finger would leave my lips.

‘TB would freak if he saw you on our street talk more in my bedroom’.

He bit the left part of his lower lip and kept his eye fixed on something behind me.

‘OB I just wanted to talk to you’, he said firmly. ‘If you lock your door, TB won’t find out and even if he does find out,’ he smiled. ‘So?’

I moved away and he climbed into the room with no effort like he has been practicing for weeks now.

I was sitting down awkwardly on my bed, my journal beside me and Beck was standing awkwardly at the window checking out for something.

‘No one is coming this way they lost you on the last bend’, I whispered and he turned to me sharply and nodded.

‘Um… do you want me to get you alcohol for the cut?’, I asked and he looked down at this chest that had a blood patch on it.

He nodded. I stood to my feet and went to the bathroom and returned with some alcohol I had earlier statched them in case I had a cut or something else.

‘I need a change of clothes’, he said taking off his tee shirt. I stared at his muscles for a while, he had an excellent body, fit on every inch.

‘TB’s room is on the other side of the house, I can go get his but’, I trailed off for a while. ‘Oh, I have one of my dad’s shirts’. He nodded and sat down on my chair.

Pouring the vodka on his open cut and he didn’t even wince. I looked at him and walked to him, I was kinda shy cause I was only in shorts and a sports bra.

‘I should help with that?’, I tried to touch him but he moved. I tried again and he held my wrist.

‘You have to let me help you’, I whispered slowly afraid he was going to break my wrist.

He let go off my wrist and itched forward a bit so I could go all in their and help with the injury. I was wiping it gently when I heard a knock on my door.

‘OB, can I talk to you?, Beck was calm.

‘No, TB please go away, we’ll talk in the morning’, I replied looking from the door to Beck. When I heard TB’s retreating footsteps I let out a breathe I had no idea I was holding.

‘I should leave’, he said.

‘If you leave they will get you’, I said to him. He looked at me like I was crazy, this is normal people always give me that look when I say stuff.

‘I’m sorry, you can leave’, I said standing to my feet and walking to sit on my bed beside Rivers my cat.

‘Are you angry?’, he asked. I turned to look at him and I looked away almost immediately.

‘You are the one who asked me to predict your shit this afternoon, now you are doubting me when I say stuff’, I said.

He pulled on my dad’s shirt over his torso and I was a little disappointed, in that moment Rivers jumped out of my lap and strolled over to where he was sited.

‘Look, I’m … sorry, okay?’, he said whispered like he didn’t want to hear himself apologise.

Rivers jumped on his lap and the white of Beck’s shorts contrasted with the blackish gray of Rivers’ fur.

‘She likes you’, I said to Beck.

‘What’s up with its eyes?’

‘Rivers is a blind cat, pretty much like me when I am without my glasses’, I said and regretted immediately.

‘Oh, sorry?’, Beck’s smooth baritone voice said and I laughed.

He whimpered when Rivers sniffed his injury.

‘Shit, sorry’, I said and he nodded.

‘Why were they chasing after you?’, I asked.

‘Why don’t you just look and find out?’

‘I try not to pry’, I replied.

‘I missed a shot that’s it’, he said standing to his feet and moving to the window with Rivers in his hands.

I can’t believe this he missed a shot I thought gangster was like that character, Will Smith play in the suicide squad. Well, I guess I was wrong.

It was almost midnight and I had to get up early tomorrow. I was already sleepy. I picked an extra blanket and a pillow and handed it over to him.

‘You sleep on the floor’, I said. ‘please leave before the sun is up’, I said and murmured something before falling asleep.

  I wore a denim jumpsuit and those brown leather boots that aren’t originally meant to look good by sight but somehow look so good when you put them on. I did the usual; glasses, bag, books and left the room, I grabbed an apple and left in my car to school, I needed to be early cause I had a test on historical science.

I put my books in my locker and got out what I needed for my test and when I closed my locker, Beck was standing there. Wait, lemme rephrase that, BECK WAS STANDING THERE!!!!! Why was he?

‘Ummm…can I help you?’, I asked rudely.

‘I am having a party at my house and everyone’s coming so I wanted to see if you were’, he said.

‘I am not’, I replied walking away fast.

‘Why?’, he said and I bet you the whole hallway was quiet now. Just walk away like he isn’t talking to you. I whispered to myself as I increased my pace.

‘OB, I am talking to you, you don’t wanna pretend you don’t know, I am speaking to you’.

Was that a threat? I turned and faced him squarely. ‘Are you threatening me, Beck Jameson?’, I asked and I laughed. ‘I will tell you something, you shouldn’t threaten me because I can do some really bad things to you and what’s the name of your posies? I don’t care’, I didn’t know where this courage was coming from.

Beck’s face was in a scowl he was definitely not used to been responded to I mean he is the heir to the bad ass gang the demonions.

‘So you do bad stuff then you’re not so scared of coming to my party now aren’t you?’, he said and I felt so much eyes fall on me.

This is the end of my life. I nodded and he smiled. A very evil smile.

‘See you at midnight tonight then’, he said and walked away, in his stupid outfit.

I walked in the other way not missing the eyes that were on me as I ran.

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