I was bothered, I wouldn’t survive the noise, the crowded place. How I’m I going to survive going to a party tonight?!

‘Hi’, I said and Mom looked up from her computer screen.

‘This cant be good?’, she said and I nodded. Mom and I did have talks once in a while, it was hard to forgive her after I spent my summer in a mental facility two years ago but I let go of it. I sat down on her chair in the dimly lit home office just next to the library, the room used to be dad’s room till mom burnt al his clothes and shoes well except the one’s I kept hidden in my room.

‘I have to go to a party’, I started folding my legs on the chair and looked at my new nail polish.

‘Is it compulsory?’, Mom asked.

‘Well…’ I hummed and bit the sleeves of my big knitted cardigan. ‘I want to go Mom, but I need the courage to go’, I said.

‘Okay. I have never been more excited in my entire life. You need to get dressed first then makeup’, mom paused and stood to her feet.

‘Heels’, she snapped her fingers and I jerked ‘that is compulsory of course’, she giggled. ‘Honey, I am sorry I just need you to know that I am here every step of the way okay?’, she smiled at me and I reciprocated it. I stood to my bare feet and gave a hug.

The journey to get ready was not an easy thing, mom kept saying things like omalicha or nwayoma and some words I dint understand but the words seemed to make me laugh and disturb her as she applied makeup on my face.

Hours later……..

I was dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, a cropped long sleeve shirt and trainers. I had just arrived at Beck’s mansion; the demonions had a pretty rich life robbing banks or whatever they did to make money. The moment I heard the music and see the drunk sways of teenagers my dinner turned inside of me. This is going to be a long night.

The inside was not hot even though it was packed wall to wall, I was kinda wondering why until I discovered the cool blasters that where working at each pillar. Before you enter the main living room you have to past through a passage way that had the pictures of every single person that meant anything in the demonions legacy. Starting from the very first guy. And I saw Beck’s picture right after his two brothers; Noah and Nehemiah; they were twins but most people called them Spit and Fire, that was their gang names. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out Beck’s gang name. it’s Spitfire of course.

‘Hey’. It was Beck, I didn’t need to see the face to know the voice, somehow I had gotten so accustomed to the voice I could here it in the hell of noise in this place and it would still sound out.

‘You’re a little late, where you puking outside for a while?’

‘I didn’t know parties kept registers?’, I said with a sneer and he chuckled wiping under his eyes.

‘Welcome to my humble abode, nice to see you didn’t bring Rivers’, he said and I chuckled walking closer to him.

‘She likes her quiet time’, I said and he laughed.

He moved easily through the crowded halls till we got to a door. I turned to leave when he grabbed my wrist again.

‘Let me go’, I said and he did the opposite of my demand. He pulled me into his body and we fell into the room and the door closed gently behind us.

‘What do you think you’re doin..’, my voice was caught short when I heard gunshots from outside the door.

I jumped back and our bodies collided. He pulled out a gun from behind his jean and cocked it.

‘Stay here’, he said and I nodded. As he left my body went into a frenzy and so did my mind. I am so dead, this is the end of my life, how will I ever come to a party ever again? I took me a while to realise that I was in his room. Great! Note the sarcasm.

How did I even manage to get involved with this guy? I paced around the room, it was tidy actually, all his books were to one side, his trophies, medals, certificates were to one side, his shirts were hung according to colour; black, white and grey only. He had a few pictures of when he was little and only one of his whole family.

Basically, his family was his brothers, their mom died and their dad well, I don’t know. I was standing at the desk inspecting the pictures when the door burst open and a tall scary looking guy with tattoos was staring at me. He smiled and I caught a glimpse of gold in his mouth.

‘You must be his hyna?’, his voice resembled, one of a frog. ‘I didn’t know spitfire was already into melanin sugars like you’, he said and I had totally lost my will to speak. He was walking closer to me and had a sneer fixed on his face. ‘The best way to get a guy is through his hyna’, he chuckled and I swallowed so hard my throat ached.

Umm where was Beck, this dude was going to kill me I had closed my eyes in prayer of forgiveness when I heard a gunshot and a groan, then a loud thud.

I opened my eyes and the huge guy was on the floor. It was Noah and Beck beside him, my eyes left them to the dead guy on the floor, the red mass spurting out of his head made me feel dizzy.

‘If you keep missing shots, you’re going to get yourself killed, Beck’, Noah said and Beck nodded with a stern look on his face.

‘Get your girlfriend home’, he said and walked away. I moved towards the door in an attempt to just get away from Beck, I just wanted to get out of that room with that guy lying dead there.

‘I will drive you home’, Beck said and all I could manage was a nod.

The drive from Beck’s place to mine was about twenty minutes so it was kind of a long drive and the first four minutes has been quiet too quiet if you ask me.

‘Who was that guy?’, I asked.

‘Some guy from Hamiliton’, he said and I replied with an inaudible ‘oh’

The car was silent again. ‘What does Hyna mean?’, I asked.

‘Do you always ask so much questions?’, his voice was really calm but really hard.

‘Sorry’, I whispered like a strangled penguin.

He sighed deeply. ‘Sorry’. He moved a bit in his chair but kept his eye on the road.

His phone rang and I peeped at the call ID, it said NEHEMIAH, in cap locks.

‘Yeah?’, I couldn’t hear what Nehemiah was saying but it made Beck’s face scowl up, his ran his hand in his brown curls, he was mixed his Dad was white while his mom was black; I think she was Jamaican.

‘But she’s not’, he snapped. Another few seconds of silence. ‘Why the hell will they be thinking that?’.

‘Because she was in your room’, I heard that part, they were talking about me. My heart did a few cartwheels and a flip.

‘I can’t just let her die’, he said looking over at me for a few seconds.

He killed the line. ‘I am going to die, right?’

‘No. Geez’, he said gripping the steering wheels harder than usual, his dark caramel colored knuckles seemed like they would tear out of their skin covering.

‘I am scared’, I blurted out.

‘Aren’t we all’, he said bending into my street. His eyes went vigilante as he stopped the car. ‘Don’t come down’. I sat in the car and waited till he came and opened the door. The other hand was holding a small black pistol, he looked around and closed the door on my behalf and gently brought his hand to the small of my back. He only tucked the gun back into his jean when we had gotten to the door.

‘I should leave before TB finds me’, he whispered and left.

I opened the front door and got in,the living room was quiet as hell until someone switched on the light and standing there was another scary big guy with tattoos.

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