When I tried to run, I ran into a girl at my front door. She was wearing dark shades so it was impossible to see her eyes but I knew she was looking down at me.

‘I mean, Beckie could have done better’, she said with a sneer. I tried to break loose of her grip but she was stronger than she looked.

‘Hi I am sierra’, she said in that not so friendly tone.

‘What do you want?’, I asked.

‘Simple, you’, she said and pulled out a gun from her leather pants. ‘oh, sorry to be rude, this is my bodyguard; Bullet’, she said sweetly.

‘Umm..hi?’, I said wondering where TB and Mom were.

‘I drugged your family so they will be out for about twelve hours, that’s quite enough time for us to talk’, she said putting her gun to the bare part of my stomach.

‘Bullet will tie you up now’, she added casually like she had not just said something offensive and illegal. Bullet actually tied me up to the dinning chair. When she picked a chair to sit my phone started ringing. She grabbed the phone before I could see the caller ID and just before she hung up, she showed me the caller; BECK. I hadn’t saved his number, I never called him before too.

‘I guess you guys are so in love now’, she said.

‘Beck and I?’, I bent over in hysterics. ‘No, we hate each other, I mean I am not his girlfriend’, I said.

‘Oh’, she said ‘Then what are these?’, she showed me pictures from that day on the bleachers, we were in really intimate positions though.

I looked away. ‘Dammit you little bitch! Speak up’, she sounded angry.

‘These are not what they seem, okay’, I said and she chuckled. She put the gun in her leather pants again and forcefully held my chin.

‘There’s one thing I hate and that is when people lie to my freaking face’, she said and I whimpered.

I looked away from her and Beck was standing at the window sill, he placed his hand on his lips and I looked back at Sierra squarely.

‘She’s useless Bullet shoot her’, She said and my life flashed before my eyes. I closed my eyes but I opened it when I heard a groan.

I opened one eye half way and I saw Bullet had fallen to his knees, he was bleeding from his right leg. sierra ran to him and I struggled but got myself free. I had run to Beck before she turned and saw us.

‘Awww, how touching, Phillip rescues his Aurora from the Dragon’s keep’’.

‘Sierra, what do you want?’, his voice was spicy, he tucked me safely behind him and his hand was behind was in mine.

‘Easy, I have heard all the streets that you are going to kill one of the top guys, real soon and officially become a member of the gang’, she said and I swallowed hard.

‘I don’t know who told you that Sierra but you have to leave now because it’s a lie’, Beck said. ‘And if you come close to her or near this place again, I am going to end you’, he said.

‘You can’t do that!’, she screamed. ‘You care about me’, she said.

‘Not anymore now please leave before you make me kill you now’, he said and I caught a silver lone tear rolling down her cheeks as she helped Bullet up and left.

I was in a frenzy, how did I get so involved with Beck and his gangster life, they were already calling me his hyna and I don’t even know what that means but then a weird insane girl is also out to kill me as well.

‘Are you alright?’, Beck asked and came to sit beside me on the sofa. I moved a bit and nodded.

‘You have to be careful okay, shit has happened and that’s how life is’, he said.

‘No, that’s your life, my life was not normal but at least it was not this abnormal’

He itched his curls again and this time in frustration, he was going to loose it very soon but I didn’t care.

‘I said it, I told myself that I was never going to get involved with you but that’s it one single conversation and two people have tried to kill me in one night’, I said.

‘You need too forget all that and focus on the fact that your life is on the line and you need me to protect you’, he said.

‘I don’t need your help, this sis where helping you landed me in I wonder where your help is going to land me, wait I know in the morg. I am going to die’, I stood to my feet and started pacing round the living room.

‘Why are you so goddamn stubborn, how I’m I going to protect such a stubborn woman’, he said.

‘Beck please leave and don’t ever speak to me again please’, I watched him leave the house slamming the door hard behind him. I didn’t move till he had driven off in his car. I locked the door, the windows and retired to my bedroom.

I wore a hoodie the next day, I have never felt so blind in my life. I know I could see into people’s futures and I have never wanted to see mine but since after last night I wished I could. I locked my doors as I drove and I parked in the main lot where there were a lot of people, often I felt a lot of eyes on me but when I turned there was no one there and I knew I was just being paranoid.

‘Hey, Oracle’, it was Shantaye.

‘I have no time for this, right now’, I told her and started walking away.

‘Sure, I am sure your new boyfriend is waiting for you at… where do they normally meet again girls?’

‘The bleachers’, Gina, one of her barbie dolls said.

I turned sharply. She shoved her phone in my face and pictures of Beck and I, the same pictures Sierra had shown me the other day.

I walked away fast as their giggles and heels walked behind me. I was running down one of the hallways when I bumped into Beck and his groups of friends, my eyes brushed with Beck before I continued to run I needed to breathe. I hate this so much. I ran into the empty gymnasium and sat on the chairs. I counted to ten with my eyes closed and when I opened them; Beck was sitting right there. I screamed and jumped back in my seat.

‘You cant be sitting alone in this lonely place, what part of staying in the crowd to avoid dying don’t you understand.’, he said.

‘What part of don’t talk to me, don’t you understand’, I said standing up. I started walking away when he held my wrist.

‘Stay away from me’, I said and he held me so close, his right hand on my wrist the next one on my hip. No one had ever touched me in that place, I mean it was getting to me, I am still a teenage girl and Beck was hella fine but I repeat which black person ain’t fine.

‘You need to be careful if you want to make it to your seventeenth birthday and just to be clear let me give you the details,’ he moved me closer, so close that our bodies were touching.

‘Sierra, like me is the heir to a gang, the head gang in Hamiliton, now if you have an inkling of sense you know that Alberta and Hamiliton are not on good terms and Sierra needs to get rid of me so she can take over the deminions and her gang ; the Vince. She knows that the only way to a guy is through his hyna and sadly they think you’re my girl, so you have a whole gang after you and because I caused this I am not that heartless to watch you die, I want to help you’, she said.

‘Why would you want to help me when you could kill Mary Ozera?’, I asked.

He itched his hair and pulled me closer, one wrong move and our lips were going to touch. ‘I didn’t kill Mary Ozera’, he said and I pulled a face.

‘Right, then who did’, I asked.

‘I can’t tell you that but I have only killed one guy and that was to keep you from being killed’, he said.

‘I still hate you for ruining my life’, I said and suddenly he put his index on my lip.

‘Shh’, he said. He moved his head a bit, looked at someone behind me and then back at me. ‘There’s someone behind us, looking at us’, he said.

‘He’s at the top so we are going to walk out of the gym’, he said ‘and I am going to run to get him, okay?’

I nodded.

The second we go to the door, he stood behind one door.

‘Stay here’, he said and I nodded. Two minutes later, I heard my name, I ran up through the door, Beck had earlier entered on the stairs, I saw Beck and a guy with a camera filled with pictures of us.

‘Who sent you’, Beck said landing a punch on the guy’s already bloodied face.

‘I am taking him to Noah and Nehemiah, they’ll get him to talk’, he said.

‘I need you to stick with TB for the rest of the day, I will see you tonight’, he said.

‘Tonight?’, I asked. He smiled, not a sneer but this was a little sincere.

‘Yeah’, that said I walked away.

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