Hey, its been two nights and my life has already taken a drastic turn. Well, remember when I said I would never attend a party?. Well, I did and then I nearly got killed by two people and  they think I am Beck’s hyna that’s some kinda gangster word for girlfriend and now they want to kill me to get to him. Well, that’s pretty much it I guess

A knock on my window and I looked up to see Beck. I walked to my  door first and looked out into the hallway.

‘Are you alright?’, TB asked because he was moving to his own room.

‘Oh yeah yeah, I was just about to go to bed and I was coming to say goodnight’. He smiled.

‘I’m glad you’re not mad at me anymore’, he said and I smiled.

‘I cant stay mad at you, good night’, I said and he nodded. I closed my door when he had entered his room and shut the door and then I turned the lock. I hurried to the window and opened it for Beck and he entered.

‘Why are you here now?’, I whispered.

He threw a hoodie to me,I caught it it was black and really big. ‘wear that, we’re going somewhere?’, he said.

‘It’s almost midnight’, I said looking at him like he was insane.

‘Yeah, I just need to know something can you predict someone’s death day by just sight?’, he asked.

I bit my lower lip in an effort to suppress a gasp that still found a way to escape anyway. ‘Yes’, I said ‘But I control if I want to’. When I could first see the way a person’s life would end and the date it would happen it was really scary for me and I really had to learn to control it. It wasn’t easy but it worked out so, all good.

‘I need you to help me do that tonight’, he said and I shook my head and walked away.

‘You’re using me’, I muttered facing away from him.

‘I am not, I just really need your help, OB, it’s a life or death situation’, he said.

‘Helping you has gotten me with a gun to my head before Beck, why should I help you again’, I said.

‘Because…I don’t know actually…because I saved your life? Twice?’. He had a point; I mean at the party and then with the crazy Sierra girl. I faced him and then I turned away.

‘OB, please I don’t have much time’, he said. ‘I am begging you’.

‘Fine but this is the last time you’re making me use these powers’, I demanded.

He nodded with a smile and watched me pulled his extra-large hoodie over my head.

He climbed out of the window and then helped me out. We went through the back and entered a different car, it was a new shiny black Toyota sport.

‘What happened to the old car?’, I asked, I had no idea why I asked that but I did.

‘The Vince bugged it with trackers and recorders when I was at your house. I guess that was all part of Sierra’s plan. But luckily, I discovered the bugs the next day’, he said and we burned it’.

‘The car!’, I exclaimed and regretted it. He chuckled, he knew that car was just a beauty and burning it was close to homicide to me.

‘Not the car, the bugs’, he said with amusement laced in his voice.

I pushed myself into the fur of the car seat and just let it drive little shocks into my body. I looked out the window to the night life of Alberta till we were driving into Hamiliton.

‘Beck?, I whispered and he answered.

‘That day in school, why did you come to me for help’, I asked. ‘I mean only TB kinda believes in my powers and nobody else. Why do you believe in them?’

‘Well, I have heard all your predictions and they had come true. People just pass it to be coincidental but I had to look into the possibility of it and people are actually born with such powers’, he said.

I fell a hair stand on my neck and I closed my eyes, fast flashes of a face and a moving car appeared in a quick trance and then vanished. I jumped and held Beck hand that was fixed on the gear.

‘What?’, he asked with a faint trace of the cold gangster voice.

‘There’s someone following us’, I said trying not to sound afraid. His hand pressed harder into the steering wheel and his hazel eyes became cold and vigilante.

‘We need to loose them, I guess we have to get you hoome’, he said.

‘What about..’

He cut me off quickly. ‘You’re my responsibility you have to be safe and besides we can do this some other day, now sit back’, he said and I obeyed.

The speedometer was so high, my eyesight felt blur even with my glasses on. I was so scared and then suddenly when we took a sharp turn back into Alberta, I saw a flash of blood and a tumbling vehicle.

‘Beck, you can slow down the guy just got into a fatal accident, he’s dead’, I fell so cold say it. The speedometer slowly went back to normal.

When we got to my window, he helped me back in. I closed the window but he was still standing there.

‘What?, I whispered to him.

‘Switch on your lights, I want to make sure Sierra didn’t crawl in’, he said back. I closed the window again and walked to my light switch and flipped it my room was the same except for the fact that TB was sitting right on my bed with Rivers asleep in his arms.

Well, just incase you’re a witch and you’re watching me in a crystal ball, I would just get you up to speed with things. My brother hates Beck (the guy outside the window) and oh yeah, its with a burning passion but Beck and I pretty much just started hanging together because he saved my life twice and he asked for a very weird favour, so we had to sneak out of my house at night but we couldn’t so what we needed to do because some freak was following us so he brought me home and here I am standing in my bedroom by 2 am with this very awkward situation, you’re welcome.

‘Where did you go?’, he asked.

‘Nowhere’, I replied biting my lip fast in order to suppress a stutter.

‘With Beck Jameson’, he said Beck’s name with ice and anger laced in his voice.

I moved away from the light switch and took off the sneakers I was wearing by pressing down on the heel of both.

‘I don’t need to explain myself to you TB’, I said almost angrily.

He nodded with shock in his eyes. ‘you would betray me like this, OB, you would go and be friends with my mortal enemy’.

I looked at the window and Beck was still standing there. I walked over there and opened the window and inch.

‘I’m sorry I got you into this mess’, he said the second I opened the window.

‘It’s okay, you need to go home it’s almost morning and we have school tomorrow’, I said with a smile.

‘I want to talk to him’, Beck said.

I nodded. ‘You should do that tomorrow’.

He nodded and then a very awkward thing happened. We were staring at each other and time kinda stopped, it was like a scene taken out of a teenage romcom. I looked at his lips and actually had the privilledge of envisioning a kiss with him but like the flash of lightning the moment was over and he was gone.

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