Chapter 2

Tears rolled down one by one from her eyes, but she cleaned the table and everything.

She walked inside with her head down as people start to whispering and bad mouth her.

Sofia dumped her dirty plates in the sink and fall on the ground crying her heart out.

Her shoulders shook as she cried harder, clenching her heart.

“w-why? Why god? Why this happens to me?”

“Do I really deserve this? Why!?

She screamed.

After her little breakdown she calms herself “no Sofia, don’t break down, you are strong you can fight everything “ she said to herself and wiped her tears plastering a fake the smile on her face she walked out to continue her work.


Later that day

“Whatever happens today wasn’t supposed to happen miss Sofia Mr Smith is one of the top investors in his restaurant. And talking back to him serving him cold food, I hope this is unforgivable, and Mr Vernon Smith has complained to me about you personally, so I can’t give you a second chance.”

“you are fired, miss. Sofia”

No, this can’t happen.

“b-but sir he is lying, I didn’t do that she cut me off-“She boss.

“I don’t want to hear anything miss Sofia pack your thing and out of my restaurant now.”

"Please, Boss, I can not lose this job!" Sofia cried, she could feel the knot in her throat and the tears wanting to leave.

"I have no way to support myself without this job, sir please " she kneels on her knees begging his to spare her this last time.”

“I don’t want to force you out of her miss Sofia,” Her boss said strictly turning his back against her.


What am I going to do now? How will I pay the rent? My college?

The job was heavy, but it at least Pays enough for me to survive ...

Sofia sat outside the restaurant and allowed herself to cry and scream.

How can a man be so cruel how can he do this to her just because of his ego, these rich people are bastard just because he has everything; he thought he could take everything from me.

She was thinking deeply about what she should do, first of all, get home, and then get some sleep, tomorrow a new day; she would have to look for a job, it would not be easy, but she had to try, is her only option.


got up wip her dress and walked toward the bus stop,


Sofia approached her gate, opened it and noticed a letter on the door.

"discharge letter."

No, no, shit!!!!!

She opened the letter in a hurry and read the notice, according to them, she had delayed months rent and needed to leave immediately, meaning: she was fucked.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, that could not be happening, hoping it was a nightmare, she pinched herself, but it did not help much, the situation was real.

Sofia came in, and as soon as she set foot in the house she collapsed on the floor, the sob of her crying was loud, she hugged herself because there was no one else who could do that for her. Her throat hurt with the screams of anger she gave.

after some time, Sofia took a cold shower because they had already cut the energy of the house, and lay on her mat on the floor, again without eating she only slept,

the day dawned, but Sofia did not want to get up, she wanted to be able to lie down forever, and yet she could not stay, so she stood up and washed her face with the rest of the water that probably was cut too.

More debts to pay, 3 months that she did not realize she owed, or suddenly she chose to ignore because of the tiredness she felt.

Sofia picked up her clothes and thing; she doesn’t have many things as she was poor and noting much she can afford for herself.

She has to search for an apartment now.

Sofia positively grabbed her bags and everything and walked out of the house with tears in her, she called some of her friends for a place, but they were youngsters like her their parents wouldn’t allow.

After walking near the bus stop, she received a call from one of her guy's friend in college, he wasn’t a friend, but she had talked to him sometime.

Rits pass her a cup of coffee toward her, but Sofia pushed the cup away; she wasn’t in a mood to drink coffee.

“I’m so sorry for what you’re going through Sofia, and I am glad I can help you, you can leave my apartment as long as you can without giving any rent. Don’t worry; you have all my support. I know you need a place to live and “ he said, placing a hand on her.

But Sofia felt uncomfortable and jerk his hand away. He grabbed her hand once again, rubbing the back of it with his figure, “consider it your own home, if you need anything, just ask me, dear”. He said Sofia just nodded, feeling overwhelmed all of a sudden.”

“Thankyou rits but I won’t be a burden on you for long, I will start searching for an apartment as soon as possible”.

She said, fighting the tears accumulating in her eyes.

Rits shown her, her room and Sofia thanked him several times. Sofia settle in the room which was given to her, it wasn’t too big or too small, it was a fancy room.

“From tomorrow I have to start searching for a job, “ Sofia said and go to bed.


For the whole week, Sofia searched for an apartment while searching for a job; she spends hours in the sun while searching for a place to work and live, she hasn’t had a decent meal, as she doesn’t want to be a burden to Rites and ask food from him. She engrossed herself in searching, and whenever she was back to her the apartment, she feels lonely and cries her eye out.

Rits had been beneficial to him; he never made her feel helpless, he supported her in her worst time, and she started trusting him.

She was feeling too dizzy because of the lack of nutrition in her body as she sat on the ground at a sidewalk.

"Are you okay, miss?" Sofia, who was lying on the floor, opened her eyes and saw that a very handsome boy was staring at her.

"Oh yeah, just searching for some job in 38% temperature while feeling dizzy, but yes, I'm fine." Sofia sat down on the sidewalk and accepted the boy's help as he reached his hand for her to stand up.

"my name is Ninja."

"Sofia!" Ninja gives a water bottle as she gladly excepted it “ you should never take any eatables from strangers you know it's dangerous” he Sofia laughed at him “ I will remember next time” he said and without understanding anything accompanying the boy's movements.

"Where are we going to Sofia?"

Hmmm, I should not trust strangers, but I'm so tired!

"Help me get on the bus, do not get me wrong but you're a stranger ... so ..."

"Of course, I understand perfectly; I will help as far as I can."

Sofia smiled and thanked him. Ninja talked about his life. Naturally, he was one of the rich boys of this country, but he was very kind and very polite helped Sofia with her things and listened to her when she cried one more time.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"It's alright" the bus arrived, and Ninja helped her up, waving and seeing herself for the last time.

Sofie started to search a little far from where she was currently living as there was no vacant place nearby.

Sofia kept walking; she had been in the sun for two hours; her skin was already burning; she was walking all over the block.

He went into every shop wholesale place, but no one hires her, at last, she felt too tired, to even walk further.

Sofia sat for some time and took off her shoes. She looked around thinking of her life and purpose. Sofia did not even notice the boy from far distance was watching her struggle; his eyes followed her everywhere impress with the struggle he approaches her.

When a bottle of water appeared in her vision.

"aaaaaaaaaaaah! oh yes, that is what I'm talking about ...."

"hey, I will not be here all day holding it," someone said.

She took the bottle that was shaking in her face and turned back to see who held the bottle; she did not know if she had regretted or not because the boy was the most beautiful she has ever seen.

He had white skin, his black hair, and a serious face, he looked young but older than her.

Sofia stood up and bowed to the boy thanking him for the water.

"No problem, I saw your effort, and I admire people who struggle, so ..." He looked serious at her.

"Look, I'm not hiring, but I heard of a cafe that's right there, three blocks from here."

"Thank you so much! You're like ... my angel!"

Sofia managed to take a small smile from the boy before he spoke.

"do not exaggerate!"

She drank the water bottle at once, did not realize she was so thirsty, and then hurried to say goodbye to the boy and ran to the other block, but before ...

"What is your name?" she screamed.

"Liam" he shouted back.

"Sofia" she smiled and said goodbye, and so she ran.

My life may be going well, but good people want to help me ...

This left her with a smile on her face as she ran to the store. Arriving there, she wiped her sweat and took another resume from the folder she held, Sofia was nervous, could not waste any more time, it was past lunchtime, and she had not eaten anything.

"Good afternoon sir, I'm looking for a job, here's my resume!" the man took her resume and analyzed, she had a lot of experience in serving.

"Why is a girl with this resume asking for a job here? What happened?"

"A customer did not go with me and made me get fired."

"I'm sorry, it's happened to me before. well, I have a vacancy for the barista, can you make coffee?"

"No, but I learn quickly, please ..." Sofia begged, the man looked at her, he seemed to go with her face, because he accepted.

"Thank you very much, sir !!!"

"tomorrow at 6 a.m., come, I'll train you, the cafe opens every day at 7 a.m and closes at 6 p.m."

Sofia agreed with everything; she would have to change the college schedule, but that's okay.

I need to eat; my stomach hurts.

A convenience store nearby, perfect! Some good food won’t be bad.

Arriving at the store, Sofia sat on the counter next to a boy who seemed to be hungover; she realized that she knew this boy, she was staring at him trying to remember.

My god is him!

My god is him! The friend of Vernon who pulled Vernon away that night

Vernon friend.

Sofia just avoided that boy

But fate never on her side

“Aren’t you the same girl who was a made our Vernon angry that night “

Sofia mouth hang opened

She made him angry woo

“oh whatever he had his revenge” she said and turned around  remembering everything that happened since she met this boy.  She almost lose her appetite .

When her

stomach made a sound at very unexpected moment, Sofia cheek turn read as she looked at the boy .

The boy pulled to cup noodles , he quickly heat them up and serve her , she looked at him confused .

“I am really sorry on behave of my friend , it does not make me feel better at all” sofia smiled at him  and begin to eat .

The two finished eating and the boy paid for it . Sofia was embarrassed , as he insisted to pay as an apologize .

“what’s your name ?” He asked  “sofia” she answered .

Alex Daimler

"Daimler? I know this name ... MY GOD YOUR FATHER IS THE  OWNER OF BIGGEST COMPANY !!!!!!"

"Yes ..." he replied blandly.

"I'm sorry, I am surprised... it's not every day that you know such an important person."

"I'm not important, my father is." he said now with a tone of sadness in his voice, it seems that the rich person also have their problems, of course that lack of money is not one of them.

"I have to go, it's cold and tomorrow I wake up early, I'll start my new job!"

“ok come I will drop you it late you should not walk alone at night” Alex said.

Sofia smiled at him and accepted the offer,.

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Its a bit hard to understand with the format of the conversation. I hope the author can edit.

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