It was now 8 p.m. and Ohm closed the cafe early. Usually, the cafe would stay open until midnight but Ohm wanted to close it early so he could get Ash mind off of Seth.

Ohm and Ash both drove their cars to the beginning of the woods. Both of them parked their cars and got out. They both walked over to each other and then turned their bodies so they were facing the woods.

"So I think we should check out the well," Ohm said with a grin.

Ash's eyes went wide and he shook his head. "Ohm we can't. That side of the woods is private territory."

Ohm still had that smug look on his face. "Come on Ash don't be a baby."

Ash closed his eyes. Ohm was an alpha and whenever he demanded things like that, it made the omega in his want to obey.

When Ash opened his eyes he saw Ohm wink at him, crouch down, and within minutes he was a wolf. His fur was golden and his eyes were golden as well.

The colour of eyes changed whenever someone transformed. It was gold for alpha's, green for beta's, and blue for omega.

"Seriously Ohm, we can't go there," Ash said looking down at the wolf.

Ohm shook his head and went into a full sprint leaving Ash in the dust. Ash sighed and crouched down turning himself into a wolf.

Ash wolf was gorgeous. His fur was snow-white with only his tail, ears, and paws the colour black.

Ash huffed and started to run as well. He saw Ohm far ahead of him and turn left when Ash got to the point where Ohm had turned, he couldn't see the alpha anywhere. He stopped running, closed his eyes, and sniffed the air. When he finally caught the scent of Ohm he broke out into a full run once again. Ten minutes later and Ohm was still nowhere to be seen. Ash looked around and realized he was lost. He stopped running once more and when he sniffed the air he couldn't smell Ohm scent anymore because there was a new one and it was strong. It was Alpha and boy did it smell amazing.

Ash shook his head as he tried to concentrate on Ohm scent which was barely there and before he could get it he was tackled to the ground and was now laying on his back with another wolf pinning him down. The wolf was huge and it smelt like the same alpha he had been smelling. The wolfs fur was black with a reddish tint and his eyes were gold. He was gorgeous and Ash had never seen any wolf-like that before. When Ash looked up he saw the Alpha growling at Ash and showing his canine teeth. Ash whimpered and closed his eyes. He knew this was a bad idea. He should have not ran after Ohm but of course like the omega he was and the older brother he was, he did.

Suddenly he no longer felt a wolf on top of him but a human body. When he opened his eyes he saw the most beautiful man he had ever seen but that wasn't all. It was the alpha of all alphas. It was none other than Alex. When Ash looked into the Alpha's eyes he whimpered again because now he was scared. He didn't know Alex was going to do.

"Shift." The alpha demanded.

Ash whined as his body shifted on human, Ash was finally in his human form he felt Alex grab his wrists and pin him down.

"Please don't hurt me " Ash whispered.

"What are you doing here?" Alex demanded.

"I was following my brother. I told him it wasn't a good idea. He wanted to see the well they told him he shouldn't come to this part of the woods. I'm a sorry alpha." Alex whimpered out.

Alex who was straddling Ash lifted his free hand that wasn't holding down Ash's wrist and brought it up to Ash's face, slowly stroking his cheek with a finger.

Ash knew that Alex could probably smell his scent and Alex obviously knew that Ash was an omega.

Alex then leaned his head down and his nose was rubbing up against Ash's neck. Ash froze. Alex was scenting him. That never happened to him. Sure many people want to scent him but they never did because well, it's Ash.

Ash shivered when he felt Alex place a tiny kiss to Ash's neck. Alex then lifted his head and looked at Ash right in the eyes.

"What is your name little omega?" Alex asked.


"But I call you bunny ?" Alex says.

Ash look at im in shock.

"Well Bunny, I don't want you ever coming back here got it?' Alex growled.


"Yes, what?"

"Yes alpha."

Alex smirked and got up off of Ash. "Good. Now go on home. Don't worry, your brother is already waiting for you by your cars. Goodbye gorgeous " with a blink of an eye, Alex was gone. Ash got up and ran until he was out of the woods. When he spotted Ohm but what the hell Kara doing here she ran over to them and gave Ohm the death glare.

Kara looked over and raised an eyebrow. She then sniffed the air and leaned closer to Ash sniffing him. When Kara pulled back her eyes went wide.

"Why do you smell like that? Did you run into another alpha? Did they hurt you?" Kara asked.

Ash sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I'm fine Kara. I'm going to go home, and ask this stupid what happen "Ash gare to Ohm who just grins.

Before Ash got to his car Kara grabbed his wrist. "Ash tells me what happened right now."

Ash closed his eyes and curled his hand into a fist. "Yes, I ran into an alpha. Just drop it, Kara."

Kara sighed. "He didn't hurt you?"

"No like I said, I'm fine."

Ohm nodded. "Okay, man. Whatever you say. I'll see you tomorrow brother"

"Yea go fuck off I am going  to take him home you are stupid" Kara smack Ohm head who just grins.

"And you let go"

Ash  said as he got into Kara car and drove all the way back to his apartment.


The next day went pretty quickly. Ash woke up, took a shower, (He didn't take one that night because the smell of Alex on him made him more relaxed and helped him fall asleep.), ate breakfast and headed to work. Work went by pretty fast as well. It was now 11:30 at night and Ash was so glad Seth didn't stop by. The cafe was mainly empty except for a couple who were sitting by a window enjoying the coffee. When they left it was now midnight and Ohm turned the open sign to close.

"So...tomorrow is the mating run," Ohm said as Ash started clean the counter.

"Yep," Ash said trying to get away from the topic.

"You're going right?"

Ash stopped cleaning and looked over at Ohm with an unamused look on his face. "You're kidding, right? Of course,e I'm going. I  literally have no choice."

"It was just a question calm down," Ohm said roll, ng his eyes.

"Well, I'm not excited, Ohm. It's just, another reminder that no one wants me and I'm going to be forever unmated. it's fine."

"I wouldn't say nobody wants you, dude."

Ash raises an eyebrow. "What?"

"Do you not see how many alpha's, even beta's look at you?" Ohm asked.

Ash huffed. "It's only because I'm an omega and they can smell me or something."

Ohm shook his head. "I mean yeah that's a part of it but're a catch. I mean you don't compare to me but still."

Ash smiled and threw the wet washcloth at a strangled gross from Ohm.

When they cleaned the cafe up they said their goodbyes and Ash went home with only one thought on his mind. The mating run was tomorrow and Ash was nervous, a little excited, but most of all scared.

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