It was the day of the run and Ash was standing alongside the other omega's. Looking over his shoulder, he could see the alpha's looking at the group along with some betas. Ash couldn't help his shaky hands as he waited for the event holder to start speaking. The run was held at the woods, the same one Ash and Ohm were on the other night. However, they couldn't get too far because this was the only day Alex territory was fenced off so no one could run into that part of the woods.

The run went like this: The omega's line up horizontally facing the woods. When they hear a gunshot, they race off into the woods turning into their wolf form. They would find a hiding spot and wait until they hear the last gunshot. When the second gunshot is heard, the betas will race off into the woods. Finally, when the last gunshot is heard it's time for the alphas to run into the woods. Alpha's would usually go for omega's while betas usually went for other beta's. However, there are times when beta's and alphas would go for each other or a beta would get an omega. Once everyone is in the woods in their wolf shapes, the alpha's would search out a scent and when they find one they like they would look for that omega that the scent belonged too. Once they found that omega, the Omega would start off in a sprint and that's when the chase begins.

Once the chase ends and the Alpha had caught the Omega (or the beta caught a beta, etc.) then they would give them the bite claiming them as their mate.

The bite, however, is only the first step in claiming a mate.

"Alright! I am so excited to announce the annual Mating run has begun!" The event holder announced through a microphone.

Most everyone cheered but Ash just stared out into the woods. He really didn't want to be here. Looking back over at the Alpha's he looked around and then he froze.

Seth was among the alpha's looking straight at Ash with a big smirk on his face.

"The run will last until the strike of midnight. If you manage to get a mate then congratulations. If you don't manage to find a mate then there is always next year.

There are no rules once you step foot in the woods just tries not to kill anyone. Alright, let the run begin!"

The sound of a gunshot caused Ash to jerk his head so he was no longer looking at Seth. He saw all the omega's that he had been standing with now run into the woods, turning into their wolves. Ash took a deep breath in and out and then started to sprint. Halfway towards the woods, he jumped and when he landed he was in his wolf form.

Ash ran past tree's he spotted a small pond, he ran over and looked around for a place to hide. In the corner of his eye, he saw two tree's and between them were a few boulders.

Ash knew that wasn't the best hiding spot and he was about to look for somewhere else when he heard the last and final gunshot. The next thing he heard was growling and howling. Ash had no choice. He ran over to the tree's and the boulders and crouched down.

Ten minutes later and he hears twigs breaking and a growl getting closer and closer. A few seconds later and he hears nothing. When he turns his head to the side he sees a wolf staring right at him. The wolf was grey with a black stripe running down his back. Ash knew exactly who this was. It was Seth  Ash starts to run, he wants to get away from him as fast as he can. However, he doesn't make it far. He gets tackled to the ground causing Ash to hit his head pretty hard. When he looks up he sees Seth hovering over him. Ash closes his eyes waiting for whatever happens to happen when he feels the weight being pushed off of him and he is now being picked up by the back of his neck.

Ash's eyes snap open and when he looks up he sees the most beautiful wolf. It's the same wolf he met in the woods. It's no other than Alex. Ash head is throbbing with pain now and he can't help but close his eyes as the sun peeking out from the tree's hits his eyes. Minutes later he is placed on the ground and when he opens his eyes he realized that they are in a cave. Alex is now standing over him like the time they had met. Alex then turns back into his human self and when Ash moves his head to get a good look at the alpha, he whimpers in pain.

"It's okay. You're going to be okay Bunny ." Alex whispered. "I need you to shift."

Ash shakes his head and whimpers once more.

"Shift Ash," Alex demands in his alpha voice.

Ash whines and within minutes, he is back to his human self once more.

"Gorgeous," Alex says as he drops his head and rubs his nose against the side of Ash's neck. Ash tilts his head to the side. When Alex gets a good whiff he feels like he could get high off of Ash scent. It's the most delicious thing he had ever smelt in his lifetime and Alex was glad that it belonged to the beautiful omega.

Alex smirks and lifts his head up. He then looks directly into Ash eyes which are now half-open.

"You're mine," Alex growls and brings his lips to Ash pulse point. His eyes are now gold and bright and the next thing Ash feels his teeth latching into his neck.

Ash gasps at the feeling. It's painful but at the same time, it feels good. Ash closes his eyes as he feels Alex pull away and lick over where he had bit the Omega.

Suddenly there is a growl and a howl getting closer to the cave's entrance. Alex looks over at Ash who's eyes are still closed. It drains some energy from a person when they get the mating bite so Alex knows that Ash is feeling tired and weak.

Alex walks over to Ash, gently lifts him up into his arms, and carries him to the back of the cave. He sets him down gently and kisses the top of his forehead.

"Sleep my little omega. Your alpha will keep you safe."

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