The car ride was silent. They were now driving towards Alex place and Ash couldn't help but overthink like he usually did. What happens now? Are they fully mated now? Is Alex his Alpha? What if he's not good enough to be Alex mate and Alex gets tired of him. There were so many doubts running through his mind which only made him feel more insecure about himself. Ash didn't even know what to do, he's never been in a relationship before and now he's somebody's mate? Everything just happened way too fast. He knew he would have to tell his siblings soon if the texts he keeps getting on his phone form Kara and Ohm didn't stop. That's another thing that he had a question about. Would Alex let him go see his siblings? Would he still be able to work at the Cafe? Ash could feel a headache coming on and he squeezed his eyes shut. This was all too much and he didn't know how to deal with that.

Ash's eyes flung open when he felt a hand on top of his. When Ash looked over he saw Alex glance at him with a worried expression before turning his eyes back on the road.

"Are you alright darling?" Alex asked.

"I..I'm fine," Ash replied.

Alex shook his head. "Don't lie to me, Ash."

Ash sighed. "It's just...this happened way too fast. I don't know what I'm doing, I just... I don't know anything any more."

Suddenly the car stopped and when Ash looked out the window he saw trees among trees and right in the middle was a gorgeous house. Ash then realized that they had arrived at Alex and his life was about to change even more.

Alex reached over and grabbed Ash another hand. "Okay, how about we go inside, get you settled, and then you can ask me anything you want to know. Sound good?"

"Okay," Ash said softly.

Alex smiled and got out of the car, he then walked around and opened the door for Ash. Ash gave him a shy smile as he got out and followed Alex to the back of the car to get his things. When Ash reached out for his bag (He didn't bring much), Alex gently slapped his hand away and grabbed his bag instead. Ash tried to protest saying he could carry it himself but Alex just laughed and started to head towards the door. When Alex took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door, he walked in and waited until Ash was inside before shutting the door.

"Alright let me give you the grand tour. This room is the living room and that over there in the kitchen." Alex said pointing over at the kitchen.

Ash just nodded as he followed Alex around. He showed the three guest rooms that were in his house, he showed him the guest bathroom, and then they stopped at a gorgeous blue door. Alex looked at Ash as he placed his hand on the doorknob and smirked. When he opened it he allowed Ash to step in first.

"And this darling is our bedroom."

"Wow..." Ash replied as he walked around. He saw Alex place his bag down and follow him around the room. Ash sat down on the bed and sighed when he felt how soft the bed was and how big the bed was. His bed back home was terrible and springy. When he got up he walked around and saw there was a bathroom connected to the room and when he walked in his eyes widened. The shower was huge and there was a separate bathtub that was also huge. There were two sinks and two closets.

When he walked out of the bathroom he saw Alex sitting on the bed looking at him. Before Ash knew it, Alex got off the bed and walked right up to Ash standing in front of him. The alpha then wrapped his arms around the omega and rested his head on Ash's shoulder, placing his nose up against Ash's neck.

"You smell so good. You're going to be the death of me." Alex growled. He then placed a kiss on Ash pulse point where he had given Ash the mating bite and Ash couldn't help but shiver. Alex smiled and placed another kiss on Ash's neck. "I can't believe you're mine. All mine."

"Alex..." Ash whispered.

Alex placed one last kiss to Ash pulse point before lifting his head up. He then brought a hand up and placed it on Ash's cheek.

"You're gorgeous. Has anybody ever told you that?" Alex whispered back.

Ash closed his eyes and shook his head. "No."

Alex could feel Ash shaking so he hugged Ash tighter to himself.

"Ash darling, tell me what's wrong."

"What does this mean? Are you...are you my alpha? Are we mates now?" Ash asked.

"Yes I am your alpha now but we're not fully mated. The mating bite was the first step and once we complete the second step then we will be fully mated."

"The second step?" Win asked.

"Yes, when you go into heat, and if you want me to help you, that's when we complete the second step. There will be another mating bite involved as well."

Ash closed his eyes. "I... I've never had anyone help me through a heat before." Ash whispered.

"Never? You're joking right?"

Ash shook his head and untangled himself from Alex. He was embarrassed and he was worried that once he told Alex, that Alex wouldn't want him anymore.

Ash felt tears in his eyes and he shook his head trying to clear his mind. The wolf inside him was telling him was whining and clawing to get out. Ash didn't know what to do.

He whimpered and took a step back from Alex. This was all too much.

Alex wolf could feel Ash wolf and how it was in distress. Alex wanted to protect him, to wrap his arms around Ash and never let him go.

So he walked right up to Ash   once more and wrapped him in his arms once more. "shhh shhh it's okay."

Ash whined and buried his head against Alex's neck. He let his scent fill his nose calming him down. His alpha's scent. His Alpha.

"Please...please don't judge me," Ash whined.

Alex shook his head and rubbed soothing circles on his back. "I would never. Why would I judge you my sweet omega?"

"I've never been in a relationship before, I'm still a virgin. Every fucking time I went to the mating run, no one would go after me. Do you know how bad that makes me feel? That no one has ever wanted me? I mean sure people want me but that's only because I'm a fucking omega. I hate being an omega Alex. I don't....I...All I'm good for is sex, right? That's what I've been told over and over again."

Alex felt his heartbreak. How could people be so cruel to this beautiful boy? He was so much more than an omega.

When Alex felt something wet slide across his shoulder and neck, he knew Ash was crying.


"I'm sorry alpha, I didn't mean to say all that. Alpha I'm sorry." Ash whined.

"No, no it's okay. I'm glad you told me."

"I understand...if you don't want me anymore," Ash whispered

Alex sighed and placed a finger under Ash's chin lifting his head up. "Don't you ever say that again. I want you so much, Ash. I love that I get to be your alpha and I'm glad that you're my omega. You don't need to hate yourself for being an omega darling. Sure you're an omega but that's what makes you special. And you're not just good for sex darling. You're worth so much."

"I...It's been a long day. Can I go to bed?"

Alex nodded and kissed the top of his head. "Of course. Let's get you to bed darling."

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