When Ash woke up, he saw sunlight bursting through the windows and creeping through the blinds behind his closed eyelids. Ash groaned and slowly opened his eyes. When he looked around he saw that he wasn't in his bedroom anymore and when he felt a strong arm wrapped around his waist he started to freak out. He slowly turned his head and when he saw it was just Alex, the memories of last night came flooding to him. Ash sighed and closed his eyes once more. The next thing he felt was a kiss to his neck and when he opened up his eyes he saw Alex looking straight at him.

"Good morning gorgeous," Alex whispered.

"Morning," Ash replied.

Minutes passed with them laying in silence until Alex decided to get up. Ash couldn't help but stare. Alex was only wearing sweat pants and boy did that do something to Ash.

Ash himself was wearing sweatpants and a tank top. When Alex stretched Ash saw his back muscles ripple and Ash had to look away. Alex who wasn't facing Ash smirked when he could smell a little bit of arousal coming from the omega. He chuckled and shook his head.

"I'm going to make breakfast for us darling. Feel free to take a shower if you wish." Alex said over his shoulder and walked out of the room with the same smile on his face.

Ash sighed and got up and off the bed. He made his way towards the bathroom and once he was inside he closed the door and turned the shower on. Once Ash got undressed and the water was the right temperature, he stepped inside and he felt like he was in heaven. The shower was amazing. It had a water speaker, massaging showerhead, basically anything that a shower could have to make it amazing. After cleaning himself, he got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. When he stepped out of the bathroom he froze when he saw Alex enter the bedroom and stop in his tracks looking at Ash.

Ash knew what the saying "alphas are predators" meant because the way Alex was eyeing him up and down felt like he was going to be eaten alive.

Alex took a step and then another step until he was standing right in front of Ash. He placed his hands on Ash towel hips and leaned in pressing his face against the side of Ash's neck breathing in. Alex practically purred and when he brought his head back Ash could see his pupils blow wide with lust.

"God Ash. Seeing you like this, you scent mixed with my body wash, it does things to an alpha." Alex growled.

"I..." Ash had no idea how to respond to that.

"Get dressed before I pounce on you my little omega. Breakfast is ready darling."Alex said instead and left with a frozen Ash.

Once Alex left and the bedroom door shut, he quickly got out some clothes and got dressed. Once he was fully dressed he took a deep breath in and out, grabbed his phone that was sitting on the nightstand next to the bed, and opened the bedroom door. Once he got to the kitchen he heard his phone go off and cursed silently to himself when he saw ten missed messages from both his siblings. Ash sighed and walked over to where Alex was.

" I was wondering. Would it be alright If I call my siblings real quick? I forgot to tell them what happened last night."Ash asked shyly.

Alex nodded. "Of course darling."

Ash smiled and took the seat next to Alex. There was already a plate in front of him but Ash needed to call his siblings first. He dialled Ohm number and hit call.

It started to ring about three times before Ohm had picked up.

"Finally Ash!" Ohm growled using his alpha voice.

Ash flinched a little and when he looked over he saw Alex had noticed. Alex looked a bit angry, not at Ash but at the other Alpha.

Ash smiled at Alex letting him know it was alright.

"Is Kara with you?" Ash asked.

"Yeah hang on let me put it on speaker."

"Hey, Ash!" Kara said through the phone.

"Hey, Kara. I'm fine. I uh...I got an alpha."

Ash brought the phone away from his ear when he heard Kara squeal. When he was done he rolled his eyes and brought it back to his ear.

"About time brother," Kara said.

"Whatever," Ash grumbled.

"So when are we going to meet him?" Ohm asked protectively.

"uh..." Ash said and within a second the phone was snatched out of his hand.

"Hey, Ash siblings. You can meet me tonight if you're not doing anything."Alex said causing Ash eyes to go wide.

"Who is this?" Ohm asked in his alpha voice.

"Don't use that tone with my pup. If you want to know who I am you will meet me at Together club tonight at 8." Alex then hung the phone up.

Ash shook his head and grabbed the phone out of Alex's hand. He then looked at Alex who was looking back at him and huffed. Ash took his fork and stabbed it into his eggs and brought it to his mouth taking a bite. Alex laughed and started to eat his own food as well.

"Do you like the food Ash ?"

"Yes. Thank you." Ash replied.

"Of course. Can I ask you something? And you don't have to answer it if you don't want." Alex responded.

Ash who was about to put the fork in his mouth lowered it and looked over at Alex. "Um sure?"

"When is your next heat?"

Ash eyes went huge and then looked away feeling a blush arrive on his cheeks. "Any day now."

Alex nodded. "And you've never had it with anyone?"


"I'm sorry. That must of been terrible for you."

Ash closed his eyes and sighed. "More than you can know Alex."

Alex dropped the fork he had been holding onto his plate and cupped Ash face with both of his hands. He turned Ash face so he was facing the alpha.

"Look at me, Ash ."

Ash slowly opened his eyes. When Ash looked into Alex's eyes he felt relaxed and safe. Also, Alex scent helped him feel calm and safe as well.

Ash never knew it could be like this. To finally feel cared for and feel like he belonged somewhere. To know that he had someone who would protect him.

"Can I kiss you?" Alex whispered.

Ash closed his eyes once more and nodded. Alex smiled and leaned in, softly and gently placing his lips on top of Ash. They both moved their lips in sync and Alex sighed with happiness. Feeling Ash warm and soft lips on his was the best feeling in the world. Sure he's kissed many people before but this...this was nothing like he had ever felt and he didn't want it to ever end. But of course, it did because they both needed air and when they separated they were now both leaning their foreheads on top of each other panting slightly.

"You know I've never wanted anyone to be my mate as much as I want you, Ash. The first time I saw you, I felt something spark in me and I knew I had to explore it. So when I found out you were unmated, I went to the mating run to make you mine."

Ash  rose an eyebrow. "how did you know I wasn't mated?"

Alex smirked. "I have my ways, Ash."

Ash laughed and sat up straight. "So really want to meet my siblings? They're probably going to bring their own mates."

Alex nodded and kissed Ash cheek. "They're your family. Of course, I want to meet them."

Ash smiled. "So why Together club ?"

"I own the place. Free drinks on me. Got to make a good impression."

Ash laughed and shook his head. He then went back to eating as well as Alex. Hours later and they were now Alex car headed towards Together.

Ash only hoped that nothing would go wrong. But it's him Ash ,and he knows nothing good can happen to him and god's knows  what was going to happen tonight even if Ash didn't know it would.

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