Stepping into the club made Ash nervous. He hated big crowds and he wasn't really the clubbing type. The scents of different alphas weren't helping him relax either.

Not only that but his siblings are going to meet his new alpha and Ash just hoped Kara didn't say or do anything stupid. He also hoped that Ohm couldn't embarrass him by telling him stories about when they were kids. That was not a fun time. Ash was interrupted by his thoughts when he felt a hand intertwine with his. Ash looked to his left and saw Alex smiling at him while lifting up Ash's hand and kissing the back of it.

"Let me know if you see your siblings," Alex said and Ash nodded.

Walking towards the bar, Ash felt many eyes on him. He held on Alex's hand like is life depended on it. Alex looked over at Ash and how distressed his omega was and pulled him into a hug. Ash buried his head into Alex's neck so he could smell Alex scent. Alex scent smelt like strawberries and creme and it was amazing.

A few minutes later Ash pulled away feeling much better. Alex smiled and dragged him over to a quiet corner instead of the bar.

"Darling, you should have  tell me that you don't like clubs, " Alex said gently.

"I..I didn't want to upset you," Ash replied.

"Oh Bunny... do you want to leave? We can reschedule."

Ash shook his head. "No, I'll be alright as long as I'm by your side."

Alex smiled and kissed Ash temple. "I won't leave you."

Ash nodded. "Can we get a drink now?"

Alex laughed. "Needy little omega aren't you?"

Ash growled causing lex to laugh even more. "Let's go sweetness."

Once they got to the bar, they sat down on the bar stools and Alex ordered Ash a beer and Alex got some kind of martini. Ash looked around the bar looking for his siblings when he saw in the corner of his eyes someone sit down next to him. The next thing he knew he had an arm over his shoulders and a nose being pressed up against his neck.

"Dang baby, you smell good. Want to get out of here? This Alpha can make you feel amazing."

Ash tensed and looked over. He tried to shrug the guy's arm off but it wouldn't budge. He looked over to his right and saw that Alex seat was now empty.

Ash started to panic for a minute when suddenly the guy's arm was yanked off of Ash and the guy was being spun around in the bar stool.

"Don't you ever touch my omega again. I should rip your throat out right now for touching him and making him feel uncomfortable" Alex growled, eyes glowing gold.

The other alpha's eyes grew wide and he immediately got up and off the barstool and backed away. "I'm sorry Alpha."

"What's your name?" Alex growled.

"It's Earth  alpha."

"Well Earth, I don't ever want to see you at my club again. Now get out of my sight."

Earth nodded and run out to the club. Alex turned his attention onto Ash and could see how tense his omega was.

Alex closed his eyes and then opened them as he wrapped his arms around Ash once more.

"That's it we're leaving," Alex said.

Ash shook his head. "No, I'm fine Alex."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Ash said and when he turned his head he saw his siblings and he got up from the barstool "My siblings are here."

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