A team of nurses met them outside thanks to Alex texting Cat about Ash water breaking.

Cat is Alex friend, she is a well-known doctor of their country. And Alex wants a best for his mate.

Ash smiled when he saw Cat. "Hey Cat! It's a wonderful night isn't it?" Ash asked her excitingly. Cat looked at Alex asking him what was going on. Alex shrugged and was just as lost as she was. Ash was slightly losing his mind, but neither of them said anything about it. Well, it's not like they don't want to but you know they don't want to hear Ash yelling.

Pregnant omega is a real pain in the ass, and if the omega is male then he is a pain in your whole body.

But Ash is really lucky to have Alex his mate who can hear all his yelling and frustration with a wide smile.

When Cat didn't say any word because of shock Alex smile to his mate, or you can say that he tries to smile to his mate.

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Jenz Bobiak
I love this book
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Christine Phelps
author you really did not think thru the delivery process. a colon is connected to back hole to void poop. no baby hole there!

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