The Eros God System - Defeating the Demonesses
The Eros God System - Defeating the Demonesses
Author: Gulity_Crow

Chapter 1: The Eros God System

My name is Alex. I have always been an average Joe in the entire 29 years of my life. I work in a dead-end job, and my life is dull and boring, devoid of any fun. 

It's sad to admit this, but up until my death from accidentally slipping down of an escalator, I've never been with any girls at all. It was the only regret that flashed across my mind as I bled to death on the ground from my multiple injuries. 

"⁠Haha... J—Just a day more, and it'll be Halloween, and I can become a wizard... If only..." 


[Detecting strong magic affinity.] 

[Binding host to The Eros God System! The fate of humanity now lies in your balls!] 

"What's this? A hallucination? I'm hearing strange noises..." 

[Initializing transmigration to Fiore.] 

As soon as the unknown voice faded, Alex's vision ceased to function. All he could see was total darkness. All sounds, including his own voice were being blocked out as well. 


"Get up, you swine! Break time is over!" 

Alex was rudely woken up from what felt like a deep sleep. He struggled to open his eyes, and when he did, he was met with an unbelievable scene; a scene that seems to be straight out of a hellish nightmare. 

Men of various ages, all malnutrition, were chained with an iron ball at their ankles. Many were holding pickaxes and shovels, digging at the surrounding rocks and ground while women wearing skimpy outfits with tiny black wings attached onto their backs lashed out at the men, occasionally whipping the men's already feeble bodies with the long thorny whips in their hands. 

"Where am I? Didn't I die? Is this hell?" 

[You've transmigrated into a young man's body in a parallel world called Fiore. In this world, the Gods had either all died or were captured by the demons.] A mechanical voice sounded. 

"Whoa, who is speaking to me?" Alex looked to his surrounding frantically, surprised by the sudden voice. 

[I'm the Eros God System, created by God Eros during the War of Genesis waged between the Demons and Gods. Though, before I could be put to use, the Gods had been no more but relics of the past, and humanity enslaved.] 

"What does that have to do with me?" Alex asked begrudgingly. A life of being a slave sounded horrible to him, and it was the system that brought him here. He'd rather be dead than be a slave. 

[I've roamed all of Fiore, but couldn't find anyone suitable. Enslaved by the demons for over 500 years had made mankind docile, they had become unworthy of God Eros's power. I've endlessly roamed other worlds until I heard your dying wish. It was desperate and thirsty, and I chose you as my host because of it. Furthermore, your magic affinity accumulated from being a virgin was what re-affirmed my decision. Now, I shall grant you the power of Eros, and you shall fight for all humanity as the chosen one.] 

"And why would I risk my life to fight?" Alex argued. He had no wish to be the chosen one, and certainly did not want to bear such heavy responsibilities. 

Before he could continue, a blue screen appeared before his vision. 

[Host: Alex] 

[Points: 50 (Starter Gift)] 

[Skills: Divine Justice of Eros God (Shooting cum inside a girl's pussy while they orgasm will make them a devout to you.)] 

[Daily Missions: 3] 

[Completing mission is a source for you to gain points. Completing sexual acts with Demonesses will make the system more powerful, and in turns, grant you more power. Below are the missions available: 

1. Easy difficulty: The way to a girl's heart is through her breasts. Fondle a demoness's breasts. 1 point will be rewarded per 1 minute of fondling. Capped at 50 points. 

2. Normal difficulty: The sweetest thing a man can do is helping the girl with her makeup. Cum on a demoness's face. Points will be rewarded base on the completeness of the makeup. Capped at 100 points. 

3. Hardest difficulty: Conquer one of the 7 great devils of the demon realm. 5000 points. Conquering all 7 of the ruling demoness, and all mankind will be liberated. 

[Women conquered: 0] 

[Great Devils conquered: 0] 

"Interesting." Alex couldn't help but smiled. Isn't this system perfect for a virgin like him. Especially, the skill of persuasion of Eros God; from the description, isn't that practically brainwashing? No wonder the system chose him. He can finally have the chance to make his wish of getting chicks come through with the help of the system. 

Taking a second look at the demons guards, he couldn't help but get an erection. All of them looked gorgeous and their figures were smoking hot as well. 

"I'll help you with the liberation of mankind. In return, make me the new Eros God." Alex smirked, he had a feeling that his boring life is finally coming to an end. 

[One thing to note though.] The system interrupted Alex. 

[See that collar you're wearing on your neck? That's a culling collar designed by 1 of the great devil, Tyra to control mankind population. Basically, if you ejaculate, you die of suffocation. Oh, don't bother to try, unless it's removed by her personally, it won't deactivate. Forcefully removing will lead to death as well.]  COMMENT

Alex's smirk froze on the spot. He had a great obstacle to overcome before he can fulfill his dream. 


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