Chapter 2: System Roulette

[Now, now, it's proper etiquette for a gentleman to make the girl cum before him. Making a lady orgasm first before him is what distinguish men from boys. A man is considered a failure if he cums first. You just have to stop before you reach the point of no return. Anyway, there are skills to circumvent the restriction as well, you just have to get the skill in the system roulette. 

"System roulette? What's that?" Alex caught the keyword. 

[System roulette is the only method of increasing your power, it costs 50 points to spin once. See the points displayed on your status screen? That's a one-time free gift from me, basically allowing you to have a free spin. My power dwindles after giving you those points, you need to recharge me by completing daily missions.] 

"1 spin only? Geez. I have to do everything myself huh." Alex mumbled to himself. 

[Hey, I heard that! No use complaining, that's the best I can do. Anyway, hurry and spin the roulette, I'm starting to regret ever choosing you now.] 

A bang of flash overwhelmed Alex's irises. After a slight discomfort, a giant roulette appeared before him. Alex looked around him nervously, but no one seems to notice the existence of the roulette. It appears that the system roulette was only visible to him. 

After observing the roulette, Alex's face twitched. 

There was a needle pointing to the roulette, and on the roulette were the words, "Item Category", "Body Enhancement Category", "Skill Category", and "Thanks for participating, have a nice dayyy". Each category had a respective color and its own region. The four regions were different in size with the "Thanks for participating" words taking up nearly half of the roulette whereas the skill category only took up about the size of a ballpoint pen. It was practically invisible on the giant roulette unless heavily scrutinized. 

"Fuck me sideways! Why is my system so weak? The chance of getting a dud is clearly more than 50%." Alex lashed out at his system. 

[S—Shut up! It's free! What do you expect? Beggars can't be choosers. I'll explain the category after you spin. No use explaining it to you if you get nothing.] The system argued. Its stammer seemed to show its embarrassment. 

Although Alex was dissatisfied with the system, he still followed its instructions and spun the roulette forcefully with the hope of the needle landing on the prize region. 





The region where the needle was pointing to kept changing as the roulette rotated clockwise in a relatively fast speed. After a short while, it gradually slowed down before grinding to a halt, landing on the dud region. 

"Fuck me. Is my luck that bad?" Alex grumbled as he couldn't believe his bad luck. The needle was so close to getting to the skill category. However, before he could further lament on his horrible luck, the roulette continued to move a little more, with the needle pointing directly to the skill category. 

[Hah-hah-hah. Under normal circumstances, I shouldn't interfere, moving the roulette even the slightest will damage me, but it is crucial for you to save humanity from the demons. I'll need to recuperate for a long period, you won't be able to summon me for a while. I shall impart you the lores and knowledge of this world before I leave. Do not fail me, young one! Go forth and conquer all the demons!] The system voice sounded tired, and by the end of it, it trailed off and was barely audible. 

Alex was stunned by the sudden change of event. He was grateful to have met such a kind system. Before long, a mechanical monotone voice replaced the original system voice, resounding inside his head. 

[A Rank Skill Obtained - Eyes of the Eros God aka Pleasure Meter (Automatically allows User to see target's pleasure level)] 


In the middle of a silent night, a pair of red eyes slowing surfaced from the darkness. They'd belonged to Alex. It had been three days since he'd transmigrated to Fiore. He was currently out at the mine area after sneaking out from the slaves living quarters. 

In the three days he'd been here, he managed to learn about the state of Fiore and the circumstances that he was currently in by observing the mine and studying the lore and knowledge that the system had left behind. He tried to talk to the other slaves but conversation between slaves was not permitted, they would not give him any reply no matter how much he tried. 

He was currently detained in a mana crystal mine in Gion. Human males and females had been separated and imprisoned in different location. He'd silently and tirelessly toiled during these three days working as a digger for mana crystals in the day, and returning to sleep in some filthy area where all the male slaves gathered to rest in the night. He was even whipped by a demoness one time for taking a short rest. 

According to the lore imparted by the system, all demons are by nature, female. With that in mind, Alex's goal deviated from saving mankind to becoming the new Demon King. 

"I'm going to conquer these damn sluts! They'll pay for doing this to me!" Alex clenched his teeth, the wound on his back from the whipping still hurts greatly. 

"Ahh. Found you." Alex smiled, he had finally located his target. It was a lesser demon serving as a guard, doing her night watch alone. Erza was her name and he'd selected her as his first target since day one. She was the weakest demon he could find throughout the camp, often times, she would be on the beck and call of the other demons. 

The structure of the Demons society are of perpetual chaos, competition, hatred, game-playing, power plays and maliciousness. They maintain their natural order or ranks solely through the imposition of the more powerful upon the less powerful. In other words, the demonic society is the epitome of an environment of Darwinian "survival of the fittest." 

"The moment of truth has come! Oh, how long have I waited. Erza!" 

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