Chapter 6: Preparation for the night

Alex returned to the slaves living quarters when he finally catches his breath back. No one was up, all the slaves were exhausted from their work in the mine during the day, there were even some thunderous snores resounding here and there.

Though his dick was still hurting from Erza's grip, and he was feeling regretful that he couldn't bust his nut, he was glad that he was still alive.

"That was such a close call... My life almost ended there. Erza saved me back there... But what does conquered means? Will Erza obey me unconditionally?" Alex wondered.

"In any case, one thing I'd learnt is demons are dangerous. One wrong step, and I'll get checkmate. I need to increase my strength. Only when I'm powerful enough, will my dream of f*cking all the beauties in this world come true."

Alex decided to rest, today's event was too stimulating for him. Soon, he fell into deep sleep.


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