Chapter 7: Humiliated

"Sister Rin, this one is good quality meat, I bet Lord Rena will be pleased with him!" The demoness that shouted and ordered Alex to strip his clothes immediately changed her face and said with a fake smile to the lamia standing beside her. Alex could tell that she was trying to please the lamia.

"First of all, I'm not your sister. I am Lord Rena's personal knight! And you will address me as such! Lesser demons that are guarding this mine are mere minions to the lamia clan, and that includes you, so know your place! Is that clear? Or do I have to make you understand?" The lamia knight snapped back at the demon that was trying to curry her favour with huge arrogance in her tone.

The lamia knight was standing at about a height of 2 metres not counting the length of her serpentine tail. Like the rest of the lamia army that Alex saw marching into the mine in the morning, she was armed to the teeth with iron armour except for her tail. On her bac

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