Chapter 8: Hours before the ceremony

Alex stood perfectly still on a barren piece of land with his fist clenched so tightly that droplets of blood were dripping down onto the ground from his palms. Around him were the other slaves selected to be part of the ceremony tonight. All of them were cluttered together, surrounded by a bunch of lesser demons guards; their naked bodies were being splashed with buckets of clean water, washing their accumulated filth away.

Alex's face was all bruised and bloodied, he'd suffered numerous cuts from the metal gauntlet of the lamia knight from earlier, and whenever water touches his face, he would make a painful scowl. The lamia did not hold back at all, punching his face to a pulp just because she felt like doing so. If not for his enhanced storm dragon bloodline, he figured he would be dead by now with his skull crushed by her.

"Why did I have to be beaten up? Why am I always on the mercy of them? If only... I was stronger!" Alex said to him

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