Chapter 9: The Capsule of Luck

A full minute had passed since Alex swallowed the capsule of luck, but he couldn't sense any changes happening. Other than the humid weather under the hot sun, he did not feel anything special.

"Do I have to say some magic word to activate the effect?" Alex wondered as he pats his body, checking if there was anything abnormal that had happened without him noticing.

The pill couldn't possibly be a defect right?

Just then, a demoness suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere in front of the group of guards with a panicked look on her face.

"Intruders alert! Fellow sisters, get ready to fight!"

Upon hearing the news, the demons that were guarding the slaves went into disarray. Several of them kept asking the messenger what she meant with grim expressions.

"There was an assasination attempt on Lord Rena! The lamia knights are engaged with the enemy right now! We

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