Chapter 10: Erza's Resolution

Instinctively, Alex tried to stepped back away from her, but before he could do so, he forcefully restrained himself from doing so.

"I finally found a girl that likes me! This is the first time I got confessed to by a girl too, albeit it sounding a little different than what I have always imagined." Alex reminded himself.

With a swift movement, instead of stepping backwards, he turned and embraced Erza into his arms. He wanted to hug her and fit her entire body into him. He was willing to accept her despite her threatening him.

Alex was not an ungrateful man devoid of gratitude. Rather, he was someone that always repay kindness shown to him, and always get revenge on those that harm him.

He was thankful to Erza for saving his life twice; one from preventing his ejaculation and one from the brutality of the lamia knight. More importantly, however, he was more afraid of Erza's reaction if he was to shr

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