Chapter 2

“Alexander, please don’t hurt her,” James called out suddenly and broke Alex’s trance.

He walked over to him and kicked James on the stomach. He had just about had it with his whining.

“Stop that!” Saoirse or Suri cried.

“Shh…honey, I am fine,” James got up and hugged her. Awe, how touching, Alex thought. He did not have an ounce of sympathy for this man.

“Since I am in a good mood, I’ll make you a deal,” Alex said. His eyes never leaving her body.

“A..a deal?” James asked.

“Yes, a deal that will benefit us both. I’ll go ahead and give you five more months to come up with the money, no interests,” Alex announced.

“Really? Oh, thank you Alexa….” he started to say, but Alex put his hand up to shut him up.

“IF, you give me her,” He said and pointed at the girl.

James looked like he was punched in the gut ten more times. “That… that’s not possible! This is my daughter; you can’t do this, Alexander!” he cried.

Hah, does this old man thinks he gives a shit? What a joke, Alex thought.

“It’s either this or I put a bullet in you right now. Then she will be at my mercy anyway. If you accept the deal, you get to live and get her back once your debt is paid,” Alex said. “Think of it as a temporary arrangement. She is the collateral. I am not the one to go back on my words, so she will be returned as soon as I get the money back.”

“Daddy, why is he saying these things? Who are these people?” Saoirse cried out.

It looks like this sweet little angel does not know what a scum her father is. Well, she is about to find out. Alex thought as he watched James’s face. He was seriously considering renting his daughter out in exchange for his own life. Alex didn’t think he would actually agree to this ridiculous arrangement. James must value his precious life more than his daughter.

“Do…do you promise not to hurt her if I agree?” he asked. Stupid bastard.

“Well, I’ll certainly have a little fun with her. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t, but no, no harm would come to her under my protection,” Alex promised.

“Wha…what do you mean by fun?” James’s voice shook.

“Do you really have to ask?” Alex smirked.

“Alexander, this is not some type of game. This my daughter’s life, and she is not a toy. You can’t just do what you want with her,” James protested.

“That’s up to you, old man. If you would rather choose death, I am more than happy to pull the trigger. Just say the word,” Alex said and pointed the gun at James again.

“Okay,” James sighed. “You can have her. I’ll come up with the money as soon as possible. But please, do you promise you will return her to me?”

“As I said, I give you my word,” Alex said.

Alex grinned as he imagined ravaging her naked body. This is going to be a great year, after all.

“NO! What are you saying? You can’t send me with this man!” Saoirse screamed. Alex ordered his men to take her away. “Daddy, please!” her outcries faded as the two men took her outside.

“Please, don’t treat her so roughly. She is…she lost her mother when she was young. I raised her by myself, and she…she is naive and doesn’t understand a lot of things,” James sobbed.

What kind of nineteen-year-old doesn’t understand things? Did James raise her inside a box, or is there something wrong with this girl? Guess he is about to find out.

“Save the sob story for someone else, old man,” Alex glared at him. “And don’t worry about the little doll. I’ll teach her everything,” he said and smiled cruelly.

James laid on the floor and cried. He felt like a failure as her father. Saoirse was all he had, and he let her slip away. He let her be taken away by a ruthless Mafia leader of all people! He knew Alexander didn’t show mercy. What would become of her? If only he didn’t blow all his money on gambling.

Alexander looked at the girl who was now sandwiched between him and one of his men in the car. Her eyes were red and puffy, but she finally stopped crying.

He reached for her hand, but she snatched it away. “Don’t touch me!” she cried.

“I don’t think you understand what’s happening, babydoll. I own you now. At least for five months, so you are in no position to reject me. Your precious dad made this arrangement with me, so if you need to get mad, be mad at him,” he grinned and winked at her.

“Tha… that’s because you threatened to kill him!” she frowned.

Alex turned to her and grabbed her chin, then forced her to look at him. “If it was me, I would’ve never let you go, even if it cost me my life,” he said in a deep and husky voice. His piercing blue eyes bored into hers. She fidgeted nervously.

“When it comes to money and my business, I don’t fucking mess around. He took something from me, so I took something of his in return. Even steven,” Alex said.

“But..” Saoirse proceeded to argue some more.

“But what? Do you have that kind of money?” he asked.

“No,” she said quietly and looked down.

“Well then. I guess you have no choice but to do as I say. Now enough arguing and enjoy the ride,” he said. She didn’t say anything else for the rest of the trip.

They finally arrived at his mansion.

Home sweet home, he thought. He never brought a girl to his house before as he liked to keep them separate from his private life. But he wanted Suri so bad that he took her with him on impulse. Now he had no idea where else to keep her.

But he knew one thing for sure. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her tonight.

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