Chapter 5

Alex kissed her again. Slowly this time. Then he slipped his tongue inside her mouth again and stroked inside her mouth until she was caught up with his movements. This time her tongue synchronized with his rhythm.

“That’s it, much better,” Alex whispered against her lips and continued to kiss her. Her lips were soft, and her mouth tasted sweet. He could kiss her all night. She seemed to be slowly starting to enjoy it. Her body wasn’t as tense as it was before.

“See? Now you know how to French kiss. How did that feel?” he asked.

“It…it was nice,” she said quietly and turned her face away.

Alex was surprised at her admission. Wow, this girl really is innocent, he thought.

Alex trailed his fingers on her body. “You are sexy, but I can feel your ribs, you need to eat more,” he smirked and poked her rib

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Cornelius Blake-Star
While I understand those gripes the previous commenters had, I have to say that many weak-willed people give in to temptation like no other. Also, for some odd reason, my heart began to race in the previous chapter, and this one as well. I could hear my heartbeat. I'm enjoying this so far.
goodnovel comment avatar
A girl who is scared of a man, can’t enjoy kissing her. Writer should show some irritating behavioural acts. Instead of enjoying.
goodnovel comment avatar
It doesn’t look real, it all looks childish dialogues. The writer should have told more about the girl and this man. Writer is trying to make it a sexy scene but it turns into an irritating story. This scene is lacking the hook. And the characterisation is really bad.

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