Chapter 6

“I think you forgot what kind of situation you are in, baby girl. Your father owes me money, so you owe me sex, remember? So just be a good girl and accept my dick inside you,” he said cruelly. He realized he should be nicer to her since she is innocent in this situation, but he didn’t have the time and patience to coddle her. He was not a gentleman, and the sooner she learned that, the better.

“Okay,” Saoirse whispered and closed her eyes. She felt the tip of his penis at her entrance and shuddered and whimpered.

“Jesus…” she heard him curse under his breath. “This is just the head of my penis. Calm down.”

“I…I can’t,” she opened her eyes and started to sob.

His eyes softened. “Just take a deep breath and relax your body. If you tense up like this, you could seriously get hurt. You got me

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he raped her... aaargh thats not okay and she is so stupid to just accept her fate like that. she should have fought harder. im dissapointed in her.

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