Chapter 26

Alex took her back home. He let her go home to her father as he promised. But the thought of not coming home to her hurt his heart. He wanted to go back and snatch her away from James again.

But before he took her back, he handed her a cellphone. Saoirse looked at him with surprise.

“What’s this for?” she asked.

“I know you don’t think your dad’s a bad person, but I don’t trust him. He kept you locked in the house every day and wouldn’t let you communicate with anyone. That’s not something a normal parent does.” He paused.

“He did that to protect me,” Saoirse protested.

“Regardless of his reasoning, that’s gonna have to change. That’s why I want you to have this phone. It has my number saved in it. If there is any reason you don’t feel safe, or you need me, use it to con

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