Chapter 28

It has been almost two weeks since she was gone. Alex hasn’t had a decent night of sleep since then. Saoirse didn’t call him at all. Alex waited to hear her voice even though he didn’t exactly expect her to call him. She must’ve secretly hated him the whole time and was relieved to get out of his grasp. He had used and abused her for five months after all.

These two weeks have been hell for Alex. It wasn’t just her body he had been craving. Her sweet smile and the smell of her skin that was so comforting to him were gone forever.

He wondered if she even thought about him. He missed her so much. He needed to find a way to get her back.

His phone rang suddenly, interrupting his thoughts. He saw her name on the caller ID and snatched it up quickly.

It was Suri calling! Finally…he thought and answered it.

His heart thumped against h

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I didn't regret reading this book,

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