Chapter 29

“Y…your woman?” James stammered.

“That’s what I just said. Answer my question fucker,” Alex said menacingly.

“Look, Alexander…I have a real gambling problem, alright? I lost all my money again, and on top of that, I had to pay you off first. I had no fucking choice!” James cried.

“So you decided to sell your innocent daughter again? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Alex knocked on the side of James’s head, making him grimace.

“She is not innocent anymore! She has become a damaged good. And it’s all because of you! You did this, Alexander! So I figured it wouldn’t make any difference if I asked her to help me out in order to put food on the table,” he cried.

Rage boiled inside Alex. He grabbed James’s hair and dragged him to Saoirse, who was still sitting on the

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