Her Bidder (Savior or Villain) Book-I
Her Bidder (Savior or Villain) Book-I
Author: rabia83279



She was standing with tears continuously flowing down from her eyes. She was feeling disgusting and dirty. In 23 years of her life, though, she always wore western clothes. However, she never wore such clothes which she was wearing at that moment, barely covering her body.

She wanted to hide somewhere, but she couldn’t, as handcuffs were restricting her movements. She was standing in front of a hundred people who were looking towards her like hungry beasts. She was hoping for a miracle to happen, but she knew it very well that hoping something good from her fate would be wrong.

She closed her eyes as she couldn’t take those dirty gazes anymore. Beside her, 13-14 more girls were standing. However, unlike her, they all were calm and composed.

She was someone who expected nothing from anyone. She was returning home after doing her job in the small café, when suddenly she felt something wet on her nose, and within minutes lost her consciousness. And when she opened her eyes, she found herself tied with a pole in some vast hall.

By looking at her surroundings, she realized that she is in some auction. Three girls were sold in front of her by them.

“Look how ugly she is looking because of all crying.” “She even ruined her makeup.” Two girls on her right side were talking about her in hushed voices. However, she could hear them, and hope rose in her heart. Maybe because of this nobody will bid on her. She closed her eyes to pray to God, when suddenly she heard an announcement, and her eyes opened with a jerk.

“Now it’s turn for the girl on number 15”, someone announced on which she looked down, and was shocked because she was having a paper pasted on her chest, showing number 15.

Her heartbeat rose when someone bids on her. The person who bids on her offered 15k pounds for her. She looked towards that person, and found a man around 40 staring at her with lust. She felt a lump forming in her throat.

The men present there kept bidding on her, and she wanted to die at that exact moment because she knows it very well that the person who will buy her in this auction, what will he do to her.

The bidding amount kept increasing, and with each bid, her anxiety level was also rising. She was trying hard to free her hands, but they started bleeding, because of handcuffs.

“.5 Million (5lacs) pounds”, someone said from the crowd bid, on which the entire hall became silent, and all heads turned towards the person who bid the highest amount. She with teary eyes looked towards the person, but at the exact moment her vision got blurred, and she fell in the well of darkness.

"To be continued…"

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I Had Read To This Book Twice Nd I Really Get Excited Like Im Reading This First Time

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