Episode#2:- (Dreadful night)

She tried to open her eyes, she can easily hear lots of noises, but her mind was not registering what she was hearing. She opened her eyes, but shut it immediately. Because, of the light in front of her eyes.

She blinked her eyes several times to get used to the light. She opened her eyes, first; she didn’t understand that where is she.

She made a confused face, but the moment she saw in front of her, her breath hitched in her throat, especially after seeing hundreds of people standing or sitting around the tables. She tried to move her hands, but she realized, they restricted because of handcuffs.

They have tied her with a pole; being horrified, she looks her left, and right, and becomes traumatized after seeing the scene.

14, 15 girls were standing on her left, and right. All were wearing clothes, which were hardly covering their bodies. She, while gulping down the lump which is forming her throat, looked towards herself, and becomes shocked.

She was also wearing a dress, hardly covering her body. She felt disgusted after seeing herself, and tried to free herself, but in return, she only got cuts on her wrists, because of handcuffs.

A man who was guarding all the girls, walked from Swara’s side. She called him.

“Please let me go,” she said in a crying tone. Man said nothing, he gazes her lustfully, and went from there. She wanted to kill herself after seeing the gazes of people who were staring at her, and other girls like some vultures.

“Please God save me,” she prayed in the heart, but after seeing the girls who were going after bidding one by one. Her hope was dying with each passing second.

She always wore western clothes, but that doesn’t mean she ever showed her body. She always wore those dresses, which looks decent. But in these clothes; she was feeling naked, and the way people gazing her body, she just wanted to put fire on herself.

She saw many films in which they dragged girls in the prostitution business, and by watching around, she understood that it was a prostitution area. And here girls were given to the person who bids the higher amount.

She just wanted a peaceful life, but now she was feeling the dark, long, and lonely life. In which many vultures were waiting to grab her and satisfy their needs, after relishing her body.

“Look how ugly she is looking, because of all crying she ruined her makeup.” Two girls on her right side were talking about her in a low tone. All other than her were calm.

Swara heard those girls and a tiny hope rose in her heart, maybe because of this nobody will bid on her. She closed her eyes to pray to God, but suddenly she heard the announcement, and she opened her eyes with a jerk.

“Now it’s turn for the girl on number 15,” someone announced on which she looks down, and becomes shocked. Because she was having a paper pasted on her chest, which was showing “number 15.”

Her heart beats fast when someone bids on her, the person who bids on her, offered 15k pounds for her. She looks towards the person, and found a man around 40 looking at her with a lustful gaze. She felt a lump forming in her throat. 

People were bidding on her, and she had a wish to die at that exact moment. She knows it very well, what that person will do to her, who will win her.

The bidding amount was increasing, and with each passing seconds, her anxiety level was rising. She was trying hard to free herself again from the handcuffs, but in return they pierced deep in her wrists. A line of blood was flowing down from her wounds.

“.5 Million (5lac) pounds,” someone said. Hearing this entire hall became silent, and all head turns towards the person who bid the highest amount. She with teary eyes look towards the person, but at that exact moment, her visions get a blur, and she fell in the well of darkness.

She groans in pain; when she tried to open her eyes. She changed her side; and slept again while rolling on the bed. Suddenly something clicked in her mind, and she woke up with a jerk.

A pain shot through her head, which she surpassed by holding her head from her both hands. She was sitting on her knees on the bed. After a few seconds of massaging her temples, she opened her eyes and saw herself lying in a very comfortable bed.

She sat down on the bed properly, while folding her legs in Indian style. She looks around; and found a well-furnished room, enormous than her one bhk flat.

She removed her hair strands from her face, and that time only her sight went towards her wrists. Her wrists had a proper bandage. She in confusion gripped her wrist on which a hiss escaped from her mouth as, by mistake, she held the wounded area.

The moment she realized about her wounds, she remembers all the things, her kidnapping, auction, and someone bids on her. She hurriedly got up from the bed, and starts looking around the entire room in a panic state.

While looking around her sight went towards the mirror of the dressing table. She becomes shocked because now she was not wearing that disgusting dress. She was in a proper silk night suite which comprises a shirt and trousers.

She looks towards her face, and found that she was not wearing any makeup, nor her face was looking dirty. She came towards the mirror; put her one hand on her reflection.

She could feel that she has taken a shower because her hair was silky smooth. She tried to remember everything after the auction, but all the things in her mind were blank.

She was getting a headache after thinking about all the things. “Which place is this? Where am I? What is happening?” She was getting frustrated. Her anxiety level was increasing.

(Swara was a composed girl who rarely gets panic in any situation. But her anxiety level increases when she gets a panic attack because of which she can’t be able to control herself or her emotions. In fear, she sometimes gets out of control, and people think she is angry. But in reality, she was trying to hide her fear behind her anger. It was her secret, which nobody knows.)

“Arrrghh,” Swara held her head by her hair from both sides. She was feeling exasperated; she walked back when suddenly her foot stuck in the carpet.

She fell on the floor, and her wrist banged on the floor. “Aaahhh!” Swara screamed a little, as because of the impact, her wrist wounds starts bleeding.

“God, girl, why you got up from the bed, now look what you have done to yourself.” Swara, who was trying to get up from the floor, heard a masculine voice, and looks upward.

She becomes shocked after seeing the person, because he was none other than that person, whom she met near her café.

“You…” Swara said with shocked expressions on which the person ignored her, and tried to touch her wound, but Swara becomes angry, and slapped his hand.

“Don’t you dare to touch me, you filthy man, you are the one who won me in that auction? Tell me. I said, tell me?” Swara said while roaring in anger, till now she was standing in front of the guy. Fear builds in her heart, but she masked it brilliantly.

“Relax, I’ll tell you all the things, but first, let me see your wounds.” By saying that the man again came near her, but stopped when Swara gave him a tight slap.

“I already said that don’t you dare to touch me,” Swara said while gritting her teeth on which the man becomes angry, and with a sudden force held her other hand, and pushed her towards the bed.

“You…” she tries to say something, but stopped after hearing his angry and loud voice.

“Enough of your childish acts now keep your mouth shut, and let me see your wound or else I will tape your mouth, and will tie you with the bed.” The man said ruthlessly, and grabs the first aid box from the drawer of the dressing table.

He roughly held her arm; and made her sit properly on the bed. He held her other hand, whose wrist was bleeding.

Swara tried to slap his hand away, but the boy said “enough” while shouting in anger, Swara shivers in fear. The glare which she got from the boy made her quiet. 

The person changed her bandage while Swara was sitting with silent tears flowing down from her eyes. Man after bandaging her wound look towards her, and sighs after seeing tears in her eyes.

“Look you will come to know about all the things but for now, take some rest, and yeah sorry for shouting on you.” The man said in a soft tone, on which Swara said nothing nor she looks towards him. She just held her wrist softly against her chest.

When the man saw that she is not responding, he got up from the bed and went towards the dressing table to keep the first aid box there. Swara saw him going in another direction, so by taking it as a chance, she grabbed the nearby flower vase, and went towards him to attack on him.

Swara held the vase high, and tried to hit on the back of his head. When suddenly the man turns around, and before he can stop Swara, she raised her hand to hit him.

The man held his hand high to save himself, when suddenly one hand came, who gripped Swara’s hand tightly.

“Don’t you dare to do this mistake again,” a man in Pure British Accent said. Swara turns her head with a jerk, and saw a person standing while grabbing her hand which was having the vase in it.

She gulped in fear after seeing a well-built British man, standing in front of her. The way he was looking towards her, she just felt numb. His eyes were greenish-blue, and by seeing his face, she came to know that he was angry.

He with a jerk snatched the vase from Swara’s hand, on which she stumbles back but didn’t fall.

“Thank God, you saved me,” person A said to the same British Guy. Swara looks down while fidgeting with her fingers.

“I.. I… ii wa… n.. tt t.. oo go.. ooo,” Swara said while stammering a little, on which British Guy just look towards her with deep eyes.

“Sorry but you can’t go anywhere,” Person A said on which Swara’s eyes filled with tears. But she didn’t let them fall, because she doesn’t want them to feel that she is a weakling.

“I have done nothing wrong with you two, then why the hell am I here?” Swara said in a loud voice. She said in anger, because she was feeling intimidated with the gaze of the British Guy, who said nothing after the 1st line.

“Talking in a loud, and disrespected tone with us, will take you nowhere little sparrow.” British Guy said in a deep husky yet dangerous voice. 

Swara shivers in fear after hearing his voice; he was looking deep in her eyes, as if he was trying to see through her soul.

“And I like the one who pretends that they are brave, by masking their fear with their anger. British Guy said in a whisper while bending towards her ear,” with a smirk plastered on his face. Swara’s eyes open wide in shock, and fear. He was the 1st person in her entire life, which was able to know about her this secret.

"To be continued…"

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