Episode#3:- (Who is he?)

"Who... o... o are yo.. uu?" Swara said while stammering a little, she steps back but stumbles because of bed, and fell on it. British Guy had a smirk on his face,

"Who I'm it's none of your business Little-Sparrow. For now, remember one thing that I don't want you to do any disrespectful thing here or else consequences will not be good," he said in a dangerous tone on which Swara said nothing, as by hearing his low tone only she was feeling her throat getting dry.

"Let's go," he said to the 1st man, and while giving a last glance to her, they both left the room. However, before leaving, they locked the door.

"No, please no, I don't want to stay here; I want to go," Swara got up from the bed and started banging the door. She was crying and knocking on the door, but nobody came. She slides down against the door and starts crying bitterly while hiding her face in her knees.

"I want to go, please...," she said in a low tone while crying bitterly. After around 1 hour she got up from the floor, and that time only her sight went towards the side table where one food tray was there.

She doesn't want to eat anything; she just sat down on the bed with a thud. She can't be able to understand why they kept her here. By looking at their get-ups, she came to know that they are freaking rich.

"Are they going to use me for their pleasure?" Swara thought, and a shiver ran down from her spine. "But they don't look that bad," she thought with a frown. But later she realized that she could expect anything, because this is London, where these types of things are usual.

Don't know how much time passed. Swara was sitting on the same spot and lost in her thoughts.

"You ate nothing?" A voice came on which Swara came out from her thoughts. She found the 1st man standing in front of her with serious expressions. He was gazing towards the food tray.

I'm not hungry she said in a rude tone on which boy sighs, and sat down beside her, Swara scooted away from him on which he held his hands up and said,

"Relax, I will do nothing with you," he said on which Swara, gave him a death glare and while gritting her teeth in anger, said, "I don't trust you."

From both the men, she found the 1st one less scary, but then also she didn't let her guards fully down.

"I know," but you have to trust me because now you can't go anywhere, the man said in a stern voice on which Swara just held an urge to beat him black and blue as she was getting irritated. She wanted to go back to her previous life, nothing else.

"But why the hell I'm here," she said in a frustrated tone on which the man said nothing and picked the food tray, and kept in her lap.

"Eat," he ordered on which Swara glares the tray and then him; "I said I'm not hungry," she said while throwing the tray in anger.

"I want to go...," she said while shouting in anger. The man who was trying to surpass his anger got a call, and while giving a death glare to Swara received the call.

"Okay," he said and cut the call. "Let's go," he said, and before Swara can say anything, he held her arm, and dragged her outside.

"Let me go," Swara said while trying to break through from his grip, but he didn't budge a little. She even slapped his arm, but nothing worked. "I said leave me," Swara shouted in anger. She was trying to stop him, but he was dragging her somewhere, and while opening one room door, he pushed her inside and closed the door.

Swara stumbles on her feet but composed herself at the right moment; she turns around to glare him but met with a close door.

"If your glaring session is over, then can you please do me a favour and turns around," Swara heard the same deep husky voice from behind, and turn around with a jerk. She found the British guy was sitting in front of her on one chair behind the table.

"Come here," he said on which Swara while shaking her head step backwards. He was gazing at her every move.

"You know little sparrow I don't like to repeat myself, so be an obedient girl and come here," he said while pointing towards the seat is in front of him. Swara said nothing; she was standing numb and staring him with wide eyes.

He got up from his seat on which Swara's heart beat fast. She immediately turns around and starts trying to open the door. "Open the door, please" she was saying, and banging the door while seeing behind.

The guy said nothing; he was coming towards her with slow steps. Swara turns around and starts looking around the room. He was looking at her every move while taking steps towards her.

Swara suddenly saw one knife kept in the fruit basket, she while seeing the him ran towards the basket, and grabbed that knife.

"Don't come near me," she said while pointing the knife towards the guy. He was stepping towards her, having no expressions on his face.

"Sto.. ppp. pp, right there," Swara said in a scared tone when she saw him coming towards her.

"You know you can't touch me," the guy said in a calm voice on which Swara held the knife more tightly in her both hands.

"I don't want to stay here, let me go," Swara said in strong tone on which guy did nothing, just chuckled a little after hearing her as if she said some joke.

When Swara saw him coming nearer to her, she gets an anxiety attack. She was not getting what she should do now.

She suddenly saw the knife and her wrist; she immediately put the knife on her wrist and said while looking towards him,

"I'll kill myself if you didn't stop," she said in a scared tone on which guy stopped on his track. But now also he had a blank expression.

"Let me clear one thing, if you got saved after doing this stunt, then nobody will save you from me," he said in a dangerous tone on which Swara gulped her saliva.

Her mind was saying to stop, but her heart was saying to go ahead. She saw towards him, for a while, and without thinking twice, she cuts her wrist harshly.

"Aahhhh," she screamed in pain, and within minutes black dots start coming in front of her eyes because she was already weak. Guy, didn't take any further step. Swara held her head to stop the dizziness, but nothing helped, and she fell on the floor with a thud.

When the British guy saw her unconscious, he came towards her, and while grabbing the hanky from his pocket, he tied around her wound.

"Stupid girl," he said and picked her up. He lay her down on the sofa and called the 1st man. He came after a few minutes, and saw towards Swara who was lying on the couch, unconscious. And there was blood on the floor.

"What happened?" 1st man asked on which the British guy while cutting the call which he was doing to the doctor.

"Nothing, she just tried to kill herself by cutting her wrist," British guy said in a bored tone on which 1st man immediately went towards her, and saw a hanky tied on her wrist tightly.

"Did you call the doctor," he asked the British guy who just nodded his head while picking up one file from his table.

"Don't go harsh on her after she would gain her consciousness," 1st man said to him, as he knows it very well that after doing this stunt nobody will save her from him.

"You stay out from this," British guy said in a stern tone on which 1st man sighs, and gazes Swara.

The doctor came and bandaged her wound. 1st man was standing near her when the doctor was doing her bandage. And the British guy was sitting on his study table, and reading one file.

"She will be fine, give her something once she would gain her consciousness," the doctor said and left from there.

1st man came towards the British guy and sat down in front of him on the other chair. "It's difficult to handle her," 1st man said while gazing Swara. He followed his gaze and looked towards her.

He shook his head and resumed his work; both were sitting silently when after around 2 hours. Swara stirs in her sleep. 1st man saw her and went towards her, Swara got up while holding her head.

1st man helped her; Swara after seeing him just slapped his hand away from her shoulders. "Don't touch me," she said in a weak voice.

"Stubborn head," 1st man murmurs under his breath. The British guy came near them and was standing by putting his hands in his pant pockets.

Swara was feeling dizzy, and also her hand was paining like hell. She looks towards both and then turns her sight towards her lap.

"I think, for a time being, we should not talk about anything else," 1st man said, on which Swara looks towards him with a blank face.

"Hi, I'm Vidhant Mittal," person A said, while putting his hand in front of Swara. Swara looks towards his hand, and then towards his face. Suddenly her sight went towards the other person who was observing her every action silently.

Her mind was denying, but her heart was saying to trust them. Hesitantly, she held Vidhant's hand and told her name.

"I'm Swara," she said in an inaudible voice because of weakness, on which Vidhant gave her a sweet smile, and while turning towards the other man, he said,

"And he is Sebastian Knight," Vidhant said, on which Swara's mouth hung down after hearing his name. Everyone knew Sebastian Knight was the assassin in the world of business. She read many articles on him but never saw his face.

"Full name Sanskar Sebastian Knight," Vidhant said further on which Swara who was shocked till now becomes confused, and while giving a weird look towards Sebastian Knight, she said,

"Ye iss angraiz ki aulaad ka Naam desi kyn hay? (Why this son of Englishman having an Asian name)" Swara said in Hindi/Urdu language while making a weird face, on which Vidhant burst into laughter, while Sanskar gave them a confused look as he doesn't understand what she said in Hindi.

(Sanskar Sebastian Knight: Age 29, having an Indian mother and British father. He spent his entire life from childhood till now in UK only. Lost his mother when he was just 4, that's the reason he doesn't know even a single word of Hindi. He looks like a pure British man.

In the business world known as Sebastian Knight or Seb Knight only, except for a few, nobody knows his full name. People Knows him as the ruthless assassin who doesn't think twice before taking over any company, handling "Knight's group of companies" from the last 4 to 5 years.

He has many shades which will reveal later.

Vidhant Mittal: Age 28, Heir of the Mittal Group of Companies, cousin brother of Sanskar/Seb. His father was a brother of Sanskar's mother. He is living in London with Seb from the last three years.)

"VD you go out I want to talk with her," Seb blurted on which Vidhant while nodding his head went out. Swara felt an urge to stop him. Because after knowing that the 2nd guy was Sebastian Knight, she doesn't want him near her at any cost.

To be continued...

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