Episode#5:- (Becoming his fiancé)

"I.. a... m so... r.. yy... I will not do this ever again," Swara said hurriedly after closing her eyes when she saw Seb coming near her. Swara was standing with closed eyes; she opened her one eye after a few seconds and saw Seb was standing a few feet away.

He was standing while putting his hands in his pant pockets; Swara opened her 2nd eye and smiled at him while showing her full set of teeth. Seb smirks in return, on which Swara became more nervous.

Vidhant was sitting all this while with bored expressions,

"You know Little sparrow. I never leave those who disrespected me, so what should I do with you now?" Seb asked in a stern tone on which Swara gulped her saliva and said,

"Umm, last chance please..." Swara said in a meek tone on which Seb shook his head and said,

"I already gave you many chances so now; if you don't want any punishment, then you have to agree for becoming my fiancé," Seb said on which Swara licked her lips as they were getting dry. Seb's sight went towards her lips, but turns his gaze again towards her face.

"Bu.. tt why I have to become your fiancé?" Swara asked in a nervous tone, on which Seb look towards Vidhant, and while giving him a nod, he came towards his chair and sat down.

"Sit Swara, I'll explain to you all the things," Vidhant said on which Swara while giving a slight glance to Seb sat down on her chair again.

"Seb's father wants an Asian wife for Seb, and he was adamant that he will marry an Asian girl only. However, Seb doesn't want to get married. But his father was not listening to him at all. He said to him that if within a week, he didn't introduce his Asian wife to him, then he will not talk to him ever again."

"And I'm telling you he is more stubborn than Sebastian in his decisions (On hearing this Seb gave him a death glare), so, for a time being, Sebastian said, he will do only engagement for now, on which his father got agreed. And Seb told him he found the girl also, which is you."

"His father is not here, he will be back after two days, so that is the only reason you are here," Vidhant told her all the things on which Swara while looking towards both of them said,

"But why you have chosen me? You can find hundreds of Asian girls in the UK in fact in London only," Swara asked because it confused her that why they chose her.

"We tried, but nobody will act as his fiancé, as mostly after getting to know that who is he wanted to marry him due to fame and money. And that day by chance I met you, and having a businessman sight I came to know that you are not like all those girls."

"Will I get something in return?" Swara asked them on which Vidhant and Seb shared a look while Swara turned her gaze towards her lap again.

"Don't worry you will get the money of your work," Seb said in a harsh tone (he didn't know why he was feeling angry. It's not that they will not pay her anything, but her question pinched his heart a little.)

Swara look towards his face and saw traces of anger on his face. She turns his sight towards Vidhant; he was also not looking towards her.

"I don't want any money, I'm not any charity case," Swara said in a stern tone, on which Vidhant's anger vanished while Seb didn't show any expressions on his face.

"I will help you guys as you are the only one who saved me that day, because I don't know what will be my condition if someone else bought me that day," Swara said while shivering in fear as by only imagining that thing her soul shivers.

"In return I want you guys to allow me to continue my job, I don't know for how many days I have to act as your fiancé, but I don't want to lose my only source of income. I got that job with great difficulty. Please let me do my job," she said in a pleading tone.

Seb was gazing at her with blank expressions while Vidhant had a slight smile on his face. He turns his sight towards Seb who turns his gaze, and while playing with a paperweight again he said,

"Okay, you can continue your job, but you will live here only, and my one driver will pick and drop you from your work," Seb said on which Swara tried to say something but before that only Seb got up and left the study room.

"But I can manage what's the need of any driver, and why I have to live here?" Swara said in a low tone to Vidhant. "Yes, I know you can manage, but this mansion is far away from your job, and being his fiancé you have to live here only other things you will come to know later, so be an obedient girl, and do as he said. Believe me he is not that bad," Vidhant said and went out from there.

"Not bad, huh, kharoos kahe ka (Rude person), I think he is having a fear of income tax raid, that they will put fine on him if he tried to talk more," Swara said while making a grim face, and got up from her chair. She turns and screams a little when she saw Seb standing at a distance.

"What the hell," Swara said while putting a hand on her heart. Seb steps forward towards her, and while bending a little towards her ear,

"I don't have a fear of any income tax raid. It's just I believe in; actions speak louder than words, which some people like you will never understand who I bet sleep talk also," Seb said, and stood straight. Swara had a shocked expression on her face.

Seb smirks after seeing her expressions, and left from there while picking up his cell phone. Swara was staring the way from where he went while blinking her eyes continuously.

"I think this is the longest line he said till now in front of me," Swara murmurs while scratching her head.

"Okay whatever," she said while shrugging her shoulders and patted her hands on her thighs. But within a second she was jumping on her place, because...,

"Ouch ouch, oi maa," Swara said while clutching her wounded wrist, because by mistake she patted her wounded wrist on her thigh.

"Ouch...," she cried in pain and came out of the study while sniffing a little. She was walking while clutching her wrist near her chest, when suddenly while walking she realized she lost the way. She cried in frustration while looking upward and stamped her foot in irritation.

"These idiots left me as if this is my mansion, and I remember the way of every corner on my fingertips," Swara said while turning around, and the moment she turns around she banged into someone.

"Aah," she winces in pain while holding her nose; she looks upwards with irritation, and cried mentally because standing in front of her was none other than, Sebastian Knight.

"Why God Why?" she complained to God in mind with a crying face. She turns her sight towards Seb, who was, as usual, giving her a cold gaze.

"Sorry, but I forget the way towards my room," Swara said while scratching her neck on which Seb's sight went towards her wrist, and saw that it was bleeding.

"Your wound is bleeding," Seb said, on which Swara saw her wound and sighs. "Come," Seb said, and led her somewhere while Swara just followed him silently. She was feeling tired, both mentally yet physically.

She was walking while staring at his back. Suddenly she faced blackout for a second on which she jerked her head, and kept walking. Seb turns around, and at that exact moment, Swara felt the entire world spinning around her.

Seb who turns to tell her something saw her holding her head in her both hands, he steps forwards towards her, but before he can come near her, Swara fell unconscious on the floor.

Seb within seconds scooped her in his arms, and took her towards the room nearby, which was his room only. He made her lay properly on the bed and called the doctor.

"Seb I'm going for a meeting," Vidhant said while entering the room. But before he could say anything further, his sight went towards Swara who was lying on his bed.

"What happened to her?" Vidhant said while coming near them on which Seb told him everything. "I'll stay," Vidhant said, on which Sebastian said,

"No, your meeting is important, you go I already called the doctor he is on his way," Seb said on which Vidhant after getting an assurance from him left for his meeting. The doctor came after around 15 minutes.

"Mr Knight, she is weak; I treated her wound yesterday, but it was a very much deep wound, luckily she didn't need any blood that time, but if her wound, again and again, starts bleeding then, unfortunately, she may need a blood transfusion."

"Please make sure that she will not use her wounded hand, or else it will pain, and maybe it will get infected, if she doesn't take care of this wound properly." After instructing the precautions doctor left, while Seb stares at her for some time, then he sat down on the sofa, and starts doing his work on a laptop.

Swara got up in the evening. Her head was spinning, but then also she got up from the bed, and sat down at the corner of the bed. She, while shaking her head, looks around and found different room. She frowned a little after seeing around the room. Suddenly her sight went towards the portrait which was hanging on the wall behind the bed.

Her eyes widen after seeing the picture as it was of Sebastian Knight, she looks towards the portrait from top to bottom. From the time she was here, for the first time, she was not finding him scary. He was looking damn hot and handsome in that picture.

"He is so handsome," Swara said when suddenly she heard a throat clearing sound. She turns her head with a jerk, and only one thought came in her mind Why God doesn't love her? Because as usual in front of her was standing the great "Sebastian Knight."

By looking at his face she came to know, he heard her praising session, Swara becomes embarrassed, and her cheeks turned pink. Seb said nothing. He just told her to come, and eat something as the doctor said, she had to eat if she wants to gain her energy back.

"Will you able to come to the dining area?" Seb asked, on which Swara nodded her head. But she said that she wants to use the washroom first. Seb pointed towards the direction of the restroom. Swara thanked him and went there.

"The doctor said don't use your injured hand more, and don't keep it under the water also," Seb said from behind, on which Swara nodded and went inside the room. Seb left the room and instructed one maid to bring Swara to the dining area.

Swara came out and saw one maid was standing there; the maid took her towards the dining area. While walking towards the dining area, Swara saw the interior of the mansion, and she immediately fell in love with it.

Swara came towards the dining area and found Sebastian sitting on the head chair, and Vidhant was sitting on his left side. Both turned their head towards her direction when they heard the footsteps. Vidhant greets her happily, on which Swara replied to him with a slight smile.

Sebastian said nothing; Swara came, and sat on the chair, kept near Vidhant. Trio started when Swara felt pain in her hand while eating. She didn't show, but a tear slipped from her eye, which she wiped immediately. But little did she know, Sebastian was already looking towards her from the start.

To be continued...

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