Episode#6:- (How many shades he have?)

Sebastian doesn't know a single word of Hindi. So, don't get confused on any word or line of Hindi/Urdu. Which anybody will say in front of him, that whether he understood or not.

Episode#6:- (How many shades he have?)

"You know little sparrow, being brave is good, but it doesn't mean that you have to show your braveness all the time. The people who understand you will never judge you if you ever show your weak side to them."

Swara, who was blinking her eyes to stop her tears from falling due to pain, heard Seb talking, and turn her gaze towards him, who was gazing her hand, and then at her face. Vidhant was sitting with confuse expressions.

"When you are having no one by your side, then it becomes your habit to show the world that you are brave," Swara said while turning her gaze from his face, on which he said nothing, just watched her with a deep sight.

"What you both are talking about?" Vidhant asked to both of them on which Seb said nothing while Swara just gave him a small smile, and starts eating with her left hand. Vidhant shrugged his shoulders and resumed his eating.

"She is different," Seb thought while gazing her who was eating slowly with her left hand. When they ate their dinner, one maid came with Swara's medicine and a glass of milk. After seeing the milk, Swara feels dizzy.

Vidhant went from there after dinner as he was having some work, while Seb was sitting there only. Swara was gazing at the glass of milk with a murderous look; Seb who was enjoying her state got up from his chair, and came behind her chair.

"Little sparrow, if you want to continue your job, then you have to do whatever I will say, and drinking milk is included in those things," he said in a whisper while bending a little towards her ear, Swara turns her face towards him, and gave him a death glare.

"I hate milk," Swara said while gritting her teeth on which Seb stands straight, and while shrugging his shoulders said,

"And I love to do those things which you hate" and went from there while giving her his famous smirk. Swara saw him turn her gaze towards the glass she thought for a while and looks around. While looking around, she saw a large decoration piece hollow from inside.

She grinned widely and got up from her seat. She, while looking towards the door of the dining room, came towards the decoration piece and with a wide grin was going to throw milk in it, when one hand came and stopped her hand.

She with a crying face, turned her head towards the person who held her hand, and cursed her fate again because he was none other than Seb only.

"Not so soon little sparrow," Seb said while grabbing the glass from her hand, Swara was standing while making a sad face. Seb put the glass in front of her, and ordered her to drink.

"I can't" she murmurs in a meek voice, Seb just gave her a cold gaze on which Swara while gulping down her saliva took the glass from his hand, and while holding her breath drank it in one go.

"Better," Seb said, and put the glass on the nearby table. He turns his gaze towards Swara who was making nasty faces, as now also she can taste the milk in her mouth. Seb shook his head and told her to follow him.

Seb took her towards her room, while the moment he came out from the dining area, Vidhant came there from behind the door. He while whistling a little called someone, and starts looking towards their retreating figures.

"Mr Knight," Swara said to Seb who was walking in front of her, stopped, and turned towards her. "When I can go to my job?" Swara asked nervously on which Seb said,

"With this wounded hand, can you do your work?" Seb asked on which Swara becomes sad because he was right, she cannot work because after moving it a little only it pains. But she can't skip more days, because if she didn't go, then Jenny will surely hire someone else.

"But if I miss one more day, then the owner will surely hire someone else," Swara said in a low tone while Seb was looking towards her. "You can join from tomorrow, and don't worry. Your boss will not fire you."

Seb said and while dropping her near her room went from there. Swara came inside her room and found a few more bags kept there. She frowns a little after seeing them and going to look into them when she heard a knock on the door.

She opened the door and found one maid was standing there. "Yes?" She said on which maid told her she came here to set her wardrobe. Swara let her in, and sat down on the sofa, while the maid arranges the bags.

Suddenly Swara remembered something, and she called the maid. "Hey, what is your name?" Swara asked the maid on which she told that she is Lilly.

"Oo okay Lilly, who changed my clothes when I came here?" Swara asked as she remembers her first day when she was wearing the night suit.

"Ma'am, I and another maid, bathed you, and then we changed your clothes," Lilly replied her in a soft tone on which Swara took a sigh of relief, and later thanked her with a small smile. She knows that Seb and Vidhant are not any cheap people, but then also she just confirmed for her satisfaction.

She saw the clothes which Lilly was taking out of the bags, and came to know that they are expensive. She was grateful to them that they saved her, and that was the only reason she agreed to help them.

But these clothes are too much; she is already going to here, which means, for a time being, she doesn't have to pay any rent. "I will tell Vidhant that I don't need any other thing," she said to herself, and asked Lilly who ordered clothes for her.

"Ma'am Mr Knight ordered these clothes for you," Lilly said, on which Swara's mouth hung down, because she thought it was all done by Vidhant., he was sweet with her, but never in her mind, this thought crossed that Sebastian Knight can also do these types of things.

She looks towards the accessories and found clothes, footwear all the things were there which a girl needs in her day to day routine.

"How many shades he has?" Swara murmurs while looking at all the things. In articles she always read that he is a heartless beast. Some people even said that he doesn't even know how to talk in a calm tone.

She had seen his anger, but after that she also saw him talking in a calm tone, one thing she came to know that by living with him she will surely going to see his many sides. And she was praying to God that please doesn't let her see his anger again.

Swara came out from her thoughts when Lilly called her; she said that she arranged her whole wardrobe. On hearing this, Swara thanked her and locked the door when she went out. Swara was feeling sleepy; she took out one night-suit and changed her clothes.

She came towards her bed, and the moment her head hit the soft pillow, she slept within no time.

Seb was sitting in his room and working on his laptop. He heard the door knocking sound. He looks above and found that it was Vidhant who came. Vidhant came inside his room, and sat down on the sofa, kept there.

"What do you want VD?" Seb said while typing on his laptop, on which Vidhant while taking a deep breath said,

"For how many days you will keep Swara as your finance?" Seb finger's stop while typing something, and he looks towards Vidhant with blank expressions, Vidhant was looking towards him with readable expression.

Seb, stare at him for some time and said that he has no idea. Vidhant smirks after hearing his reply and said,

"You know, cousin; I know you more than yourself, and my experience is saying that in the coming months you will fall deeply in love with your little sparrow," Vidhant said to him on which Seb gave him a death glare and closed his laptop with a thud.

"Love is all bullshit; she is here because of dad's unnecessary demand. Once he'll leave then there will be no relation between that girl and me. So just shut the hell up and get lost from here," Seb said in a rude tone and went towards the washroom.

"Yeah, for now, love is bullshit for you, but it's my promise cousin that you will stop Swara from going anywhere," Vidhant said in a low voice with a smile, and left his room.

Seb splashed the water on his face many times, Vidhant's words were ringing in his mind, and he was burning in rage with each passing second. He took a deep breath to control his anger and came out.

He came towards his bed and lay down while putting his arm over his eyes. On the other hand, he switched off the table lamp.

Next morning:-

Swara got up and changed her clothes; she came out of her room, and starts gazing around. She didn't know the ways till now. She was standing with a confused face when she heard Vidhant's voice. She turns towards her left, and saw Vidhant coming towards her with a smile.

Swara greeted him when he came near her, Vidhant replied to her greeting, and took her downstairs towards the dining area. Both went inside the dining room, and found Seb was sitting and eating his breakfast.

He glanced towards them for a second and resumed his breakfast. Swara greet him softly on which he nodded his head. Swara sat down, and within 5 minutes maids came with her, and Vidhant's breakfast.

Swara made a crying face after seeing the glass of milk again; she was cursing all the cows in her mind for giving milk. Seb smirks after seeing her face, and drank the juice from his glass.

Swara drank the milk, and after drinking it, she felt that if again she sipped even a single drop of milk, she will slip into a coma. Later she ate her breakfast, while Seb was talking with Vidhant on some business things.

Swara finished her breakfast, and the moment she finished it, Vidhant told her to take her medicines, which she took silently.

"You can go to your job. However, before going to wear this," Seb said, and passed an arm sling to her. Swara gave him a confused look on which Seb while looking towards her confuse expressions said,

"By wearing this arm sling you can say to your boss you injured your arm, in this way she will not fire you from your job," Seb explained to her on which Swara nodded her head in agreement as this will be the best idea.

"Thank You," Swara whispered on which Seb blinked his eyes, Swara wears the arm sling and looks towards the boys who nodded their heads.

"Swara, do you have any cell-phone before?" Vidhant asked on which Swara said. After the kidnapping, she lost her cell-phone.

"VD will give you one cell-phone and remember that you will inform him, whenever you will be late from your job, and you will go nowhere without the driver," Seb said and left from there before Swara can say anything.

Vidhant was going to tell her something but Swara got up from her chair and ran behind Seb, Seb who was going out heard her calling and turns around,

"Mr Knight, I want to talk to you," Swara said while coming near him on which Seb gave her a nod.

"I need no more favours from you; you already did a great favour by saving my life. Now I don't want you to do anything for me, you already ordered clothes for me, now this driver, cell-phone, etc. please, I don't want to become a burden on you," Swara mumbled while looking towards him.

To be continued...

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